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Player-Created Faction Guide
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:12:58 AM »
Unofficial Player-Created Factions

The purpose of this thread is to bring to the front Player-created Factions, and to show new and old players a greater breadth of choice they have for character concepts outside of the official faction list.
The main difference between a Supported Official Faction and a Player Faction is DM and Development Team support. While the Supported Factions are very well fleshed-out and excellent, sometimes one cannot find exactly what they want to roleplay within that list. That is where Player Factions come in.

What is a Player Faction?
A "Player Faction" is an unofficial player-formed group that adheres to a certain In-Character goal or ideal. The types of which are many and far-reaching - a group of bandits, a dwarf clan, a druidic circle - the possibilities are endless. It is the spirit of working together towards an In-Character cause or ideal, and entering into the vibrant and immersive dynamics of the server. While many outlanders make friends and enemies while travelling alone, joining a player faction brings even further dynamic possibilities.

How do I join a Player faction?
This will vary from faction to faction, just as the supported faction recruitment happens. Some are secretive, others are very visible. You could make a fresh new character designed to join the faction, or have one you already play find an interest in them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find who leads a faction - but a quick OOC tell/PM to one of the members can be useful to arrange an IC encounter.

What is expected of me when joining a faction?
Again, this varies from faction to faction. However, it is best to join a player-faction with a very active character. Some like to make a new character spontaneously, but once the luster wares off, return to their 'main character.' This usually hurts factions more than it helps them, most factions put a lot of time and resources into helping their members, so playing with an active character is the most ideal choice. After all, the more you put into your character, the more you will get out of it!

Are all Player-created factions true to Ravenloft canon?
Yes and no. The nature of Ravenloft, and the Core as a whole, is that characters arrive from all realms. Thus, a player-faction group of druids from Faerun, for example, would be "canon," but not 'native' to the Core. Many of the most prominent religions and kingdoms in the lands of the Core arrived from different realms, the Lawgiver Cult and the cult of Belenus being strong examples. And while the Morninglord cult found its roots within the core, its strong similarity with the cult of Lathander hint at its possible lost history. That being said, unlike many of the Supported Factions, most player-factions are not found within the sourcebooks of Ravenloft canon. This does not make them illegitimate, however, they are simply dynamic expansions to our ever-growing world.

What Player-Created factions are active?
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Black Hand

The Organization
Many adventurers attempted to pin down the Black Hand's arrival into the Core, with poor results, although some brighter and seasoned scholar successfully range this mysterious group's first appearance in the land of the mists somewhere between 760 and 764 BC. The group brings nothing but bad news and suffers from a tragic history of murders, dark omens and businesses ordinary men would rather never hear. Oftentimes mistaken for a group of mindless fanatics, the followers of the Black Hand are far from that, the organization is said to shelter skilled soldiers in the art of war, shrewd diplomats, assassins and rumours of people possessing magical talents were often mentioned. It is through honest confrontation of words and the that this group bases on its activities and influence, The Black Hand's reach favors many subtle ways of obtaining numbers and connections, from the most raw approach of torturing, threatening and subtle espionage to the brighter and gentle ways of oratory. The information surrounding this group is always uncertain, their goals have been guessed one too many times, but none really had a clear picture of what final achievement the group was striding for. The Black Hand has a somewhat sporadic activity, the black cloaks populate the land of the mists only when the Commander orders them to, and usually, in the mind of a commoner it has become known to the sight of a Black Hand only strife and misfortune folloed. Well equipped and populated by by people who understand the need for order, this combination of qualities makes the Black Hand a more credible threat than any of other evil or chaotic forces, despite their willingness to sacrifice themselves in a frenzy of killings, the rare sightings of this group made clear that duress and control was a requirment, and unbridled chaos, despised. Domination is preferred to debauchery, and carefully limited discord to stability. Cruelty, torture, and mayhem are tacitly encouraged.

The early years of The Black Hand took shape of a cabal, worshipping a pantheon formed of predominantly Evil Gods, with a strong accent on Bane. However, it became clear in the Hand's strikes the following years that the group is far from shackling themselves to a God, and took shape of a military organized group. The sporadic sightings of the group has led people to believe they were involved in the Barovian's nights and underground, braver ones even stretched to the point of affiliating the higher peers of the Hand to notorious vampire families, although the rumour was, of course, never verified.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Vigil.

Once, the Vigil represented something else than what it does now.  A more aggressive force, it has been tempered with time, and circumstance.  Something quieter, more subdued than it once was.

In the unrelenting darkness of Ravenloft, the night is ruled by evil unchecked.  The world is corrupted, and falling, and each night the living are hunted, pursued, and preyed upon.  Nightmares given flesh, horrors given form, and deaths beyond counting.  A dying land, perhaps even a dead land that has not yet realised its own passing.  Struggles ephemeral and vital, of evil against evil, and the innocent and the helpless are made to pay the awful price.

And yet, there are many who fight.  Some better, and harder than others, heroes and villains in their own right.  But there are others, who must not only fight the darkness, but must learn to deny it, even in themselves.

These people are outsiders, more so than most.  They are the embodiment of the purity of purpose and self that is anathema to those that embrace the darkness.  They are both judgement and guidance, and a shining light in the overwhelming shadow.  Driven by their sense of righteousness and the call of the divine, they are those who walk the night without fear, for they do not doubt the rightness of their cause.

However, they also must do so in secret.  They must do so without their enemy knowing who they are or where they are, their path one that weaves between others.  They observe.  They learn.  They study.  And when the time is right and the enemy is known beyond doubt, they strike with the fury of the righteous – and once more vanish.  They are the warriors of the Vigil, and though they seek to make the world a better, brighter place, they must do so without the foe knowing who they are, or how to find them.

The Vigil consists of those united by two traits.  The desire to make the world a better place, to better themselves in doing so, and having no place that they can safely call home.      They have, however, decided that it is time to found one of their own, and thus have done so.  Taking a home for themselves in an isolated location, the Vigil works to train, to teach, and above all to offer sanctuary to those who have need of it, imparting knowledge, wisdom and guidance, as well as divine assistance when needed.  They seek those without home or needing hope, and offer them something more.

Alignments - Good aligned, or those seeking to move from neutral to good.  The Vigil offers not just purpose but also redemption to those who truly seek it.

Race - All races are welcome.  Caliban and other outcasts of a good nature who are yet unable to be accepted are most assuredly welcome, always.

Classes - Paladin, monk, cleric are encouraged, but all are welcome (save for clearly evil, such as assassin or blackguard).  Divine champion training is also more than possible.

Ranks/Structure - There is at present a Commander, and shall soon also be a Captain of the Watch, Chaplain, Apothecary, Quartermaster and Lead Scout.  Each of these roles are suitable for the location that the Vigil is based out of, and keeps the participants quite busy indeed.

Role - The purpose of this organisation is less militaristic that it appears.  While it has a heavy martial approach, it is not an attempt to create an army.  The goal is to create a sanctuary, offering safety, understanding, training, and companionship.  Many outlanders (and not a few natives) are in a difficult situation in Ravenloft, with no place to truly belong.  Some turn to more nefarious means to survive.  The Vigil offers an alternative to that, while also dealing with the many threats that individuals can face, by offering both protection against them as well as training to overcome them.

Getting Involved - Try to do so in character!  Otherwise, try to nudge me in game and we'll see what we can do - look for Zachary Dalensbane.  We have a running Discord chat for people to be invited to and a significant number of members at present, growing steadily.  This is the second attempt at this group, with a few caveats for changes.  So far it seems to be doing quite well, and you are more than welcome to join in.

UPDATE 6/9/2018 - While this faction exists in some capacity yet, and may be reinvigorated in the future, with the leader Zachary now closured it can be considered inactive, until another wishes to take the reigns of it.
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Guardians of Degannwy

Those Elves that have chosen to call Degannwy home and follow the leadership of the Marquessa Lorelei have banded together with the common goals of ensuring Degannwy and her forest's safety, the aid and protection of their people and the furtherance of Elven culture. Due to the xenophobic nature of Barovia the Guardians are a discreet organization rarely openly discussing their existence, activities or structure with outsiders. Still, they are not without ties to other organizations on the side of light.

Alignments: Any non evil

Races: Elves, half-elves

Classes: Any but Assassin, Pale Master and Blackguard

Ranks and structure: The Guardians are lead by a Democratically elected leader, the Warden of Degannwy. A Council of Elders holds the power to call new elections if there is concern about the current Warden or they must be replaced due to death or retirement. Commanders exist for both the Home Guard and Scout arms of the Organization.

Role: The Guardians are multi dimensional. They serve as a casual militia, a cultural promotion group, a welcoming committee to new Elves and agents against the dark forces that are a danger to the land.

Getting involved: Any Elven character that spends time in Degannwy will quickly learn about the Guardians. If you are having trouble connecting with the leadership a PM can be sent to:

 Mishandra (Sinful Mystic)
 Emilia (Iluvatar)
 Tinu Naur (AgentGibbs)

Discord Channel: If you feel you are seriously involved in Degannwy activity and wish to be invited to our discord channel contact Sinful Mystic
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Player-Created Faction Guide - † The Vanguard Initiative †
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2018, 08:11:43 PM »
† Our Mission... †

To Reach out and defend the defenseless, feed the hungry, clothe the cold, and nurture the sick. To guide new arrivals from the Mists and teach them to survive these harsh and difficult lands as their new home. To be the front line, torches ablaze, a salvation army of humanity and hope. Come ye wretched, downtrodden, and lost, and let us, together, keep the wolves at bay.


† Membership †

Inclusive. Anyone can be come a member if they pass three tasks. There is no limitation of creed, origin, race, or able-bodiness, only that you mean no harm to others.

Ranks/Structures: Volunteer (initiate non member), Partner (Trusted non member), Squire (Initiate Member), Warden (Full member), Ambassador (Officer.)

Alignments: Anything goes. Lawful, Good, Neutral. Chaotic to be considered IC (shouldn't be an issue in most cases) however the Vanguard will be expected to work with the Garda and Laws of Vallaki, and as subjects of Barovia.

Race: Any, although Orcs and Caliban will be needing to follow special concessions to stay within the law.

Class: Any, barring only: (known) Shadow Dancers, (known) Assassins, and (Known or even suspected) Blackguards.

Level: All levels, low and mid levels are most common. This is an RP focused group, and power has very little to do with it. There is also a lot of opportunities to apprentice in trades and fields, such as healing, herbalism, and carpentry.

Uniform/Identifying markers: Bearing a Silver Torch worn like a sword on the hip, Gray Cloaks with darker gray lining.


† How to Get Involved †

You do not have to join the faction to participate or interact with us.

Location: Vallaki.

Joining: Seek out Lexington Gray of Havenshire (Tycat) (or join our Discord)

Utilizing Services: Be a new character, or even a new player, who is fresh out of the mists and needs guidance; Be a commoner who is poor, sick, or homeless who needs welfare; Have an injury or an affliction (disease, curse, etc.) that needs healing (and you are up for long RP healing, or a quick heal.)


† Purpose †

Integration and Inclusiveness.

Key Themes: Apprenticeship of Crafts, Charity, Peace Ambassadors, Goodwill, Hospital and Healer Training, non-violence.

Role: Integration into the setting, a welcoming party to new arrivals to help them start out (including quests, crafting, and direction), a guarenteed foot in the door with people to RP with, who are actively seeking you out to be there for your character while they get established in the setting.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Bloodhounds

"For the purpose of investigation of mysteries, uncovering of secrets, recovery of lost loved ones, or vengeance on their behalf, against the creatures and beings of the night.  Fees affordable, results guaranteed.
Leave word at the Blood of the Vine."

The Bloodhounds are part investigative troup as well as a training school for those seeking to learn more about hunting monsters, correct methods of identifying and tackling them, arcane and occult research concerning the destruction of monsters, contract work for the elimination of such creatures and other tasks, and learning about various methods of swordplay and other research.

The purpose of this group will be to research various kinds of monsters, and how to deal with them in terms of combat, and roleplay.  There will be conversation and debate, exchange of knowledge and tactics, and working together to eliminate and study various types of monsters and creatures present in Barovia.

The group is funded by a benefactor - rarely seen - working out of Dementlieu, but its work will take place in Barovia itself.  Based out of the Blood of the Vine, the group will convene there to share its ideas and work, as well as other locations.

What can be expected from this group?  The roleplay of a monster hunter is gritty, dark, and deals with extremely brutal themes.  From monster autopsies to study of feeding habits, investigation of death scenes and tracking down the monster hiding sometimes in plain sight, Monster hunting roleplay is usually both extremely dangerous as well as both heavily taxing both mentally and spiritually.  This group will be dealing with those themes of investigation, uncovering of secrets, and learning.

Various activities might include:

Monster Hunter Roleplay (and possibly PRC training):  Which will include study of arcane materials scrolls and spells; study of various monsters themselves; missions to track down, capture or kill certain specific types of monster; acquisition of materials and objects to better aid in the hunt, perfecting the individual hunting method.

Weapon Master PRC training:  Which will revolve around Jean's learned method of attaining such, through his methods.  This however is not recommended as the sole focus of the group and will be as a supplement to monster hunting, not a replacement or recommended for individuals wanting to gain it and ignore the monster hunting aspect.  Please note, this is NOT going to be a weapon master orientated group!

Investigations:  Cases involving various types of gothic horror, from the study of monsters themselves and their horrible acts, to study of the arcane and occult as well to uncover various mysteries and secrets.  This will be the core of much of the groups occupation, taking up and fulfilling investigations in a patient, thought out manner, based on acquiring evidence and knowledge.

What the group 'won't' be about is grinding out levels, but for more heavily roleplayed out dungeoning, for gathering information and knowledge, and for the elimination of certain creatures.  But as a gateway for various PRC's, this group will provide work and activities for all low to mid levels looking to gain something along those lines, as well as a strong sense of gritty camraderie.  This is also an extremely 'dangerous' group to get involved with, especially in Barovia.  Expect consequences from powerful places, mental instability, moral degradation and death.  The life of a monster hunter is never easy.

Nearly any class of a non lawful bent will work well in the Bloodhounds, as much of what they do is not exactly legal.  Fighters, barbarians, rogues and rangers are all extremely well suited, with the correct distribution of skill points to support more than just dungeon work.  Less mundane classes are also extremely useful - bards, sorcerors, even clerics.  The group is chaotic good to neutral aligned, but it 'is' a dirty sort of work, and somewhat ruthless as well.  Expect moral dilemmas.  Races are also not so much of a problem, but native Ravenloft characters of all sorts will probably have an easier time of it. 

Grittier, darker roleplay involving monsters and the hunting therof.  High possibility, potential and encouragement of heavy consequence results such as permanent injury, long lasting or permanent changes in personality, death, or worse than death.

How to get involved:
There are several characters now who are either in roles of leadership or expertise.  The Lead Investigators of the organisation are Jean Renaud, usually found in the vicinity of the Wayfarer Lodge or outskirts, and the more mobile William Thatcher and Morvayn Sven, who split their time in various locales, while tending to be centered on Barovia overall.  Seeking out any of these characters is a good start.

 Loose, until time zones are established, and structured, for during events, done by time appointment.  I'm primarily Australian time zoned but can shift things about as needed, within reason.  Other members are U.S based and Europe based and as such there is generally always someone to work with.

EDIT 06/09/2018:  This faction can be considered as active.
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2018, 04:11:44 AM »
Coming Soon: The Mistraiders
IG efforts towards the creation of this faction will begin soon. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in getting involved in the process. Alternatively, join the Discord Server!

"A loose band of adventurers, tied together by their drive to explore the darkest depths and furthest reaches of the world - whether for riches, for knowledge, for power, or for fame. They hold no political alignment, nor any overarching creed, making them seem little more than an opportunistic rabble of dungeondelvers and sellswords. Still, they provide a more organized structure for adventurers to meet and collaborate their expeditions into the depths of danger. "

The Mistraiders are, in simplest terms, an adventuring group meant to provide a forum for players to connect with other characters within their level range that they might not otherwise have the chance or reason to interact with. It is intended to be especially useful for players who have not managed to find a home in other factions, but still wish to take part in a group dynamic. As such, there will be regularly scheduled roleplay expeditions that explore the world and the lore of various dungeons, as well as numerous opportunities to connect with other adventurers of various alignments and motivations.

Joining the Mistraiders is simply a measure of proving your worth or willingness to an existing member of the society, with no restriction based on alignment, class, or race. Those commonly known to have committed gruesome crimes, however, will have a more difficult time gaining access to the community. Though much of the activities of this guild will be based around dungeoning, that does NOT mean that roleplay will be ignored.

Despite being a seemingly loosely organized group, certain tiers have been created to organize adventuring groups based on level of skill, making it easier to coordinate efforts and estimate threat levels. The tiers are as follows:

Novice ( LVL 1 - 5 )
Squire ( LVL 5 - 9 )
Journeyman ( LVL 10 - 13 )
Veteran ( LVL 14 - 18 )
Master ( LVL 19 - 20 )

Furthermore, there are membership levels based on activity, leadership, trustworthiness, and other factors that decide the overall hierarchy of the organizational structure regardless of adventuring level.

How To Get Involved
There will be regular IC recruitment attempts, such as fliers, both in game and on the forums. You can, however, express your OOC interest by PMing me (Ehver) on the forums, that we might work towards an IG meeting. Alternatively, join the Discord Server!

Generally speaking, activities can be planned by any member of the guild, but the following is a list of activities that can generally be expected to occur on a regular basis, or to be organized by leaders of the guild:

Scheduled Roleplay Expeditions
Longer dungeon "runs" with a heavy focus on roleplay - emphasizing planning, tactics, and teamwork, as well as the exploration of the area's lore.

Tests of skill and friendly competition between members.

Gaming Nights
Adventuring is tough business, and after successfully escaping death's grasp once again, there's nothing better than celebrating being alive. As such, there will be regular tavern meetings for drinking, gaming, and general entertainment to boost morale and bring the group closer together.

   - Adventuring
   - Exploration
   - Comradery
   - Mentorship / Apprenticeship
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Player Faction: The Mistraiders

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Red Academy of Hazlan

The Red Academy is arguably one of the most elite institutions of arcane research and education within the Core. It is a hot bed of intrigue, back stabbing and macabre experimentation considered illegal and taboo in most other liberal minded nations. 

The instructors and zulkirs of the academy allow only the most driven and focused of applicants’ admittance into the academy. An atmosphere of competition is fostered to produce unscrupulous wizards to serve Lord Hazlik as his agents throughout Hazlan and the Core.

Natives of Hazlan are encouraged, mulan favored. Foreigners maybe accepted under strict observation.

If interested contact;

Senior Instructor Mentalos Za’am Alternate_Account

Instructor Mumed Za’am Troukk

Instructor Kozá Vászoly "Fennox Za'am" RickDeckard


DM Brimstone

Additional Resources:

Hazlan Resource.

Updated 9/3/18
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide:
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In progress:
Outside the Lines Circle.

Lore: Many previous attempts at creating druid circles in the land of mists have tended to die out or gone horribly, terribly wrong...
There are weird landmarks of glowing standing stone arrangements dotting the Barovian countryside, among other places.

The lands are very deeply troubled in their man-nature balance, but how far does the taint run? Can we organize and understand our knowledge of it (in game)? We can try! That's what the Outside the Lines Circle is about.

Themes: Nature, the great balance, curses.

Who can join?: This isn't like the other druid circles. Not everybody in it will fit the traditional mold. Our members all have an interest in the great balance and nature. Since we are individual and don't all have the same alignment and faiths different circle members embody different aspects of nature.
What unifies us are we hate the undead and monsters and use natural magic and might to deal with these unnatural threats.

Druids, rangers and any clerics with either the plant or animal domains are all equally encouraged. Also "modern primitives" like barbarians may fit too...
Alignment restrictions: since this encompasses all aspects of nature (swamp, desert, tundra, life, decay!) a neutral spectrum is preferred: TN, LN, CN, NE, NG.
If you have good reason to want to join and your character falls outside those five we can probably work something out though.
Are there any preferred character races for membership?: Well not really but so far we are primarily humans and elves.

How to get in touch?: We are still setting this group up in game so for now our small discord channel is your best bet:

Spoiler: show
This is a chance to get in on the ground floor of something new and a little different. Every faction has their own cool stuff to it to enrich the game and role playing experience. Cute little underdogs kind of stumbling their way through surviving the typical horrible Ravenloft genre themes bad stuff is the type of role-play you can expect. We can't promise you cool items or a special uniform or anything like that (yet because we are small) but we can be very receptive to RPing with you on your character.
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The Withering Circle

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #9 on: September 12, 2018, 08:54:11 PM »


All who draw breath within the Domains of Dread are unknowingly members of The Withering Circle, but there are a rare few who seek to master the power within it. These strange individuals come from all walks of life, casting away their former selves to become something else entirely. The ignorant see these aspirants as just anti-social hermits or witches, forsaking currency and society for the the simple life of an ascetic. To the select few that try to understand their ways they are called druids, students and masters of the cycles of life and death.

Whether they are driven by the urge to master ancient and forbidden powers, or learn the secrets of their own existance, the motivations of these enigmatic few are known only to themselves. All others need only know that they are not to be trifled with.





Only Druids may become true members. Other classes may serve from the outskirts of the Withering Circle, but they will never truly be accepted. Rangers and Halans may find the allies they seek here... or fearsome enemies. As defilers of the Withering Circle, Pale Masters, Necromancers, and Undead will find little more than the peace to be found in their complete and utter destruction. Both good and evil characters can find their place within the Circle, but they are naturally restricted to the alignments  available to druids. There are no racial restrictions.

Typically, an Arch-Druid presides over a Circle's grove. This may or may not be the case. Regardless, we are an active faction, with our own grove we've taken for own, that prefer to remain hidden from the public view. Social butterflies  who like to bump shoulders with High Society would make for poor members.

Current Player Leadership:


How To Get Involved:

Seek out the grove of the Withering Circle, but be warned... whether you seek answers or allies, the price may be far more than simply coins or baubles.

Key Themes:

Druidism, mystery, secrecy, the duality of life and death, good and evil, rituals, and the destructive forces of nature, naturalism versus technology, lycanthropy, and maintaining the balance between these opposing forces.

Who We Are:

We are a small group of experienced community members attempting to fill the niche role of the druid in the Ravenloft campaign to create a thematic, setting appropriate take on the druid class. Our characters are here for a good time, and not necessarily a long time as the roleplay we pursue is never idle and often conflict-driven or rife with consequence.

We believe that the best stories are told when they have a clear beginning and end, and while we hope The Withering Circle will live on forever, our characters likely won't. This faction has been designed so that it can be passed down and utilized by future players so that there will always be a unique place for your druid roleplay and it is our hope that The Withering Circle can become a player-sustained faction staple on our beloved server. We expect both an IC and OOC level of maturity for members of the faction, in not only how we handle roleplay but also how we regard each other as human beings. It's very important to us and if it isn't to you, please swipe left. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in-game!
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #10 on: September 17, 2018, 07:26:58 PM »

The Order of the Long Death

For many, the conventional and comfortable are the paths to happiness.  But for those who can't or won't abide by the expectations of a society so focused on morality, other options remain.  This order is one of those options.  Hidden away in the shadowy corners of the world where their macabre fascinations and dark philosophy can be discussed openly, members of this order work together toward a set of common goals:  Attaining power and knowledge beyond what conventional training and study would offer.  For some, this means an expanded collection of tomes, scrolls, and texts on a number of forbidden subjects.  For others, this means partners with which they can train and spar, pushing each other to the very limits of what they are capable of.  No matter the path, no matter the reasoning, all members of this order have sworn to aid one another in hopes that they are not so easily overtaken by those who would see all their work undone in the name of "good."  Members of this order all study a peculiar philosophical ideal known as the "Perfect Death".  What exactly that means is widely debated between the various sages and scholars of the order, but this particular sect seems to think they have figured out just what is required to achieve such a thing...

"The world does not understand the work that we have done, the progress we have achieved.  How could they?  They are blinded by their selfish 'gods of light' and suffocating moral obsessions!  They hunt us down and call us evil, but if only they would open their minds to what has been accomplished here, the entire world could stand to gain.  We could, all of us, move forward as a people and leave these pathetic shackles of morality behind with the weaklings that cling to them.  Stand with me, but be prepared my brothers and sisters.  For the great enemy lurks out there, ready to strike you down and take your head as a trophy for all that you have achieved.  Find focus and wisdom in your studies.  Inner tranquility and strength in your training.  And feel not mercy nor regret for those who are foolish enough to stand in your way."

Goals: The Order of the Long Death was created for two reasons.

First -To give Monks (Especially evil, and perhaps neutral) an avenue to pursue RP with other monks.  It's a class not often taken, and I believe part of that is because they don't really have many options for fitting in with existing factions and feeling at home. 
Second - To give evil or antagonistic PCs (even at low levels) a group of players they can reach out to for help.  It can be EXTREMELY difficult to play an evil aligned character openly on this server due to the consequences of even one death.  You often find yourself alone and without aid, nobody even willing to raise you if you die.  I want to help balance things out a bit, and provide some stable PC infrastructure for evil or outcast PCs to try and get involved in early on.  I also want to provide a degree of protection and support to other evil PCs so they don't get smite-blasted by the first hero they cross paths with.  This potentially even includes Monstrous PCs, depending on the circumstances.

Class - Only Monks are likely to fully join the Order of the Long Death, as the trails required to gain full entry into the order would be extremely difficult for a non-monk to pass.  HOWEVER, non-monks are permitted and even encouraged to carry a close relation to the order and interact with its members.  The goal here is to provide inclusive RP that most outcasts/evil characters can be involved in to some degree.  While you may never be a full member, there is still reputation, respect, and limited status to be gained by associating yourself with the order and its members. 

Alignment - The Organization itself carries a strong Lawful Evil theme.  Good-aligned monks may wish to interact with the Order, but would likely quickly find themselves uncomfortable with the studies and methods explored by the other members.  While nobody is outright restricted from attempting to join, all those who seek to become a member will need to pass a number of trails that will likely weed out those with strong moral convictions.  Strongly chaotic characters may find themselves unhappy with the level of structure and adherence to codes/oaths that many of the members have.  Neutral characters may be able to sort of "blend in", but may be pressured into committing evil acts at higher levels of involvement.  Naturally, non-monks have more leeway with alignment as all monk characters must mechanically be lawful to continue taking levels in the class.  Various deities and beliefs are welcome, but the further they are from the Order's own beliefs, the more difficult it will be to fit in.

Expectations - If you want to join this player group, you should expect themes of RP trending toward the evil side of things and be able to handle that in a setting-appropriate way that doesn't ruin the fun for your fellow players.  This includes things like assassinations, necromancy, serious spiritual/religious/monk RP.  PvP with good aligned groups, law enforcement factions, or bounty hunters is almost inevitable, but not a direct focus of this faction.  Players should expect that they may be viewed with IC suspicion if they align themselves with this group.  We want things to stay cool and fun OOC, while being serious and nefarious IC.

Joining -  I can be found in-game on Domenico Foscari, feel free to find me IC (currently spending time down in the Drain according to the rumors threads) or shoot me a tell to help set things up.  If I don't reply, I'm not ignoring you, just probably busy.  Try again after a little while.  Alternatively, feel free to send me a PM or a Discord message with any questions you have!  I can help offer lore, advice, additional info, ect.


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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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“I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are good people and bad people. You're wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.”
― Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

The Ratters of Vallaki

Who are the Ratters? Nothing more than a patchwork collection of folk who put their own self-interest on a higher pedestal than morals and laws, but also those who understand how to weigh risk and reward. Nothing will kill a person faster than lofty belief, whether it’s a zealous desire to sacrifice lives on a dark god’s altar, or to hunt down Evil in its lair. The Ratters are the people lining the wayside of the hero’s and villain’s march alike, smirking and dealing in petty sins for profit. The purpose of this gang—for it is one of those—is to dabble in all the gritty, minor crime that should exist in the cracks of society, to give characters a chance at exposure to all the variety of small compromises and guilty pleasures that lure one's heart into the ugly, gray shadow of their own morality. Profit and one’s own lusts will be the ever-present motives.

The Ratters are based in Vallaki, with the hope of eventually spreading beyond Barovia’s borders if enough interest is garnered. Expect the scum of the Drain and any unscrupulous profiteers to make their presence known, whether it’s thugs peddling contraband, committing petty crime, or just causing a ruckus at your local inn. Expect back-alley brawls, gambling, drugs and encounters with the local representatives of the law. This group is not just for the morally gray characters, but also meant to introduce the high and mighty to temptation. Events will be held as scenes to lure the unwary into more dubious pleasures. Crew members will need to be morally flexible, and the rest? Merely curious!

Crew Member Alignments: TN, CN, LE, NE, CE

Races: Any, Caliban particularly welcome.

Classes: Any, barring Paladin. (Potential gateway into Grimetrekker PrC due to heavy sewer RP)

How to Join: Flyers for recruitment are constantly posted along the slums of Vallaki and within the Drain. Approach Boris in-character about becoming a prospect. (Feel free to contact "KPIN" or "Craugh" OOC by Discord to help arrange an IC meeting if necessary, or to help along any other OOC coordination.)
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