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A Note
« on: November 06, 2009, 03:35:23 PM »
*As the sun barely lightens the day through the thick strom clouds, it's weak glow illuminates a note tacked to the back door of the Ladies Rest Inn. Below in the stinking depths of the Vallaki sewers, the note is also found in the common room of the Drain where the unwanted and twisted womb freaks hide their faces from the surface above and call this place of refuse home.*

"The oppression of the sun lovers has come to an end, if you so choose. No more shall their boot push you, the unwanted, into the muck of your shame or shall the sting of their whips and steel rend your flesh. Alone, you are weak, and vulnerable, but united, we are an army the likes of the surface has never seen. Rise up with your strength, bring forth your power and might. No force will stand against you, if you meet it as one. Witches, Caliban, Dark Fey, and outcasts, you are gods on this world, you should rule it with the same sympathy that the sun lovers have shown you.

Let the streets of Vallaki run with rivers of blood! The time is now! If you want change, and to see the stinking dogs that have pushed you from your rightful table return to the dirt of the streets where they belong, you must take it from their filthy maw! WE ARE STRONG! But if you prefer the stink of human feces and the rusted and subpar possessions that we are forced to suffer, then continue to hide your shameful face from the true oppressors! Be the slave you have chosen to be!

I refuse! and I call you the outcasts to stand with me. Return the pain of the ages to the inflictors. Let them know how it feels and laugh at their suffering as they have yours!

~The Watcher"

*The posting person was never seen*
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Re: A Note
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The note on the back door of the ladies found later on in the dy is quickly removed and taken into the Citadel.