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The Eternal Order - Roleplay Resources
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The Eternal Order

Azalin, king of Darkon, codified the existing folklore of Darkon into a state religion. Its priests, called sentinels, were exempted from baronial law, and the clergy soon filled with domineering opportunities. Although Darkonians still adhere to the Order's core teachings, they have always resented the intrusions of the church itself.

The Eternal Oder adheres to a rigid structure, with clergy being promoted for dutiful and competent obidience to their superiors. Sentinels originally heeded the edicts of a single high priest, the Watcher at the Gate, who obeyed Azalin, king of Darkon, in return. The Eternal Order's last high priest was slain, however, and the Order's hierarchy has fallen to countless internal power struggles. The remaining clergy have failed to settle on a new high priest, andwhat few active temples remain are now effictively autonomous.

The Eternal Oder recognizes numerous holidays, though only two are particularly significant. The Festival of the Dead, held in November, is a colorful festival marking the mystic deluge of life. Revelers parade through the streets in morbid costums, pantomiming the retreat of the dead. The notorious Darkest Night, on the other hand, offers no cause for celebration. Sentinels spend dusk to dawn intoning a rite called Requiem to keep the dead at bay, even the smallest lights must be extinguished. Despite the collapse of the church, these holidays are still widely observed.

The dead must be shown due respect, lest they become enraged. Someday soon, in an event called the Hour of the Ascension, the spirits of the dead will surge back into Darkon to devour the spark of life. Only through strict adherend to the Order's rituals can the dead be appeased. Lack of faith weakens the mortal's spiritual defenses, allowing the Gray Realm to encroach ever closer. Blood sacrifice can also postpone the Hour of Ascension for the indefinite future, but its arrival is inevitable. The true apocalypse is still to come.

Sect of the Hour of Ascension
Still, the Order's most cunning clerics are opportunists at heart, and through them the religion survived and even regained some of its lost power. A sect Sentinel Claus Volneychev, changed their dogma and their loyalities, now teaching that the Hour of Ascension has come - and the living are lost. Undeath is the true state of being, and the Slain's duty is to recapture Darkon from the living. Volneychev's leadership has clawed the religion back from the brink of collapse. The cult is slowly gaining followers from the apathetic populace.

Clerics of the Eternal Order pray for their spells at midnight. Temple services are held each day at dusk and are mandatory in a few communities. These services include recitals of paeans to the dead, the collecting of tithes, and animal sacrifice.

Symbol A hooded human skull.
Alignment Neutral evil
Cleric Alignment LE, NE, CE
Domains Death, Evil, Knownledge (,Repose)
Favoured Weapon The reaper's tool (scythe)

Source: Ravenloft Gazetteer II
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