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*many scattered papersheets*
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The five colors blind your eye.  The five sounds deafen your ears.  The five flavors ruin your taste.

Who among us, may look upon the signs of the Time of Unparalleled Darkness, and remain unclouded by hate, prejudice, and fear?

Who among us can accept suffering?  Each one of us suffers daily, whether the farmer to till his crops or the warrior who offers his own life for his country.  What redeems is acceptance, of our role in the grand scheme, and acceptance of Ezras holy guardianship over us... Guardianship no innocent would refuse.

The Praesidius has given permission to test the Rite of Revelation.  To judge us prematurely is to break tenets almost as old as Her church.  These are the days of dying light!  And good Ezrites ought we all to be.

Five tears shed for each of you, be you saved or be you in detriment.  There is still time.

~Anchorite of the Fifth Revelation


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Re: *many scattered papersheets*
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A grey-cloaked and hooded figure picks up one of these scattered sheets and tucks it away carefully after staring at the words for a long time. Beneath that hood, the bandages wrapped round her head and over the sunken shell of an eye, join the small lines of worry and doubt, marring the youthful face with the expressive lips. The flicker of doubt, like the embers of a dying fire, bid her turn her heel towards the Lady's Rest, where she goes in search of a good tsuika and the solitary chair by the blazing fire. Where she begins, with desperate intent, writing in a small notebook.
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Re: *many scattered papersheets*
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In the First Schism there were those who served Ezra, who believed they could judge others to be misguided.

This is how the Rite of Revelation emerged - it is the tenet that permitted the founding of the second, third, and fourth.

Do you renounce the very Rite that establishes all but the Home faith?  Do you fear the truth of Ezras fifth aspect?

Do you question the wisdom of the Praesidius?  Does it build up pride to place ones name on stern proclamations, based from fear?  What has caused you to depart from the churches core traditions?  Certainly this is no revelation of Ezra driving your words - you have no accompanying text.

Five questions I lay humbly at your feet.  Five matins I will conduct this morning for all to understand Ezra, the Sainted Mother of Tears.

~Anchorite of the Fifth
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Re: *many scattered papersheets*
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Ad hominem, ad feminam, these attacks on the person are simply a distraction from Ezras message. 

Ezras message is acceptance, guardianship, and compassionate guidance.  Not to condemn those who strive in her name.  Or to make up falsehoods about mental inadequacy in those who earnestly seek to share good wisdom.

A good Ezrite is accountable for all their deeds.  There is nothing to hide in Ezras good works.  But there is burden to bear.

Will the people be educated of the first schism?  Or will more lies and scandal be fed to them instead?

The fifth revelation has harmed no one, and put nothing in detriment.  Those who have witnessed it have made the choice.  To flee from the truth and deny and dismay, or to embrace.  To accept and be swept.

How could a servant of Ezra encourage the populace to attack, the same who could be the next Bastion?  Such shame you bear to speak from the place of fear and misunderstanding.  But for this you can be redeemed as well.

Just as Ezra will forgive for this, Ezra has forgiven Warden Nell Ward for healing a Werewolf, a Beast that Rends, even after the beast had killed its own family and an unknowable number of innocents before that.  The Ezrites in Vallaki do not seem to care for Barovians when they enable such ramped monsters, they may as well be feeding them Barovias lambs.  It is just as they would try to put the Municipality up against the Boyar, a civil war to serve their own false religious goals, that are actually rooted in hatred and misunderstanding.

The people are not a tool for manipulation by those who claim faith.  The people are not yours to demand service from.

~Anchorite of the Fifth Revelation