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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« on: February 23, 2006, 10:58:18 AM »
(The following is taken from various sources)

--Native Barovians speaks Balok.
--Gundarakite do speak their own dialect..Luktar
(Gundarakites speak both Balok and Luktar)

--740 B.C. The Great Upheaval—Strahd XI annexed neighboring Gundarak

--Gundarakites are an oppressed people who mostly stay in the vestiges of their old homeland in western Barovia.
--They refuse to intermarry…preserving their ethnic identity
--Gundarakites are often poor peasants and serfs
--Some may be small farmers, fisherman, and herdsmen.
--Typically boys marry at 16; girls at 13, however, there are no fixed marriages…no divorce…and widows do not remarry.
--Farm families tend to be very large.
--No formal schooling…usually only the wealthy can read.

The Barovian people, despite their varying ethnic backgrounds, all share at least one thing in common: a dislike of strangers, almost to the point of xenophobia. Their harsh glares and lack of hospitality are due to the years of living under the stern rule of Count Strahd. Barovians care little for the ways of others and prefer to mind their own business—and usually their own business consists of day-to-day survival

All Barovians have an almost crippling fear of the supernatural. Their daily rituals involve locking every door and window at sunset. They regard magic with equal superstition. Arcane magic, in particular, is believed to be the gift of demons, and the foolhardy spellcaster in Barovia will likely find himself facing an angry mob

--Strahdt is increasingly becoming despotic.

In 593, the western border revealed the nation of Gundarak, believed by many Barovians to be inhabited by the descendants of the Neureni.

This geographical arrangement was forever changed in 740 BC, during a powerful supernatural event called the Great Upheaval.

Strahd XI seized this opportunity by conquering much of Gundarak and annexing it into Barovia. After a brutal nine-month siege, half of Gundarak was annexed and brought under the rigid control of Barovia. The rest of Gundarak was seized by the nation of Invidia to the west.

The Gundarakites are an oppressed people. Openly resented by the Barovians, their spite has brewed over the last decade and a half into a full-blown rebellion. The rebellion’s leader, Ardonk Szerieza, believes in a vision of Gundarak that never truly was, often ignoring or revising history to fit his patriotic ideals. Ardonk moves back in forth between Barovia and Invidia, leading the rebellion in both nations.

1. Those Gundarakites involved in the rebellion are zealots who dream of a Gundarak that never was. Before Strahd annexed half of Gundarak, Duke Gundar was a far worse, far bloodier tyrant than Strahd ever was. When Duke Gundar was assassinated in 735 or so (for reference, the current year is 760), few Gundarakites shed a tear for him. While the Barovians treat the Gundarakites as second-class citizens at best, they actually have it better in some ways than they did under Gundar. However, Ardonk and his dreams of a Gundarak that never was has ignited the spirits of the younger generation of Gundarakites who might not fully remember the true horrors of Gundar's reign. While Ardonk is able to whip the younger generation into hero-worship of their former ruler, the older generation remembers all too well the hardships they faced under Gundar.

2. Under Duke Gundar's reign, the state religion of Gundarak was worship of the god Nerull, a god of death and murder imported from the World of Greyhawk. Most Gundarakites participated in the religion out of fear more than a devout belief in him...and most abandoned the religion when Gundar was assassinated. A small part of the Gundarakite rebellion in Barovia has rediscovered the religion, though Ardonk and the larger part of the rebellion find their violence and lust for death to be too extreme.

3. This is just strictly for reference: The two major cities in Gundarak were Zeidenburg and Teufeldorf, which are now part of Barovia. Duke Gundar's castle, Hunadora, lies in the part of Gundarak that was annexed by the nation of Invidia. The majority of the Gundarakite rebels are in the two occupied cities, though a few have struck out into the heart of Barovia (a.k.a. the lands represented by our server).

In the far west of Barovia on the Crimson Road lies a large town, called Zeidenburg which is the largest and most prosperous town in Barovia. The outskirts of town possesses criminal elements and the rebels. Ardonk Szerieza bases operations here, founded since 748B.C.

--Breadbasket area…full of cereal crops.

--Invidia is to the west of Zeidenburg

Bluebomber wrote:
You got the religions mostly correct. The reason why so many Gundarakites flock to the Cult of the Morninglord (and the reason the cult is unpopular amongst the rulers of Barovia) is because of the cult's message of undying hope. The Cult's promotion of optimism in the face of adversity has strong appeal to the Gundarakites.

Nerull was the state religion of Gundarak when Gundar ruled. After his assassination twenty years ago, the religion was quickly abandoned. It was only recently that the cult of Nerull has resurfaced among some of the Gundarakite rebels. The Gundarakites who have turned to Nerull are all too young to remember Gundar's bloody reign, and believe that the worship of Nerull is just one more part of Gundarakite culture being oppressed by the Barovians. While the cult of Nerull wishes to be included amongst the greater Gundarakite Resistance, most Gundarakites find the cult's rituals and attitudes far too violent and vicious, thus they keep their distance from the Cult of Nerull

Blue wrote:
1. The belief that the Gundarakites are descended from the Neureni hordes is only held by the Barovians. The Gundarakites flatly deny this. The Gundarakites believe they were led to their lands by Nharov Gundar the first. If you can find the book "The Abridged History of Gundarak" in one of the bookshelves in the game, it'll help...if not I can DM spawn one for you.

Gundarakite Male Names: Baltasar, Csepan, Demetrius, Elfric, Fredek, Gusztav, Istvan, Lazlo, Miklos, Paszkal, Rognvald, Stefano, Ubul, Varady, Zeteny

Gundarakite Female Names: Antonia, Boriska, Dominika, Ethelhild, Hortenzia, Ingrid, Jusztina, Mariska, Orzebet, Piroska, Serafin, Szabina, Tzigane, Vilhelmina, Zsofika

Gundarakite Surnames: Ajkler, Aladár, Andras, Artali, Balassa, Baltar, Cizinski, Corvinus, Csapek, Csurgo, Czako, Daroczy, Divos, Doczi, Dohnanyi, Dvorzsak, Egerszegi, Eötvös, Farkas, Födes, Foldenyi, Gabor, Gaspar, Goencz, Götz, Groditje, Gyorffy, Hlady, Horansky, Hrutka, Jaszi, Joska, Lajtha, Lerch, Liptak, Lugosi, Mandula, Mindszenty, Nagy, Nejedly, Nemeth, Noszaly, Palagyi, Petrahn, Pokolytsch, Pongratz, Rdzavolgygi, Rubik, Sandor, Sebok, Sjsiengel, Solti, Szabo, Szeman, Szokefagy, Temesvari, Tokody, Varga, Verboczy, Wajda, Zsivozky, Zsoldos


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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2006, 03:17:37 PM »
The Gundarakite language is called Luktar. You can find some sample words in Luktar by clicking this link:

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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2006, 03:25:11 PM »
Ah ha...very neat.  Our thanks Blue.

The language of the ethnic Gundarakites has alternately been described as having a sing-song cadence or a hive of angry wasps.  (A hive of angry that I like!)

Primary Language in: ethnic Gundarakites in Barovia and Invidia

Secondary Language in: Borca

Sample Vocabulary:

Luktar English
utazik messze!--go away!
fellázad-- to rebel
zsarnok--king; tyrant

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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
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Common Physicality of both Barovians and Gundarakite:

Physically they are very similar, though they differentiate themselves semiotically via language, clothing style, and some customs.

Stocky, broad shouldered, and wide hips.

Skin tone runs from pale olive-tan to light brown.

Dark hair is typical ranging from chestnut to near jet-black.
Dark eyes are typical from pale hazel to deep brown.

Men:  Typically grow their hair medium length, to just above their shoulders.  Most men have long drooping mustaches.  Usually only the young men wear beards.  Wear white loose shirts, embroidered sheep skin vests, and dark breeches.

Women: Grow their hair long while younger women often braid their locks.  Women were blouses and long skirts.  They usually wear kerchiefs on their heads.  Gundarakite women favor muted, natural colors; blue, yellow, and green.  They only wear the kerchief when unattached.

(Barovian women favor black, grey, and brown colors in their kercheifs and only were them once married)

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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2006, 12:57:48 AM »
Here are a few resources I've come across that have helpful information          

Good info to go with the maps

A whole lot of Barovia, although it's a confusing site and I'm really not sure why it has a part devoted to Barovia :S

Bits and pieces from source material it would seem, although the "Fell Denizens" area is where I first entered and that has a good chunk on local monsters

Great stuff


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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2006, 10:36:04 AM »

Good stuff so far.  Incase you or anyone else wants to print some of this info out, here we go.....


Ba’al Verzi—secretive guild of assassins that has existed as long as Barovia.
Boyar—landowners of Barovia; together with the burgomasters they represent local governments
Castle Hunadora—the fortress home of Duke Gundar.
Dreadmount—a cluster of mountains in western Barovia and the subject of many fearful rumors
Dreadpass—the narrow gorge beneath the Dreadmount through which the Luna River flows and along which rests the Keep of Forgetting
Ijrail—a demon in Barovia legends that was sent by the Tergs to tempt Strahd I
Keep of Forgetting—an old ruin pre-dating the emergence of the Mists, said to be haunted by the spirits of those who once resided there but were slain by the Von Zaroviches
Majr—Moth-like demons in Barovian folklore; their descriptions change from story to story
Mamliga—a cornmeal mush, common to every household
Mititei—grilled pork and lamb meatballs
Neureni—barbrians who invaded Barovia in 230 B.C.
Neuri-Werewolves or shapeshifting wizards
Nocnitsa—blood-drinking, flesh-eating crones of folklore
Patricieni—grilled sausage
Placinte—a popular delicacy, pastry and fruit turnovers
Poludnitsa—beautiful, reclusive nymphs of Barovia folklore who said to decapitate those unfortunate to wander into their groves.
Sarmale—pork wrapped in cabbage or grape leaves
Tocana—pork stewed with onions and garlic
Tsuika—a plum brandy unqiue to Barovia, popular among all classes
Von Holtz—a Vallaki-based commoner family favored by the Von Zaroviches for reasons unknown; they are often given tasks by the Count and frequently speak on his behalf.
Veela—water spirits who tempt mortals with their charms only to drown them
Vrolok—vampire, in the Balok tongue

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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2006, 10:19:22 PM »
Hello, some more resources I found:

A map of Gundarak before the split(maps of the core are available to see what was annexed by which domain):

A site with information about the domain of Gundarak before its conquest:

From the ashlock site (obviously before the Grand Upheaval).:

Lying in the south-central Core, with Barovia to the east and Invidia to the west, Gundarak is rugged and richly forested.  The Gundarakan folk, mostly peasant farmers and herders, struggle daily to meet the tax rolls of the wicked Duke Gundar.  In this way it much resembles Falkovnia.  Not even firewood can be gathered without a charge.  When a woman gives birth to a girl, the family is assessed a harsh penalty, ostensibly because she will not labor as hard in the fields as a boy.  In the name of kindness, Gundar gives the family fifteen years to pay the full amount; if they cannot, the girl is seized and is usually never heard from again.  This is a land of oppression.  Stories tell of a large mob that once killed some of Gundar’s tax collectors and stormed the castle in a peasants’ revolt.  That night, all the leaders of the rebellion were gruesomely slaughtered.  Gundar suspended their corpses from the treetops in the orchards to set an example.  To this day, no peasant can bear to eat the fruit of those trees.  Many refugees of Gundar have escaped across the border into Barovia, preferring that land’s more passive tyrant to their own.  One devil for another.  It is no secret that Lord Strahd Von Zarovich of Barovia is not pleased with his neighbor, and seems to have welcomed the Gundakarite refugees by giving them a grace period before laying his own taxes on them.


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Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #7 on: April 30, 2006, 03:13:15 PM »
Some more resources:

-Luktar is a direct translation of Hungarian as was pointed out in the Fight Club topic. : A site with the whole Barovian exerpt from the Gazetteer volume I. It has a good wealth of information on Zeidenburg and the rebellion. It also gives some backstory to all the different towns in Barovia.


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Re: Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #8 on: November 20, 2007, 02:11:05 AM »
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Re: Gundarakite -RP- Resource
« Reply #9 on: September 18, 2011, 12:11:11 PM »
Szervusz is still a special kind of cheers. Szervusz is used only when you allow someone to be in per tu with you. (Aka you allow him to thee you, or call you you)
Hungarian, is not like english, we dont thee everyone. And in this kind if setting (aka, anything before 20th century, and even at its start theeing was not an ordinary thing to do!)
theeing has to be allowed by the one you want to thee. It was counted a serious offense to thee someone without any permission or authority. Theeing even in families was not used for a long while. Husbands and wives did not thee each other neither.

The actual cheers that folks use when drinking is : Egészségedre (aka to your health, like a blessing) or Isten, isten (Isten veled, Isten velem, aka God with you God with me, is like a blessing as well.) or Váljék vérré. (Let it turn to blood, allthough this is one that is very seldom used.)

utazik messze actually this is wrong the correct one is messze megy or messzire utazik - he is going far.
Takarodj! or Tűnés! or Tűnj el! - Go away! (to someone)
Tűnjünk innen! or Tűnés!- Lets get out of here!
fellázadni - to rebel
Lázadjatok! - Rise up! Rebel! (in plural number)
Lázadj! - Rise up! Rebel! ( in single)
Fegyverbe! - To arms!
zsarnok- Tyrant
király - king
férfi - man(male)
nő - woman
ember - man( aka the race)
emberek - people
bábu - puppet
gyermek or gyerek or gyerkőc - child
gyermekek or gyerekek or gyerkőcök - children
árulás - betrayal
elárulni - to betray
féltékeny - jealous
hurrá - hurray
éljen, vivát, sokáig éljen - long live/ cheers

Hungarian is a strongly inflective language. So even most of the online dictionaries wont help you to figure out what is the correct way to speak or write, there are some nice decent youtube videos though. The best one i've seen is australian Tom, who of course makes mistakes but since most of you are foreigners, his lessons may prove better to you than an actual hungarian learning class.
(nyelvlecke language class:P)

ps. : i hope this will help and solve some of the confusion.
ps2: if you dont have most of these letters that hungarian do, you may be able to make them with the ASCII code, alt gr+ a numpad number, there are many ascii tables on net, find one that suits you.:)
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