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Author Topic: Crudely scrawled and stuck to the tree in front of the Lady's Rest with an arrow  (Read 573 times)


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You people keep asking for weeds. Then you are never anywhere to be found when we have a box or two for sale. You tell us one person is buying... oops. Nope. That's wrong. This other person is buying instead. Then you say, any Vardo member will buy. But half of them won't.

Screw this. I got weeds. But I am not wasting time getting more until somebody straightens up and decides on some way to make it easy for people to sell them. Remember... YOU were the ones who asked for them in the first place. I'm going back to killing things. Hides I can always sell, and I don't have to beg anybody to take them either.



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*A Garda passes by and removes the message and the arrow, the objects were taken to the Citadel, apparently for further investigation*


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If you have herbs and you can't find anyone to buy them, I will buy them at a reasonable price.

Ask in the outskirts. Most people know me.

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