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Player-Created Faction Guide
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Unofficial Player-Created Factions

The purpose of this thread is to bring to the front Player-created Factions, and to show new and old players a greater breadth of choice they have for character concepts outside of the official faction list.
The main difference between a Supported Official Faction and a Player Faction is DM and Development Team support. While the Supported Factions are very well fleshed-out and excellent, sometimes one cannot find exactly what they want to roleplay within that list. That is where Player Factions come in.

What is a Player Faction?
A "Player Faction" is an unofficial player-formed group that adheres to a certain In-Character goal or ideal. The types of which are many and far-reaching - a group of bandits, a dwarf clan, a druidic circle - the possibilities are endless. It is the spirit of working together towards an In-Character cause or ideal, and entering into the vibrant and immersive dynamics of the server. While many outlanders make friends and enemies while traveling alone, joining a player faction brings even further dynamic possibilities.

How do I join a Player faction?
This will vary from faction to faction, just as the supported faction recruitment happens. Some are secretive, others are very visible. You could make a fresh new character designed to join the faction, or have one you already play find an interest in them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find who leads a faction - but a quick OOC tell/PM to one of the members can be useful to arrange an IC encounter.

What is expected of me when joining a faction?
Again, this varies from faction to faction. However, it is best to join a player-faction with a very active character. Some like to make a new character spontaneously, but once the luster wares off, return to their 'main character.' This usually hurts factions more than it helps them, most factions put a lot of time and resources into helping their members, so playing with an active character is the most ideal choice. After all, the more you put into your character, the more you will get out of it!

Are all Player-created factions true to Ravenloft canon?
Yes and no. The nature of Ravenloft, and the Core as a whole, is that characters arrive from all realms. Thus, a player-faction group of druids from Faerun, for example, would be "canon," but not 'native' to the Core. Many of the most prominent religions and kingdoms in the lands of the Core arrived from different realms, the Lawgiver Cult and the cult of Belenus being strong examples. And while the Morninglord cult found its roots within the core, its strong similarity with the cult of Lathander hint at its possible lost history. That being said, unlike many of the Supported Factions, most player-factions are not found within the sourcebooks of Ravenloft canon. This does not make them illegitimate, however, they are simply dynamic expansions to our ever-growing world.

Important note to Secret Factions
Consider that this thread is both to facilitate the recruitment of members in player factions through the forum and to facilitate any need for OOC discussions. You should probably not broadcast your existence publicly if you wish to remain in the shadows and recruit in-game. In any case, if you do post here, you are still required to provide the proper contact information of at least one member, main forum account and Discord info.

Guidelines for posting in this thread.
While we understand the desire to customize the formatting of your posts, please keep it light and as concise as possible. We suggest that you stick to the following guidelines. The following template is suggested.
  • Title font size 24 and centered.
  • Avoid custom fonts and custom font colors.
  • Keep the forum default font size for the body of the text.
  • A single image per post and keep it relatively small. Large images should be adjusted using the "img width=XXX" function to adjust their size, where XXX is the pixel width you wish to use.
  • Don't use quote blocks.

Active Factions
The following groups are active and recruiting!

Blue Visions
Blutkessel Mercenary Company
Brotherhood of the Golden Shilling
Evermore's Vigil
Guardians of Degannwy
Grey Vigil
Hollow Halls
Obsidian Claw
Order of the Sacred Rose
Seekers of Jei Aryubaani
The Circle
The Institute
Vallaki Municipal Hospice

Groups must also link their player-managed forums if record keeping is desired by Dungeon Master.
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Player Faction Group Template

Provide a brief summary of your faction. Who you are, where you come from, what are you goals, why and what are you doing to achieve them.

Races: Indicate what races are welcome within your ranks.
Classes: Indicate what classes are welcome within your ranks.
Alignments: Indicate which alignments are most likely to fit in your organisation.
Notes: Include any additional details you see fit. Special conditions, intended level ranges etc.

Themes and expected challenges:
This section is meant to provide further details as to the themes your group is exploring, as well as give a an idea of the sort or roleplay and in-game events a member is likely to face.

Getting involved:
Provide details as to the best way to get in touch with your group in-game.

Provide the OOC contact details of the organization leaders. You do not have to provide in-game character names or details here, but both the PotM Forum and Discord contact information of at least one member is mandatory so that both players and staff can reach you quickly if required.

Link your player-managed forums if you have one and that record keeping by the Dungeon Masters is required.
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Guardians of Degannwy and the Greater Mists

Summary: The Guardians are a multifaceted faction whose members welcome both natives and outlanders alike so long as they share the blood of Elvenkind. Guardian-based RP and PVE are meant to build relationships between Elven characters and incite activity surrounding Elven lore and story interests. While the Guardians began as a group based almost entirely out of Degannwy, recent history has pushed the faction into becoming a more secretive collective of Elves who find their homes all around the Domains of Dread.

Races: Almost all Elves and Half-Elves, including those with the Draconic or Fey-Touched template. For the moment, pure Drow are unlikely to be received warmly.
Classes: All but Pale Master, Black Powder Avenger, and Blackguard.
Alignments: All, but those exceptionally bound to law of non-Elven influence or evil should expect a higher tendency for conflict.
Levels: All.

Ranks and structure: The Guardians are led by one Warden, chosen by the Elders from amongst themselves. Underneath them, this council of Elders helps to lead and make decisions. All other full members are known simply as Guardians and are equal in rank. When a new Elf is brought into the Guardians, they spend a trial period of introduction as an Initiate Member. Initiate Members are given less access to knowledge of the organization’s archives and dealings until trust is earned, and they rise to full membership status.

Theme: As an often-persecuted minority in the Domains of Dread, many Elves find great benefit in forming allegiances where they can. This is especially true for those who walk a path outside of the more mundane interests and sheltered enclaves of their race’s few civilizations. The Guardians exist both as an eclectic militia dedicated to protecting these enclaves from the many threats that would seek to destroy their sanctity, and as a society for individuals who wish to climb the rungs of power and knowledge with the aim of furthering Elven interests. Whenever possible, they also provide guidance and shelter to newly misted or otherwise lost Elves and serve as cultural ambassadors to other races.

Getting involved: Any Elven character that spends sufficient time in Degannwy may hear rumors about the existence of the Guardians, as they once held a strong presence there. As of late, many Elders seem to have hidden themselves from the greater public eye, but loyal Guardians yet remain as ties to the Autumn Grove. If an interested player is having issues encountering one of these Degannwy-based Guardians, they may feel free to reach out OOC to the faction leadership listed below for IC contact arrangements and a Discord server invite.

Player Contacts:
- Asariel Mina'stellyr (catherine7218 on Discord, SevenStormStyle on the forum)
- Tinu Naur (AgentGibbs)
- Caerylia
- Eruheran

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Archondum is an assembly of loosely associated Outlander & Local born Dwarves independently overseeing the protection and furtherment of Dwarven interests beyond the scope or capability of his majesty King Moloch from within Dvergeheim.

Alignment: None.
Races: Despite being a Dwarven centric faction, the Archondum is welcome to anyone but if a little skeptical to someone who isn't a Dwarf.
Classes: None.
Other Requirements: The ability to speak Dwarven.

Organization & Activities
The Assembly of Archons, also known as the Archondum, is the voting body of the faction - the Council of Three Hammers their elected leaders. Although the sovereign kingdom of Dvergeheim retains its respective leaders and government (under the executive control of King Moloch), it is the Assembly of Archons that has seen to independently charge itself with overseeing the protection and furtherment of wider Dwarven interests beyond the capability of his majesty.

Our community offers those with an interest in a more dwarf-centric political system a place to conduct business and debate. The main goal of the Archondum, however, is to provide ease of access to political RP / Dwarven RP with those who wish to work with and around dwarves, as well as a place to coordinate dwarven activities and events.

The assembly meets every two weeks within their hall in Dvergeheim where they are led through discussions by their triad of Councilors and held to account by their Arbitrator whom maintains a strict adherence to their charter.

The Archondum is one of the few factions blessed with the constant presence of an ever present RP challenge and opportunity in trying to settle the matter of the quakes within the mountain. Apart from this the Archondum often plays host to trade festivals, martial patrols, expeditions, and the like – the avenues are limitless.

Getting Involved
See our posters in-game to learn how to get in touch In-character or you can message the Dvergeheim channel within the POTM discord for a temporary invite into the factions discord so you can keep tabs on when we meet.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Folk come here a'treading to a woeful wedding...


This grand home in Vallaki, once used for less-than-honest pursuits, is now a house of knowledge, death, and reverence. Hollow Halls provides funerary services to the public with a stress on honoring tradition.
Dealing with remains, sometimes in an investigative capacity, is a staple activity. Memorials and wakes are also hosted within the facility, and living wills and life chronicles are kept under lock and key in the deeper annals of the domicile.

Though most would consider it unorthodox, there is an emphasis on the arts within the organisation. Sagas and ballads are written to commemorate the lives of those who conquered, protected, and overcame great odds. The dead are lulled to their rest by poetry, and kept a'slumber by song.
Gundarakites who shun their rebellious cousins, and instead, wish to revive their arts and traditions may be inclined to visit upon the halls.

Dealing with the undead is inevitable, the morbid nature of the work considered. Though, not all of these encounters are liable to be hostile: where druids bond with animals, associates of this organisation may come to empathise with the dead. The settling of 'unfinished business' is stressed before an inch of steel is drawn. And, in the case of ancient and noteworthy beings, an account of their life may be sought before they are put to their final rest.

Alignment: Any are welcome to try their luck, but openly chaotic or evil behaviour may not sail.
Races: Any non-outcast.
Classes: In this faction, the character's profession is more important than their class.
Priests and laymen of relevant deities[1], chroniclers, morticians, historians, physickers, barber surgeons, graveyard keepers, exorcists, tortured artists, poets, story-tellers and minstrels will all find a place here.
Class suggestions include, but are not limited to: rogues, bards, monks, wizards, clerics, and voodans. Dirgist training is available, and there is potential for Monster Hunter training (specialisation in undead).

There is no hierarchy, but members tend to gravitate towards one of two areas within the organisation: the dead, and rites pertaining to the dead (exorcism, burial, funerals, embalming), or the celebration of life (through chronicles, accounts, poetry, song, music).
Player initiative is key, though there are 'continuous' projects that can be worked on during down-time.

See our posters here and in-game to learn how to get in touch IC. You can also DM us via Discord for OOC queries.
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 1. Examples include, but are not limited to: Jergal, Kelemvor, Deneir, Pharasma, The Eternal Order, Finder Wyvernspur, Milil, The Ancestral Choir, Anubis, Yama, Bragi, Myrkul...
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”

The Order of the Sacred Rose is an ecumenical Christian group sworn by oaths to God to protect the innocent, fight evil, feed the hungry, help newcomers, and rescue souls trapped in this dark realm. They’ve sprouted from the old Christian Orders that traveled the Core, blossoming like a rose from their roots, not forgetting them. They are knights, clergy, and laity—Gothic Earth Christians and converts alike—united with a small non-Christian auxiliary, the Knights Honoris, under the aegis of Christ’s Church of Barovia.

Members are called to charity and compassion just as much as combat. Knights, clerics, and laity may be seen working in the church’s infirmary, roaming the land to help those in need, battling monsters, and delving the far reaches of the Demiplane of Dread to confront the powers of evil.

They are warriors, priests, healers, diplomats, tradesfolk, and scholars, all walking as they’re called. And all are called to stand against the forces of darkness however they can.

Any, although the political climate of Vallaki prevents Drow, Tieflings, and Tanarukks from becoming a squire or knight.

Any except Assassin, Blackguard, Pale Master, Hallowed Witch, and Warlock. Hexblades are potentially viable but will struggle with faction requirements. Voodan and Druids who convert run the risk of losing the powers and abilities granted by those classes.

Any non-evil. Chaotic characters, especially Chaotic Neutral, will likely struggle with the required discipline, but there have been successful chaotic characters. Neutral characters should expect to find their alignment shifting toward good or risk themselves shifting toward dismissal from the faction.

As a prerequisite for being inducted into the Order of the Sacred Rose, the character must be a Christian. (Denomination or branch isn’t important.) Non-Christian characters who want to play in the faction are eligible to petition for induction into the Knights Honoris auxiliary provided there are open slots for them.

This faction replaces the old Christian Orders faction.

Themes and Expected Challenges:
Christianity, loyalty, duty, faith, monster-hunting, knighthood, healing, diplomacy and politics, compassion, honor

Members are expected to act wisely and pursue goodness, purity, restraint, honesty, discipline, humility, courage, and compassion. Everyone is called to abide by the law and uphold just laws as much as possible. The actions of one reflect upon all.

This can be challenging and lead to conflict or politically fraught IC situations. We encourage our players to keep a level head and respect their fellow players (allies and antagonists) as these stories unfold.

Getting Involved:
Find a knight or squire (grey tabard with a gold cross), an officer (red tabard with a gold cross), or the grandmaster (white tabard with a gold cross) in game. Alternatively, visit the Christ’s Church in Warehouse Two, Vallaki.

Contacts: Prelate-Grandmaster Vandryn Carro, played by Famous Seamus (famous_seamus on Discord).

Order of the Sacred Rose Forums:
Main Faction Discord:

Other Questions:

Spoiler: show
Do I have to be a Christian IRL to join? Will I be expected to become one?

No. Our players come from many backgrounds.

Are you going to preach to me? Are you here to proselytize?

No. Given the nature of the RP, OOC conversations about faith do come up. Players can explore the faith as much as they want, but OOC preaching isn’t the aim. If a player becomes interested in the faith by playing in or interacting with the faction, that’s their personal choice. Extensive or debate-y OOC conversations about religion occur only via PM or in a tightly moderated section of our Discord.

Will religious prayers, ceremonies, and acts come up IC?

Yes. We stress that these are a performance strictly in character. While rites and prayers in the game may reflect or borrow from IRL Christian tradition, they aren’t the equivalent.

Your characters don’t act exactly like historical Christians. What’s up with that?

Three reasons: (1) ecumenical group spanning nearly 16 centuries and a gallimaufry of historical perspectives, (2) presence of non-Earth converts in the group, and (3) desire to avoid OOC concerns and grief over hot-button topics. The goal is to maximize fun and offer room to explore variations of the faith without causing OOC hardship.

Do I have to make a Gothic Earth character to join?

No. Converts are welcome, although Clerics and Paladins who convert should be aware that there can be IC consequences and required processes for changing faith.

Does my character have to become a knight or clergy after they join?

No, although we always like seeing more knights and clerics!

Do I have to play a martial or full-BAB character class to join and become a knight?

No. Knighthood in our faction is more about ideals and a way of life than martial prowess.

If you have other questions, contact a member of the faction or feel free to message our Discord.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Grey Vigil

Originally founded to represent the organized church of Helm within the Core, the Grey Vigil has recently expanded to include the Triad, and thus the worship of Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater as well, out of a temple dedicated to the four.  While it remains lead by a Helmite, any of the four are welcome, both priest and laity. The Grey Vigil provides temple services (healing, potions), martial training, and room & board to the faithful and those they protect.

Who is Tyr? Tyr is the Just God, whom oversees the administration of justice and holds that as his domain in Toril.  Tyr is a strong-spirited and noble God whom is considered the bravest and the most honorable of all the pantheon. He is primarily concerned with the punishment of wrong-doers and the general furthering of law and good in the world. Tyr hates duplicity, trickery, rule-breaking, and wanton destruction, and likewise hated lies and the breaking of oaths and was disgusted by persons who earned from such things. For his own part, he never would break a promise.

Who is Torm? Torm is the Loyal Fury, the Faerûnian patron deity of paladins and the god of duty, loyalty, righteousness, and obedience. The symbol of the Loyal Fury, a right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward, was known as the Hand Resolute among his followers. It symbolized not only that Torm was the good right hand of Tyr, representing the God of Justice's missing sword hand, but also the principle of forebearance, that the true and just had to pause and consider their actions first so as to ensure their intent would uphold the chivalric ideals Torm exemplified.

Who is Helm?  Helm is the Vigilant One, his faithful, called Watchers.  He is regarded as an unflinching and dedicated deity given over to the protection of others, and the watch for the foe.  Where others regard Him as cold, He is merely dedicated in His work, and puts it above all other concerns.  It is said Helm would die before He allowed someone under His protection come to harm.  He is silent on the matter, but such is the ideal that His Watchers aspire to.  His symbol, a left-hand gauntlet with a stylized eye, is said to represent his purpose in service to Tyr: While Torm is His fury against evil, Helm is His protection of the innocent and righteous.

Who is Ilmater?  Ilmater is the Faerûnian intermediate deity of endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, and suffering. The Crying God is the patron of the suffering, oppressed, and persecuted, and the One Who Endures encourages them to endure and encourages others to help them by taking their burdens or places. The Rack-Broken Lord is a willing sufferer, bearing the pain of others to spare them from it, and it is said that if he had his way he would do so for all the suffering in the world.

Currently, the Grey Vigil operates out of a rental in Vallaki.

Races: Any, but races that run inherently evil like Drow and Tieflings will have both suspicion from the organization and the region, at least until they prove themselves; the same holds especially true for inherently-chaotic races.  Those bountied or banished from Barovian jurisdictions may be turned away until they regain their good standing.
Classes: Any except barbarians and hallowed witches.  Black powder avengers, druids, warlocks, and hexblades may find the faith challenging.  Lawful evil is an entirely valid alignment for Helm, since Helm is Lawful Neutral [1], so Blackguards are permitted, provided they follow the dogma of Helm.
Alignments: Any lawful; neutral will generally be fine so long as they do not challenge the order of things.  Chaotic individuals will likely have issues.  Clerics of Tyr, Torm, or Ilmater must be LG, LN, or NG.  Clerics of Helm must be LG, LN, LE, or TN. 
Notes: Clerics of Helm may never command undead. [1]  Those whom do not follow one of the Four themselves, but are aligned with Their purposes, are in good standing with Barovia, and do not violate His tenets, are welcomed as Allies. 

Ley followers are encouraged; you don't have to want to be a priest or paladin to join.

Themes and expected challenges:
The Grey Vigil is an organization of rigid, lawful/good aligned protectors, and as such, one should expect that there is a focus on training, protection, and defeating evil.  While not inherently focussing on MPCs, involvement with them should be expected.

In short: there are two major focusses of the faction: religious roleplay both in formal events and at large, and delving dungeons/patrolling.  A heavy emphasis on self-improvement lies in both, since that is among the tenets of the group, and the faiths it espouses.

Getting involved:
Lay followers will have few requirements other than initial vetting; clerics and paladins will be expected to be able to recite the dogma of the god of the Four they follow and prove themselves to it, in some way.

Those interested can seek out Livu in game, or feel free to simply show up at services and inquire before their beginning or after their end; most services are not private.

Livu Olmstead: PM here, or Maiyannah ingame for tells.
Elvalia Ders: taitheguardian on Discord
Discord: The Grey Vigil

A forum is presently awaiting DM supervision and thus pending.

[1] Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Greenwood, Reynolds, Williams, and Heinsoo, 2001

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Circle

The Circle is an association of wizards throughout The Core. Its members are dedicated to exchanging knowledge and helping other wizards pursue the arcane arts under persecution. In recent years, the group has become known for counting some of the most wanted witches in Barovia among its ranks. The Circle follows a charter:

1. The Circle shall exchange knowledge.

2. The Circle shall uncover arcane mysteries.

3. The Circle's learned members shall take on apprentices.

4. The Circle shall allow mages of scholarly pursuits in the order. Blood mages, or sorcerers, shall not join.

5. The Inner Circle shall lead the order and vote on all major decisions.

Races: All
Classes: Wizard
Alignments: All
Getting involved: Talk to wizards IG or contact the following characters/players.

Drezdrelda Volyakova - Forum: gesseritt - Discord: gesseritt
Nozomi - Forum: Dave Kognaz - Discord: daybmogus

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The Institute

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."
— C.G. Jung

Quote from: The Founders of The Institute
"The Institute is indefatigably committed to the comprehensive amelioration of gnomekind. Its mission is to ensure the somatic, intellectual, and metaphysical well-being of every gnome through a confluence of unparalleled resources, avant-garde innovations, and transformative educational programs. The vision of The Institute is to cultivate a resplendent, perspicacious, and affluent gnome network where each individual actualizes their paramount potential."

The inevitable foundation of The Institute in the year 775 was not by any explicit conscious choice, but birthed by a simple necessity for its own existence. During the initial architecture, The Institute was kept veiled in secrecy - operating only within the purview of a select few that could be trusted with the labyrinthian task of converting the chaos of its design into order, or at least possess the brilliance of mind to attempt it.

As the amalgamations of The Institute continued to expand, so did the necessity for its architects. While it is now known that the organization exists, the inner structural mechanisms remain an obscured curiosity. The Institute is governed by a board of directors, with each director overseeing their own agency. Without an active directorate to allocate the treasury, The Institute ceases to function.

Bureaucracy, Intelligentsia, Invention, Espionage, Arcane Arts, Arms Dealing

Any individual may thrive based on their own achievements. Extremities of alignment may find select elements of diplomacy exceedingly difficult.

Only Gnomes serve true positions within the many confines of The Institute's ever expanding infrastructure. Individuals of outside organizations however may find favorable alliances and relationships.

The Institute seeks out those with an affinity for their own potential, and those who benefit from the resources to make it a reality. Those with an exemplary dedication and execution of their skillset may elicit the attention of an agent. Those who seek out the other gnomes lost within the demiplane of dread, may find their way into this ever-shifting bureaucracy.

Forum: This account - or HM01
Discord: hiddenmachine

//: if you have a gnome, and would like to link with other gnomes, feel free to send a message or join the discord!
The Institute Discord

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Obsidian Claw



The esteemed leaders of the Banite keep recognized the necessity of establishing a smaller, more agile regiment to maintain control over the nearby settlements and safeguard caravan shipments. While conventional mercenaries were an option, their reliability was questionable due to the prevalence of various gangs in the region. As a result, the decision was made to deploy trusted and devout Banite soldiers to form this newly conceived regiment - soon to be misted.

The Obsidian Claw stands as a specialized mercenary unit, renowned for its service in Faerûn. Its distinction lies in its purposeful design, a modest yet varied number of experts primed to adapt to diverse situations efficiently. Upon entering Barovia, it retains its original concept: to be contracted and employed by those in authority or individuals possessing sufficient wealth. These warriors are battle-hardened, well-versed in strategic warfare, and distinguished for their unwavering loyalty to their leaders, akin to a deeply held conviction. This allegiance renders them a dependable force, far surpassing the average mercenary whose motivation often lies in personal gain.

Uniquely, the Obsidian Claw adheres to the motto "Riches in services, not supremacy," signifying that material wealth never holds precedence over their commitment. Their devotion to a higher belief system guides their actions, a rare perspective among mercenaries who typically prioritize monetary gains. The unit's inner workings, however, remain veiled from the public eye, concealing the reasons why these specialized soldiers willingly risk their lives, preferring sacrifice over retreating into safety.

While rumors suggest the presence of unsavory individuals with questionable faith within the unit, the Obsidian Claw is not an organized religious group and accommodates soldiers of various beliefs, including those without religious affiliation.

Past History

Through townsguard summons and announcements made by the Company itself, it was recorded that the Obsidian Claw was present within Vallaki in the year 778 BC.
The membership, predominantly composed of Banites, collectively chose to maintain their modus operandi and services as they had in Faerûn. These services included large-scale state diplomacy, regional and international escort services, and offering their expertise to local government due to their considerable numbers.
However, the presence of the Banites began to wane following rumors of one member allegedly going "mad" and rampaging through the area.

No public report was published on the matter, leaving the details of the conflict shrouded within the Obsidian Claw or among those involved. What is certain is that the "Berenhill Incident" left a scar within the group, and shortly thereafter, within days of the occurrence, the Company vanished from the territory.

Out of Character
Alignment and Classes :The faction upholds a preference for Lawful Evil alignments. However, it does not impose restrictions on specific classes or alignments; all are welcome to engage in roleplay within our faction.

Themes : You can expect the following themes within our faction:

Military: We have chosen to invigorate the militaristic facet of the Banite Church, making ourselves a more fitting piece in the grand chessboard of PotM. We heavily rely on hierarchy and strive to portray even the smallest of dungeon skirmishes as scenic, tactical battles.

Evil: As the natural alignment of Banites calls for, our faction embarks upon a dubious moral code, applying an "ends justify the means" approach. We further the influence of evil, embracing control over rebuke.

Ritualistic: On certain occasions, we honor the traditional Banite faith by performing initiation rituals or sacrifices. While these events are rare, we believe that completely ignoring this side of our faith would not do justice to our concept.

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Also Gioia 'Joy' Tauro
Also Sirus Von Khorvich
Also Balthasar Eotvos


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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Brotherhood of the Golden Shilling

Summary: A pair of mercenaries are snatched from their realm of Faerûn and transported into the wastelands of Barovia.
They decide to rebuild their old band of mercenaries, the Brotherhood of the Golden Shilling.
Their goal is to build a guild of mercenaries actively engaged by governments and large local groups.

Races: Any welcome.

Classes: Any welcome.

Alignments:All except the chaotic evil. For them it will be necessary to have an interview first, to understand their real intentions.

Notes: We do dirty work, escort services, bounty hunting, protection of all kinds, but we are not killers and we do not take contracts to kill.
We act on the thin line of legality (not always...)

Themes: We offer an extremely varied type of game: we go from espionage to reinforcement in dungeons, from smaller contracts with private individuals to larger contracts with structured groups and governments.
Very likely to have active PVP.

Getting involved: You can easily find us in the game, especially in the Vallaki/Barovia area, but also near Dyad.
You can recognize us by the golden armor and black cloaks.
Discord contact @PlagueBoss

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Active: Zalbaag Hyrule- Salmour Crovas
Sometime: Wolrath / Greeven / Ixivill

Onkel Bob

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Seekers of Jei Aryubaani

Many  men claim that somewhere in the  Hazlani  Balinoks lies a lost city, though I believe it a
legend. No man knows the exact  nature and location of  the city, but all who speak of it know
its name  —  Jei Aryubaani. Most men claim that Jei Aryubaani is the citadel of the servants of
the  Lawgiver, who  receive the  faithful  and  usher them into a  paradisiacal  existence as the
enlightened and ennobled vassals of the  Black  Lord.  Other men claim that Jei Aryubaani was
built by one of the wizard lords of Hazlan's ancient past,  a  mighty summoner whose demonic
servants overthrew him.  According  to  these  stories,  Jei Aryubaani is a pleasure dome, filled
with   the  ancient  satrap's  hoard.  Many a  greedy  treasureseeker  has disappeared  into the
Balinoks  while  seeking  Jei  Aryubaani, never to return.  Other  tales  surrounding the lost city
speak variously of it as a  realm  of  spider-like creatures,  a stronghold populated by the living
dead,  a vast library kept by strange cloaked beings,  and a vast lifeless citadel,  empty of even
the smallest living things.  There are other tales besides, but all agree on one thing —  no man
in living memory has found Jei Aryubaani and returned.                                                       

                                         — As told by Elkiars Xamen, Vraylok of Ufrugtharlan, Hazlan

As the myth of Jei Aryubaani has endured through the ages, and the story of its nature evolved with each telling, the dream of its true discovery has only grown. It has become a symbol of something more than the legend itself, of that which is unattainable. To this day is spurs people into achieving what has never been done before, and that is the purpose of the Seekers of Jei Aryubaani.

The Seekers are a group in Hazlan who strive to reach beyond what was previously thought possible and achieve a greater good for their domain and themselves. By overcoming each others' differences and playing into one anothers' strengths, the cooperation of some of the brightest souls in Hazlan could accomplish great things, perhaps even discover Jei Aryubaani itself. For every member of the seekers, the Jei Aryubaani means something different. One may be intrigued by its riches, while another wished for the fame it may bring. Some may yearn for the religious fulfillment of being in its presence, while others fathom the arcane powers that could be hidden within, waiting to be claimed. What unites them all is their ability to dream, and to understand that not a single one of their dreams will become real without their unified effort. This philosophy extends itself beyond the concept of the Jei Aryubaani, encompassing all the different aspects of Hazlan.

The Mulan and the Rashemi make natural candidates as they are native to Hazlan, along with Hazlani halflings and gnomes. While these groups are normally highly suspicious of one another, within the Seekers they overcome their differences for a mutual understanding to further the interests of Hazlan in a way that benefits them all. Additionally, unconventionally, the Seekers also embrace outlanders of all stripes who show an interest in having a part in the betterment of Hazlan, even outcasts can become members as far as circumstances allow. Every member of the Seekers of Jei Aryubaani has a fundamentally personal reason for being involved.

While there aren't any explicit preferences, paladins will struggle to fit into Hazlan's unjust society and Druids and Clerics of other faiths than the Lawgiver are strictly prohibited as envoys of Mytteri.

Due to the culture of Hazlan, neutral and evil characters will have an easier time within the faction. Likewise, due to the shared understanding and loyalty of its members, lawful characters are far more likely to earn the trust that is necessary to be involved.

Themes and expected challenges:
The Seekers of Jei Aryubaani offer an avenue of becoming involved in the social structure of Hazlan in the capability of adventurers. They work for the betterment of Hazlan, which is solely decided by the monarch, Lord Hazlik, who is notoriously unpredictable. Should the Seekers ever earn the attention of Hazlik, they will undertake his will to any controversial extent, including forgetting the Jei Aryubaani or possibly even disbanding altogether. The Seekers are intended to be a force that enables its members to perform beyond what they could do by themselves, which also opens them up to greater dangers and consequences.

Getting involved:
To become a member of the Seekers of Jei Aryubaani one must show engagement with the domain of Hazlan, respect for its culture, and a wish to partake in its growth in cooperation with others. Playing in the domain will likely lead to interactions with members of the faction and the opportunity of inclusion comes naturally to those who prove themselves to be reliable. The official factions of Hazlan, the Church of the Lawgiver and the Red Academy are both important and respected aspects of the domain and are likewise important to the Seekers.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming involved with us on a new or existing character, you are welcome to reach out to any one of our active players:

  • Azadeh Khorzavi - Onkel Bob, onkel_bob (Discord)
  • Vorian Kozkar - Misan, mrwhiskeyrichard (Discord)
  • Ossur Fezim - Iconoclast, iconopotm (Discord)

Spoiler: show
Header image from here

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Blue Visions

A collective of philosophers and thinkers, the Blue Visions are preoccupied with a disposition towards the universe that may seem to many exactly as the name implies--a blue vision. Seeking meaning in life outside of what you make of it is pointless, so don't bother. However, what does matter is what you can do to forge meaning, be it through your actions or overcoming hardship.

Races: Any and all.
Classes: Any and all.
Alignments: Good and Neutral. Evil will likely have difficulty aligning with the ideals held by the Blue Visions, though they can certainly make the attempt.
Notes: An offshoot of the Bleak Cabal from the Planescape setting, though with a much stronger focus on self-improvement and introspection. Proselytizing is not the goal of the Blue Visions--rather, only those that express direct interest in learning the beliefs and philosophies should be spoken to further about them.

Themes and expected challenges:
General Philosophy, In-Universe Politics, Religion or Lack Thereof, Debate, Introspection.
Association with Velcyra Karkhuul is association with a Tiefling and all that entails for your roleplay.

Getting involved:
Interaction with Velcyra Karkhuul, who can often be found in the Drain in Vallaki. Asking her about her beliefs and philosophies will put you on the right path.

nerdevar on the forums or @nerdevar on discord

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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From an alliance of good and selfless individuals arose a faction committed to safeguarding
the innocent and supporting newcomers to the Core by offering guidance, equipment and aid.
Evermore's Vigil comprises members of the Triad and allies of benevolent deities.


Races: All, but inherently evil races will struggle.

Classes: Any class that does not require one to be evil.

Alignments: While the majority within the faction embody goodness, there is room for neutral characters to find acceptance. However, they may
encounter challenges in adapting to the inherently selfless ethos of their companions.

Themes and expected challenges:
Anticipate a blend of good-natured endeavors. Primarily, Evermore's Vigil engage in altruistic acts, alongside which they undertake merchant activities to improve the chances of survival; training to defend oneself and others against the creatures of the Core; the tender of a soup kitchen to feed those in need.

Getting involved:
Located in shop III in Vallaki, making contact isn’t difficult; just approach a member and express interest in joining.

Aramiss Dawngaze
Cordelia Beoulve
Gerald Arnoult

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Blutkessel Mercenary Company gets it's name from a group of circling hawks known as a 'kettle'. They are a mercenary company managed by Haus Armbrüster's eldest son: Krauzer Armbrüster. It currently operates in Barovia as part of a trade effort on behalf of the family. The company is incredibly industrious as it for the most part creates its own weapons and tools rarely relying on others, and the company primarily takes jobs from only well reputed individuals, groups, or locals in the area.

Races: Human from anywhere except: Dementlieu, Richemulot, Borca, Mordent, & Darkon. Demi-Humans & Outcasts or 'Untermensch' will find no home with Blutkessel.

Classes: Many classes may find themselves at home at Blutkessel but fighters will enjoy the martial experience overall. Rangers and Rogues are highly valued for their extraordinary skills, and martial classes in general will find themselves at home at Blutkessel. That being said, nearly any class will find a home within the company except for Barbarian & Paladin.


Lawful ~ Lawful characters will decidedly do very well in the company. Blutkessel is a group of professionals rather than the wild and untamed life of your average gold seeking mercenary. Chains of command are expected to be followed, and the companies ties to the Falkovnian military promise a more lawful experience as it pertains to martial prowess. Lawful is the best ethical alignment for this faction.

Neutral ~ Neutral characters may feel at home with the prospect of doing what is necessary to get the job done. Neutral Ethical characters may find challenges if their personal beliefs strongly contradict with given commands.

Chaotic ~ For the most part does not belong in the faction. Chaotic characters are typically prone to their own whims rather than following chain of command. Exceptions would be exceedingly rare and for the most part chaotic concepts are incompatible with Blutkessel. Chaotic is the worst alignment for this faction.

Good ~ Those who morally see themselves as bastion for hope and light in the world will struggle with this group quite a bit. The company itself will take jobs with the expectation to follow orders. Good alignments may see themselves acting against their own moral principals in order to fuel the company's needs. Good alignment is the least recommended of the Moral alignments.

Neutral ~ The indifference of a neutral moral alignment will prove to be a boon to the group provided they are also ethically lawful. An ability to follow commands without feeling the weight of their principles bearing down on them make Neutral moral alignments the best for this faction as a good deal of this faction will be about following a chain of command and doing jobs as necessary.

Evil ~ The Blutkessel for some may serve as a means for some with darker hearts to fulfill their worst and most violent desires. Those who join may find themselves eligible for quicker promotions provided they are zealous and obedient to the dark masters Blutkessel and it's leadership do ultimately serve.

Themes and expected challenges:
Themes of this faction include: War, violence, political intrigue, merchant RP, military styled RP, and Falkovnian RP.

Forums: Birdman (Message this forum account, I am prone to changing my name a lot)
Discord: meduegna

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Vallaki Municipal Hospice

Located in the middle-south of the slums district of Vallaki, the hospice quietly helps the most poor and downtrodden people of the city.
This venue operates with respect to the setting, meaning that magic is not often used for healing, and the night given the respect it is due. Carefulness and common sense are fundamental to keeping the hospice safe and operational.
Volunteers and apprentices are sought-after.
Given the dangers of the Night and the cruelties of mortals, those willing to defend the hospice and its healers also have a place.

Races: Any non-outcasts are welcome as members. Roleplay with outcasts is welcomed but due to the laws and prejudices of the locals, outcasts will not be accepted as volunteers.
Classes: Any. If your character possesses uncanny talents and abilities, it would be wise to keep them concealed.
Professions: Including, but not limited to: herbalists, scholars, chirurgeons, botanists, natural scientists, druids, priests, doctors, alienists, nurses, cooks, house servants, counsellors, and anyone with a strong desire to help people.
Alignments: Any Good or neutral characters should fit in well. Chaotic characters might struggle, as there are rules and a reputation to uphold. Evil characters may struggle to be accepted, but if they are cunning, and skilled and obfuscating their true intentions, anything is possible.

Notes: The faction is Vallaki based, but player characters needn't be natives (or Halans). You do not need to remain in the region, but most faction roleplay and events will take place in Vallaki.
This role does include a lot of 'idle' time - visitors to the hospice may be several, or none at all in a day cycle. You are not obliged to attend to the hospice every day, or even every week, however!
If you enjoy slice-of-life roleplay, and wish to take initiative, this is the perfect place for your character!

- Providing healing and medical roleplay for visiting player characters.
- Herbalism and healing expertise. The faction offers training, guidance, and material support to its volunteers to improve as healers.
- Providing directions, guidance, and supplies to newcomers and travelers down on their luck.
- Respect for the Old Night, and the setting in general.
- Ethics and faith roleplay. The hospice is secular, but many of the members are drawn from a faith background, and ethical and philosophical discussions are quite common!
- Local politics and culture. As a faction situated within the walls of Vallaki, behaving in a way that does not put the faction at odds with the local people, nor with the law, is prudent. Likewise, appeasement and or building rapport with the governing bodies is likely to occur.
- Guarding. Both the building and the healers! There's roleplay for a warrior seeking a purpose that isn't directly violent.
- Could there be more than meets the eye...?

Getting Involved
When the hospice is open, a placard or sign will be placed in the Western Outskirts of Vallaki, and the opening will be mentioned in our Hospice Coordination Channel as well as the forums (Whispers in the Shadows).

Hospice members can also be reached via IC letters. Simply send a forum PM. Alternatively, message one of us on Discord, use our Discord channel, or send one of us a tell in-game.

Contacts (IC name - Forum Account Name - Discord)
Nishan Tarset - Kleomenes - colonic79

Our faction forums are located here.

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