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-For sale-
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[A poster is thrown up on the sign outside of the Ladies rest. Written in neat handwriting, and checked regularly for any responses or mischief.]

Many fine wares for sale. They'll be sold to whoever pays the most, or has the best item to trade in exchange for them.

Servant Longsword (+2 enchantment, -5 will.)

Very shiny and spectacular boots (+2 ac)

Arm of an angel, very large sword. (G-sword. +2 vs evil.)

Shiny blade (Longsword, +1, +2 vs magical beasts.)

Inertial belt (-5 slashing, -5 bludgeon, 25% piercing vuln.)

Very noble helmet (-5 piercing, +1 deflection ac, 25% bludge vuln.)

Enhanced ring of resisting. (+1 ac, +1 saves, good only.)

Ring of fiery might. (5 fire resist, +2 vs fire, -2 vs cold, 10% vuln cold.)

High quality axe. (+1 ab, +1 piercing, extra damage piercing. Great axe.)

A very lucky blade. (+1 ab, +2 reflex, short sword.)

Leave a note with your interest and how to contact you.

// It's fine to send me PMs, as long as they're IC.
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Re: -For sale-
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[Posters are updated.]


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Re: -For sale-
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* note*
I Fabius Rakarth, battlepriest of the order of the blood dragon, chosen of the one warlord Tempus is interested in them shiny boots and willing to pay good in both items and wolf fangs for them, you can find me and contact me in the western outskirts of Vallaki.


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Re: -For sale-
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[A small note is pinned to the sign outside of the ladies. Checked every now and then, and put back up if it was fiddled with.]

Very shiny steel boots for sale. Seek out Reiko Yonemaru for details.


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Re: -For sale-
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I will be buying them. Name your price

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