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A friendly reminder:
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Section 6: Player Versus Player


- PvP should always be done to further the positive experience of all sides and as part of a roleplay event. Turning instantly toward trying to kill each other seldom leads to more roleplay, and much more often just ends it. Try alternate methods in playing out the IC fighting first (for example, use emotes, rolls and subdual) before giving taking the other character's life, and never PvP to get a sense of winning, but always to further the story.

- When engaging in PvP, be responsible to the fact that it's a situation that can cause OOC grievance. Consider taking pre-emptive measures - possibly communicating with the opposing part OOCly to make sure they don't feel violated in their roleplay. If you during the conflict feel the opposing part isn't able to satisfyingly handle the IC consequence of their actions, seek advice with the DM team instead of pressing forward.

- Unless you have justifiable reason to assume that the counterpart is interested in the form of PvP and that it will enhance their experience, your character may not actively attack another character without overriding in-character reason and only when the victim has actively sought into the conflict. This encompass extensive provoking, aggressive or confrontational behaviour by the victim, if they are intruding upon you and extensively refuse to withdraw, or if they are being member of a faction your faction is in conflict with. Retaliation of an attack of self or close ally is also legitimate reason to engage in PvP. In doubt, seek DM advice.

- Don't abuse the restrictions of the PvP rules to your advantage. Don't give the impression that you do not want to participate in PvP to later gain advantage by having the initiative.

- Guard PCs are always allowed to subdue suspected lawbreakers that resist or otherwise seek to avoid arrest.

- Monstrous characters are always allowed to engage victims at their own initiative, provided that it's done to serve the roleplay experience. Under the same terms, they are also free to be engaged if identified IC. However, if monstrous characters are considered to not sufficiently respect the experience of their victims and attempt to futher their experience, the characters will be removed.

- Don't engage in IC conflicts with people you have OOC conflicts with or grudge. Make sure to have OOC conflicts resolved first, possibly by the aid of the Community Council or DM team. While any OOC conflict is ongoing, put the IC conflict on hold and generally avoid interaction.

- Anytime PvP occurs, an attacker must set the target of the attack to hostile as fair OOC warning before the attack. We suggest setting to hostile at least 10-15 seconds before the actual attack occurs.

- Abuse of OOC knowledge that an attack is imminent is not allowed.

- Ordering or paying others to attack someone counts as PvP from the one requesting the attack.

- Whenever you feel you have been violated in relation to PvP, take your screenshot with your chat windows merged. To do this, right-click on one of your chat windows and select "merge" from the radial menu. This will help show the events in the order they occurred.