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Re: Vallaki Sewers - The Drain
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Fanmail is left outside the Drain, written in poor scrawl. It seems addressed to "the two very nice adventurers who almost helped me find my sword", several pages long. It's a wonder its writer even managed to get down here.

...that was really funny about the hugging, but we should probably talk to you both about peer pressure! It's a very dangerous problem in today's youth!...

...and then when she came after me, I thought I was a goner!...

Quote I was thinking, what if you set up some sort of night's guard, and fight off vampires with the flaming halberd? I have these masks you can wear so no one knows your identity and...

...I had a great time!...

Signed, Hro­gar Roggenbroet Jr., second-place winner of the Harmonia Talented Boys Competition, your number one fan.

A drawing is enclosed of a catman caliban and a half-orc fighting a giant, evil, slightly pudgy elf. The drawing is not very good, but it is certainly evocative.

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