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Role of Monstrous PC - Why and How
« on: August 30, 2009, 04:30:39 PM »
In terms of horror and challenge, AI-controlled monsters can only provide so much. Despite our efforts to make them dynamic, clever and feeling alive, they will almost always fall short to a foe controlled by another human. Fear thrives through the details and the subtlety, the intimacy, and any pre-made encounter will always to some extend become trivial when repeated, despite the players effort to immerse themselves into the experience.

DM events work as an excellent alternative to this, and will always be their foremost role. But being a DM is a demanding task, particularly on a large PW as ours. If we can aid them in building this sense of horror and uncertainty, we can achieve a lot more, and this is where the monstrous PCs come in. Many of our devoted and excellent roleplayers might not be willing to dedicate themselves to the demanding role of being a DM, but still want to make their abilities in spinning a horror tale available. Monstrous PCs are about harnessing their talent.

This makes monstrous PCs a sort of middle ground between DMs and PCs - they are given a small amount of the power of DMing, in being provided by the excellent powers of an exceptional race and more liberal rules on engaging - in exchange for some of the same responsibilities. They aren't to enforce rules, but they have the same responsibility to enhance the experience of others, much more so than the common player, in that their enjoyment of the experience should be in the positive experience they bring for others. This is what validates their privileges.

In effect, evaluating if a player can have a monstrous character should be based on their ability to adhere to these principles - and evaluating if they are to be allowed to keep the monstrous PC, the same. It isn't just a reward or a bonus, but different role than just being a player, with different obligations and expectations. For those of our players that are able to undertake this role, it can be a great enhancer of the experience to those they encounter, as much as to themselves.

We have many players willing to commit themselves to that role, and we want to show our gratitude by offering the opportunity. Monstrous PCs are here to help them help us improving the experience for all.

If you want to apply for playing a monstrous PC, follow the application guidelines here.
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