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Player-Created Faction Guide
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:12:58 AM »
Unofficial Player-Created Factions

The purpose of this thread is to bring to the front Player-created Factions, and to show new and old players a greater breadth of choice they have for character concepts outside of the official faction list.
The main difference between a Supported Official Faction and a Player Faction is DM and Development Team support. While the Supported Factions are very well fleshed-out and excellent, sometimes one cannot find exactly what they want to roleplay within that list. That is where Player Factions come in.

What is a Player Faction?
A "Player Faction" is an unofficial player-formed group that adheres to a certain In-Character goal or ideal. The types of which are many and far-reaching - a group of bandits, a dwarf clan, a druidic circle - the possibilities are endless. It is the spirit of working together towards an In-Character cause or ideal, and entering into the vibrant and immersive dynamics of the server. While many outlanders make friends and enemies while traveling alone, joining a player faction brings even further dynamic possibilities.

How do I join a Player faction?
This will vary from faction to faction, just as the supported faction recruitment happens. Some are secretive, others are very visible. You could make a fresh new character designed to join the faction, or have one you already play find an interest in them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find who leads a faction - but a quick OOC tell/PM to one of the members can be useful to arrange an IC encounter.

What is expected of me when joining a faction?
Again, this varies from faction to faction. However, it is best to join a player-faction with a very active character. Some like to make a new character spontaneously, but once the luster wares off, return to their 'main character.' This usually hurts factions more than it helps them, most factions put a lot of time and resources into helping their members, so playing with an active character is the most ideal choice. After all, the more you put into your character, the more you will get out of it!

Are all Player-created factions true to Ravenloft canon?
Yes and no. The nature of Ravenloft, and the Core as a whole, is that characters arrive from all realms. Thus, a player-faction group of druids from Faerun, for example, would be "canon," but not 'native' to the Core. Many of the most prominent religions and kingdoms in the lands of the Core arrived from different realms, the Lawgiver Cult and the cult of Belenus being strong examples. And while the Morninglord cult found its roots within the core, its strong similarity with the cult of Lathander hint at its possible lost history. That being said, unlike many of the Supported Factions, most player-factions are not found within the sourcebooks of Ravenloft canon. This does not make them illegitimate, however, they are simply dynamic expansions to our ever-growing world.

Guidelines for posting in this thread.
While we understand the desire to customize the formatting of your posts, please keep it light and as concise as possible. We suggest that you stick to the following guidelines. The following template is suggested.
  • Title font size 24 and centered.
  • Avoid custom fonts and custom font colors.
  • Keep the forum default font size for the body of the text.
  • A single image per post. Large images should be adjusted using the "img width=750" function to adjust their size.
  • Don't use quote blocks.

Active Factions
The following groups are active and recruiting!

The Archondum
The Children of Malice
The Christian Orders
The Church of Kelemvor
The Cult of the Old God
La Fleur d'Ambre
Gold and Sapphire Raiders
The Golden Homiliarium
The Guardians of Degannwy
Hellriders of Elturel
The Hellknight Order of the Black Arch
Hollow Halls
House Lueltar
The Institute
The Iron Boar Company
The Order of the Crow
La Société de Legerdemain
The Sanguine Ring
The Tunnel Cats
Valey Neuve
Vallaki Municipal Hospice

Status Pending
Groups listed in this section are required to confirm their current activity status either by updating their group's thread, or by informing the DM or Dev teams.
Groups that give no sign of activity will be removed after a certain time.

Groups must also link their player-managed forums if record keeping is desired by Dungeon Master.

Last validation completed on 2022-05-20.
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2017, 11:51:53 AM »
The Guardians of Degannwy

Those Elves that have chosen to call Degannwy home may find a further calling by joining the Guardians. Devoted to the safe keeping of Degannwy, and also to the mentoring and leading of growth of all elves stuck in the mists, the Guardians take an active role in maintaining the peace of the grove. Due to the xenophobic nature of Barovia, the Guardians try to keep their organization mostly secret.

Alignments: Any

Races: Elves, half-elves

Classes: Any but Pale Master and Blackguard

Ranks and structure: The Guardians are lead by one devout to the idea of providing for all elves. Underneath them, there is a council of elders that help to lead and make decisions.

Role: The Guardians are multi dimensional. They serve as a casual militia, a cultural promotion group, a welcoming committee to new Elves and agents against the dark forces that are a danger to the land.

Getting involved: Any Elven character that spends time in Degannwy will quickly learn about the Guardians. If you are having trouble connecting with the leadership a PM can be sent to:

 Tinu Naur (AgentGibbs)

Elrebril (Moshimo)



Discord Channel: If you feel you are seriously involved in Degannwy activity and wish to be invited to our discord channel contact any of the leaders above.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Archondum is a heavy RP faction with focus on dwarf events and interests. Joining with an alt that you play once a week for the events only is not what we are looking for. We invest alot on the members of the faction, and we seek those that wish to play the game with a dwarfs perspective of things.

How To Get Involved

There are regular IC events where anyone is allowed to attend. Seek out any member of the archondum and they will inform you IC how to get involved


1 large gathering a month where the Archondum decides what we do next, vote in new members and add grudges to the book.
Weekly events where we gather and do something together. Slay a dragon, craft adamantine armor or get totally piss drunk in a tavern.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Folk come here a'treading to a woeful wedding...


This grand home in Vallaki, once used for less-than-honest pursuits, is now a house of knowledge, death, and reverence. Hollow Halls provides funerary services to the public with a stress on honoring tradition.
Dealing with remains, sometimes in an investigative capacity, is a staple activity. Memorials and wakes are also hosted within the facility, and living wills and life chronicles are kept under lock and key in the deeper annals of the domicile.

Though most would consider it unorthodox, there is an emphasis on the arts within the organisation. Sagas and ballads are written to commemorate the lives of those who conquered, protected, and overcame great odds. The dead are lulled to their rest by poetry, and kept a'slumber by song.
Gundarakites who shun their rebellious cousins, and instead, wish to revive their arts and traditions may be inclined to visit upon the halls.

Dealing with the undead is inevitable, the morbid nature of the work considered. Though, not all of these encounters are liable to be hostile: where druids bond with animals, associates of this organisation may come to empathise with the dead. The settling of 'unfinished business' is stressed before an inch of steel is drawn. And, in the case of ancient and noteworthy beings, an account of their life may be sought before they are put to their final rest.

Alignment: Any are welcome to try their luck, but openly chaotic or evil behaviour may not sail.
Races: Any non-outcast.
Classes: In this faction, the character's profession is more important than their class.
Priests and laymen of relevant deities[1], chroniclers, morticians, historians, physickers, barber surgeons, graveyard keepers, exorcists, tortured artists, poets, story-tellers and minstrels will all find a place here.
Class suggestions include, but are not limited to: rogues, bards, monks, wizards, clerics, and voodans. Dirgist training is available, and there is potential for Monster Hunter training (specialisation in undead).

There is no hierarchy, but members tend to gravitate towards one of two areas within the organisation: the dead, and rites pertaining to the dead (exorcism, burial, funerals, embalming), or the celebration of life (through chronicles, accounts, poetry, song, music).
Player initiative is key, though there are 'continuous' projects that can be worked on during down-time.

See our posters here and in-game to learn how to get in touch IC. You can also DM us via Discord for OOC queries.
D.T.#6355 (Ophelia)
Nacre Cicatrix#6977 (Elás)



Active as of 05/19/2022
 1. Examples include, but are not limited to: Jergal, Kelemvor, Deneir, Pharasma, The Eternal Order, Finder Wyvernspur, Milil, The Ancestral Choir, Anubis, Yama, Bragi, Myrkul...
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Cult of the Old God

Death. An eternal circle, that we experience as a joke on us all by Nerull.
For before they spoke we were young and new, we had never experienced anything.
There was just existence, no life or death as we know it. But that changed.

A God came down and spoke to us,
He told of the wonders in the world,
Of the trickery and fun
Taught us of the cycle.

While we played he grew bored, we grew dull.
"Come children, come and listen to my wisdom."
He sent his winged and horned servants to bring all together
And began to speak.

He showed us the seasons
The warmth of the sun, the cold of the frost
The cycle of nature. Birth and rebirth,
Trickery is his nature, and so he spoke
"All things whither and die, Children.
"All things come to an end. Even you.
"Do not forget the cycle of nature."

Some of us he pulled aside.
"Trusted ones, know the truth;
Death is a joke. Be my eyes and ears."
He gave his few a sliver of his power.

The power to continue his prank.
Undeath grew from this as lazy Nerull
Ceased to monitor his joke.
"Horned ones, winged ones.
"Send back the fools for me.
"Keep them in line."

And so his servants set out
They collected the wandering dead
Returned them to their place
And let the joke play out.

The Tenets of The Old God

1. Do not take the life of a child. Every taken life must matter.
2. Respect Death, for it is everywhere, and always watching.
3. Secrecy is key.
4. Those who betray shall fine no reprieve or safety from harm.
5. The Hunt is Sacred.
6. Revere the Night, for She is Mother to all.
7.Trickery, lies and deceit shall be our tools.
8. It is our job to hasten his joke. Spread disease, chaos, and death in meaningful ways.


A lazy trickster who created death as a deception to amuse himself. His preoccupation with watching his deception allows for souls of the deceased to escape creating undead. He has delegated his Godly duties to a host a devils and demons and fiends, who often do as they wish instead of as they should. A god of the cycle of death and rebirth, deception, death and trickery. A secondary aspect is the Night Mother whom is viewed as the maternal figure that life originated from and may return to some day. She is viewed as being the darkness that gives birth to all things. Like the seeds that grow from the darkness of the soil, or the darkness of the womb.

On Death:

There are two types of death; first being the common or false death that people are resurrected from. The second being a true death, where the soul does not return to the body and is thus free of suffering and the deception created by the Old God. This is seen as a continuation of the deception by allowing people to be brought back from death or breaking free of it by not returning to the body. If the soul does not return then there should be celebration for they have deciphered the Old Gods grand deception and found their way home to the Night Mother, the only other way to achieve true death is by willingly sacrificing yourself during rituals which should be held every few months or when there are matters that need extra guidance.

Neutral Evil, chaotic evil, neutral, lawful evil (best suited for non good alignments, but if you want to join as a good aligned, go for it)

Humans (Barovian and Gundarakite take priority, outlanders will not likely be allowed but anything is possible with rp)

The following classes are highly recommended: Cleric, Ranger, Fighter, Blackguard, Rogue, Sorcerer (most classes really)

Barovia (vallaki mostly for now)

~How to get involved~
Pay attention to whispers in the shadows, fliers around Barovia, be native or reach out to me (here on the forum or ladylena #9416 on discord)

~What to expect~
Secrecy, subterfuge, sacrifices, occultism, religious ceremonies, rituals, rebellion, demonology, expect conflict

To establish a cult that will involve sacrifices, rituals and create more a new version of the cult of nerull. Will also be focusing on freeing Gundarakites and Barovians from the oppression of the count, and creating a better Barovia for Gundarakites.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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“As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.”

Summary: The Christian Orders are an ecumenical group sworn by oaths to God to protect the innocent, fight evil, feed the hungry, help newcomers, and rescue souls trapped in this dark realm. They comprise the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and clergy and laity—Gothic Earth Christians and converts alike—united under the aegis of Christ’s Church of Barovia.

Members are called to charity and compassion just as much as combat. Knights, clerics, and laity may be seen working in the church’s infirmary, roaming the land to help those in need, battling monsters, and delving the far reaches of the Demiplane of Dread to confront the powers of evil.

They are warriors, priests, healers, diplomats, tradesfolk, and scholars, all walking as they’re called. But all are called to stand against the forces of darkness however they can.

Races: Any, although the political climate of Vallaki prevents Drow, Tieflings, and Tanarukks from joining the Templars or the Hospitallers.

Classes: Any except Assassin, Blackguard, and Pale Master. Hexblades will likely struggle with faction requirements. Voodan and druids who convert run the risk of losing the powers and abilities granted by those classes.

Alignments: Any non-evil. Chaotic characters may struggle somewhat with the required discipline, but there have been several successful chaotic characters. Neutral characters may find their alignment shifting toward good.

Themes and Expected Challenges: Christianity, loyalty, duty, faith, monster-hunting, knighthood, healing, diplomacy and politics, compassion, honor

Members are expected to act wisely and pursue goodness, purity, restraint, honesty, discipline, humility, courage, and compassion. Everyone is called to abide by the law and uphold just laws as much as possible. The actions of one reflect upon all.

This can be challenging and lead to conflict or politically fraught IC situations. We encourage our players to keep a level head and respect their fellow players (allies and antagonists) as these stories unfold.

Getting Involved: Find a Knight Templar (white tabard with a red cross), a Knight Hospitaller (black tabard with a white cross), or a character bearing Christian symbols or iconography in-game. Alternatively, visit the Christ’s Church in Warehouse Two, Vallaki.

Contacts: Prelate Vandryn Carro, played by Famous Seamus (Famous Seamus#3915).

Christian Orders Forums:
Main Faction & Templar Discord:

Other Questions:

Spoiler: show
Do I have to be a Christian IRL to join? Will I be expected to become one?

No. Our players come from many backgrounds.

Are you going to preach to me? Are you here to proselytize?

No. Given the nature of the RP, OOC conversations about faith do come up. Players can explore the faith as much as they want, but OOC preaching isn’t the aim. If a player becomes interested in the faith by playing in or interacting with the faction, that’s their personal choice. Extensive or debate-y OOC conversations about religion occur only via PM or in a private, tightly moderated section of our Discord.

Will religious prayers, ceremonies, and acts come up IC?

Yes. We stress that these are a performance strictly in character. While rites and prayers in the game may reflect or borrow from IRL Christian tradition, they aren’t the equivalent.

Your characters don’t act exactly like historical Christians. What’s up with that?

Three reasons: (1) ecumenical group spanning nearly 16 centuries and a gallimaufry of historical perspectives, (2) presence of non-Earth converts in the group, and (3) desire to avoid OOC concerns and grief over hot-button topics. The goal is to maximize fun and offer room to explore variations of the faith without causing OOC hardship.

Do I have to make a Gothic Earth character to join?

No. Converts are welcome, although clerics and paladins who convert should be aware that there can be IC consequences and required processes for changing faith.

Does my character have to become a knight or clergy after they join?

No, although we always like seeing more knights and clerics!

Do I have to play a martial or full-BAB character class to join one of the militant orders and become a knight?

No. Knighthood in our faction is more about ideals and a way of life than martial prowess.

If you have other questions, contact a member of the faction or feel free to message our Discord.

Image at top: Stained glass window from St. Andrew’s Church, Temple Grafton, Warwickshire.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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La Société de Legerdemain

La Société de Legerdemain is a Dementlieuse secret society of wizards, arcanists, and spiritualists, one that pretends to be but a simple guild of stage magicians, mentalists, contortionists, hypnotists, and other similar "mystical" stage and street performers. It is true that La Société de Legerdemain is such a guild, but the true organization delves into much deeper occult knowledge.

Any, though chaotic characters may find themselves more at home.

Any non-outcasts

Wizards and beguilers will find themselves most at home in La Société de Legerdemain, though Voodans who do shows centered around spiritualism and their talents as mediums will find themselves welcomed as well. Bards might likewise find a place on La Société de Legerdemain's stage. Innate spell-casters such as sorcerers will have to exercise caution in revealing the nature of their talents and abilities.

Dementlieu - Port-a-Lucine - Quartier Publique - Club L'Artiste
Dementlieu - Port-a-Lucine - Quartier Savant - Shop III (The Wyrmsbreath)

For some reason or another, La Société de Legerdemain keeps surprisingly tight controls over who is formally inducted into their ranks. Stage magicians and performers are routinely invited to take the stage at Club L'Artiste, yet in order to welcomed as an official member, considerable vetting must take place, with one member being willing to sponsor the newcomer. Even so, the organization will favor those who are proactive and show an interest in performing on-stage when considering prospective membership.

If interested, please contact;

Stella Seifert, played by Smoke and Mirrors


DM Agony

Additional Resources:

Gazetteer III, p. 20-21
Book of Souls, p. 61-64

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #7 on: October 06, 2021, 02:05:32 AM »

House Lueltar
Influence & Indulgence

Light leads to hatred, dark to delight.
The best of all things are done in the night.

Summary: The primary purpose of House Lueltar is to explore the juxtaposition between Forgotten Realms Drow culture and the lands of the Mists they now find themselves in. Every dark elf shunted onto the surface must inevitably face a world that considers them outcast and thus reflect; when one may have spent their lives in the great depths below, how must they endure and adapt? What must a drow do when accustomed to a culture of cruelty and domination, to survive and prosper in a world where humans reign supreme?

The answers change depending on who is answering, yet one thing remains consistent: beyond the darkened smiles and the gifts or daggers held behind backs, the violence and hedonism of the drow lies buried, concealed behind closed doors and beneath the city streets.

House Lueltar operates as a small network of drow and those who serve them, seeking to define their own version of ascension. It is not enough to survive; they must thrive, but in a way that does not betray their core values of arrogance, self-interest, and decadence. The characters do so by living on the knife’s edge of intrigue and deception, utilising a balance of harmony and conflict to drive them forward and achieve individual aims. They navigate the grey space between levels of human society, where questionable actions and dubious morality can lead to advantage.

Some examples of opportunities:
  • A newly-misted drow seeking the support and structure of kin, to scheme for dominion or align with a newfound family.
  • Exploring service and dedication as a servant under the ambitious expectations of a dark elf.
  • Affiliate as a mercenary, craftsperson, information broker, or merchant; a mutual desire to have an official association without the ‘honour’ of being claimed by service to a drow.
  • Organized raids into enemy territory for plunder and sport. Notable victories are often currency for prestige.

Classes: No class restrictions - though Paladins, Voodans, and Druids may face challenges with the drow’s innate religious ties to the Dark Seldarine.
Levels: All levels are welcome.
Alignments: Drow (any evil or neutral), servants (any alignment), affiliate (any evil or neutral)
Useful additional languages: Undercommon, Elven.

Expected challenges: As a member of an antagonistic and evil society, it is anticipated that confrontations with other characters will occur, even if your character works hard to avoid them. These are treated as opportunities for story development, rather than failures, and we expect mutual OOC respect from both parties. We play with others, not against them.

Getting involved: Although this player faction primarily revolves around drow, any character actively associating with a member may be inducted into House Lueltar, or accepted more casually as an affiliate. You can contact the following directly via forum PM or Discord, or through IC means:
- Shrixenna Lueltar played by Siobhan (i8thelastcookie#6898)

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Church of Kelemvor

Death is but a part of life;
Fear it not,
Evade it not,
And view it not as evil.

Summary: The purpose of The Church of Kelemvor is to provide an place to roleplay being faithful to Kelemvor and Jergal as part of an organized, structured group. As such, this faction encompasses a very wide variety of roles. Outwardly the Church of Kelemvor is a peaceful charity organization, seeking to reduce the suffering of those around them. Working to maintain the Graveyards around the Vallaki area in cohesion with Hollow Halls Mortuary and to temper their own faith.

On the inside, the Church of Kelemvor maintains a rigid ranking and tutor structure where newly initiated are trained by those whom have been within the Order for a longer period of time. They seek out the Undead and Necromancers of the realm with the express purpose of destroying them as their practices and very existence harms balance and brings suffering onto the world.

Members of the Church are expected to follow the charge of Kelemvor and use it to better themselves in both the short and long term. In doing so, neutrality is demanded. The Church of Kelemvor must be able to operate freely between borders, tend to the wounded, dying, and dead. Seek out Undead in the far corners of the Core and maneuver outside of politics without drawing the eyes of the local governments.

Roleplay Opportunity Examples:

  • A gravekeeper or gardener from Toril, seeking to tend to the various graveyards around the Vallaki area.
  • A cleric or Paladin to Kelemvor or Jergal wishing to return to service in a temple that reminds them of home.
  • Newly converted members of the faithful to Kelemvor or Jergal joining as an initiate to further their knowledge and support the charge of these gods.
  • Healers seeking the protection of the church while practising their trade safely and away from hostilities in war time.
  • Anyone who wishes to partake in and serve a religious order to better themselves and steel their faith.

Classes: While we sport a majority of Clerics and Paladins, any class is acceptable excepting the use of Necromancy.
Levels: All level ranges are accepted.
Alignments: Lawful Good / Neutral. Neutral Good / True Neutral are preferred. As the Church is rigidly structured, Lawful characters may enjoy their time more.
Languages: Common. Celestial is the language of the Gods and is often used in prayer, knowing this language is helpful to your character in the church but not required.

What to expect: Weekly roleplay events in Vallaki surrounding the Temple in the Warehouse District. Training on how to identify and slay the various types of undead which plague the core. To learn the charge of Kelemvor and Jergal while supporting their dogma through various actions around the Core. To take part in a rigid ranking structure within the Court of the Dead, beginning with Initiate and ending in higher clerical roles such as Doomguide or the Grim-Knight.

How to Join: One can join by seeking out current members of the Church and expressing interest in service to the temple and the gods such as Grim-Knight Aeric Sunward or Ordermaster Ramon Bhakul. One can also set up their induction through directly contacting either of these players in a forum PM or Discord.

- Ordermaster Ramon Bhakul, Holgard - Discord: Holgard#1836

- Grim-Knight Aeric Sunward, Swordchucks - Discord: SwordChucks#6451

- Doomguide Ariana Verant, Farhorizon - Discord: farhorizon#4886

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Sanguine Ring
"Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red."
— Macbeth, Act II, Scene 2, Lines 55-61

Summary: The Sanguine Ring is a secretive player faction based in Barovia, open for both outcast, outlander, and native alike. The faction risk is dependent on what players put into it, though expect there to be some antagonistic actions—both direct and indirect.  Some secrets uncovered might spell heavy risk for PCs.

Themes: Witchcraft, occultism, intrigue, espionage, and vampirism

Classes: Any spellcasters will thrive.  Good-aligned Clerics, Voodans and Paladins will struggle.  Any other classes may find advancement harder, but certainly possible.
Levels: Any, though those higher than level 14 may face scrutiny in Western Barovia.
Alignments: Any Evil.  Neutral and Good-aligned characters should not expect to stay that way for long.

Getting involved: Follow in-game rumors and whispers or message this account ICly to see how one might get involved.  Investigate notices, clues, and occult sites ranging from places around Barovia.

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The Institute

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."
— C.G. Jung

The inevitable foundation of The Institute in the year 775 was not by any explicit conscious choice, but birthed by a simple necessity for it's own existence. During the initial architecture, The Institute was kept veiled in secrecy - operating only within the purview of a select few that could be trusted with the labyrinthian task of converting the chaos of it's design into order, or at least possess the brilliance of mind to attempt it. 

As the amalgamations of The Institute continued to expand, so did the necessity for it's architects. While it is now known that the organization exists, the inner structural mechanisms remain an obscured curiosity.

Bureaucracy, Intelligentsia, Objectivity, Economics, Invention, Weaponry, Asset Management.

Any individual may thrive based on their own achievements. Extremities of alignment may find select elements of diplomacy exceedingly difficult.

Only Gnomes serve true positions within the many confines of The Institute's ever expanding infrastructure. Individuals of outside organizations however may find favorable alliances and relationships.

The Institute seeks out those with an affinity for their own potential, and those who benefit from the resources to make it a reality. Those with an exemplary dedication and execution of their skillset may elicit the attention of an agent.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Hellriders of Elturel

"We're bound by mortal covenant that only ends with death."

Spoiler: show

Once riding forth as part of the famed Hellriders of Elturel; these few warriors clad in crimson and white, marked with an upturned crescent find themselves stranded in the mists of Ravenloft. These lost warriors have banded together as a brotherhood dedicated to protecting the helpless and innocent. Heavily embodying the teachings of the deity Helm and the Hellriders of Elturel from the Forgotten Realms setting. Cut off from the city of Elturel these warriors have begun inducting both fellow Outlanders and locals in their ways with the aim of bringing order to the dangerous lands within the mist, indeed any traveller can expect aid from the brotherhood and find a multitude of holy symbols amongst their heraldry.

Embodying knightly ideals mixed with a strong sense of brotherhood, those seeking to emulate the knight-errant shall find a place amongst the plateclad warriors of the close-knit Brotherhood. Their strict codes of conduct render them a trustworthy force willing to lay down their lives before risking harm to those under their protection. Those rejected by local governments cannot be permitted within their ranks if such hinders their ability to do their duty, thus the majority within the brotherhood are humans.

Members of the Brotherhood are charged to be vigilant and to be fair and diligent in the conduct of their orders. They must protect the weak, the unpopular, the injured and the young and not sacrifice them for others. They must anticipate attacks and be ready, know their foes, and care for their equipment. They train and exercise so as to always be able to carry out their duties as best they can. Like the Hellriders of Elturel joining the Brotherhood is for life, no matter how short it turns out to be. Those determined to resign are given a final mission involving very difficult tasks, and even if they succeed and survive are stripped of gear provided, exiled and named a heretic for abandoning their post.

In the absence of Marshal Rodrick Silverblood, Atuar of Omu has adopted the role of acting-marshal.

Eligible Members:
Primarily Human, Any Non-Outcast

Classes: Paladins, Clerics, Fighters
[Any class complying with the alignments and ideals listed]

Alignments: Lawful, Neutral (LN, LG, TN, NG)
[Chaotic alignments will struggle to blend in with this disciplined force.]

Themes: Loyalty, Faith, Honour, Law-abiding, Morality, Vigilance.

Interested? Contact:
Any member ingame or those below via PM;
Atuar of Omu
Rodrick Silverblood

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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"The sewer gang of The Drain"

"Look at you, tossed aside from society. Called names, called a freak, or just plain weird. We are the tunnel cats, an entourage of discarded folk who get what they want for once; sinking their claws on whatever pleasures them. Money? Easy. Good times? All here. Come make friends, come make enemies, come make as many as you like; you should just stay on the Boss's good graces- which isn't even that difficult. The sewers are our home and we don't let just any man walk down here unless we can get something out of them. We're the eyes and ears, the fangs, the muscle, and sometimes brains if we're bold. Those among us are looked after, but you better pick up your own slack, we don't like weaklings. Think you're fit to be a tunnel cat? We'll just see~"

Symbol: "Head of a black cat bearing fangs and forked tongue; horns protrude above it's head"

Summary: The tunnel cats are a gang related faction that primarily focus on thug or thievery lifestyles. Jobs may be taken on as a group to those who offer the biggest pay. To help fund operations, shops would be set up in the sewer city selling either regular relics or contraband. You're expected to fall into the lines of being your average criminal, uncaring of performing actions that break the law. You would work along side other tunnel cats, and though you're not expected to be their friend, it would be in your best interest to have a non-violent relationship.

Themes: Sewer Gang, Crime, Thugs, Contraband, Drugs, Black Market, Thievery, Violence, Heists

Alignment: Any evil will fit in perfectly. Any neutral may not take on the most intense immoral jobs, instead find themselves on muscle duty or black market mercantile. Good alignments would fail here.

Races: Any race is allowed to be part of the Tunnel Cats. Non-humans, and especially tieflings, half-orcs, and caliban are greatly accepted.

Classes: Any class except Paladin may join. Rogues/Beguilers/Assassins/ are encouraged and are easily accepted.

How to be involved: Be around The Drain often and speak with other tunnel cats. You might be tested to show that you're capable of being among a criminal organization. Want more information? Private Message mstrlzard on the forums.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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~Cheliaxian Embassy and the fair relations objective~




"Hellknights do not want Hell's torment, but Hell's discipline.
However, if sufficient discipline is impossible without suffering, then so be it." — Regill Derenge


The faction is based on the Pathfinder –game system of the Order of Hellknights in the various campaign settings of the world of Golarion. More information can be learnt from various sources. As a disclaimer, Paizo owns all rights of distribution and use of the trademarked property. The faction is not a part of the canonized setting, rather an offshoot that draws heavy influence and lore for roleplaying purposes and personal joy!


The Hellknight are collectively known as the renowned order of Knights with a heavy focus on promulgation of law. They focus mainly on the strict and unswerving attitude on Order and Law, no matter the costs involved, the most pragmatic approach is often considered the right one, even if forgoing innocent lives and suffering collateral damage in attempts to achieve the greater goal. The Hellknight Orders are based on the empire of Cheliax, located by the Inner-Sea region on the continent of Avistan, in the world of Golarion. Heavy influence on the imperial law and order is tied into the Hellknight orders [1] where the Order’s history began. Some of the more influential and powerful orders have expanded beyond the empire’s borders, where the reputation of the Hellknight alone assures Lords and Ladies of efficient lawkeeping and Order .. Even if it at times, gruesome, the nobles are glad to leave the ugly work to the Knights, and this is just fine for the Hellknight.

The Hellknight are not a religious organization, even though The Order of the Godclaw is a Hellknight order that extols the virtues of five deities (Of Golarion, see wiki.), distilling select tenets into a dogma far from any one god’s faith. Rather, exacting the harshest philosophies from them, forming the concise outlook for their Order.[2] The Hellknight are known for their harshness and severity, but the organization itself is not inherently Evil, they are unconcerned with morality of their actions, considering emotions a weakness rather than an asset when making logical choices. Yet the majority of the Order’s dutiful are arbiters and enforcers of order and justice [1]. Many who join their ranks, do so due to the sense of righting wrongs in the world, fighting bandits and marauding monsters, seeing a lawful world a much better option than not.

The Hellknight have a Century of tumultuous history and formation of multiple Orders. The empire of Cheliax’ conduct and open worship of Asmodeus and the fiendish host, supported by the ruling royal house of Thrune, and adherence to diabolism has a heavy influence on the Hellknight and their philosophy. Since morality is cast aside and only cold logic and effectiveness remains, the teachings of Ordered Hells and their efficient Armies have become a staple of example to which the Hellknight often refer to by their myriad duties. Outside of Cheliax, the reverence of Devils and Diabolism has not been found so welcomed, but the fact of effective law keeping and discipline has kept many nobles silent as the results of the Hellknight work speak highly of their effectiveness.

Various depictions of Hellknights:

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Order of The Black Arch is an off-shoot branch, cell-organization of the proper Orders that remain in Cheliax. Formed in the lands of mist and Core by the sole founding member: Gavrosa Pulex, Hellknight-Signifier & Ambassador.

The Order draws yet heavy influence from the proper Orders of the empire of Cheliax for purposes and needs of legitimacy, and does so with cold iron efficiency. As an Outlander organization, without legitimate station or authority in the lands of core: The Order seeks to work through the lawful systems, orders and bureaucracy, gaining status, renown and station through actions (Brutal and efficient) and Favour. Duty and Discipline and support of all stable authorities would be displayed as a boon to any Count or Lady of these foreign lands, the Hellknight would not question or ponder the dilemmas of right and wrong, simply the harsh efficiency of law, which for many a lord comes as a relief if troubling serfs or merchants have begun to question their authorities.

The greater goals of the Order appear obscure to the outsiders, and Hellknight aren’t known to prattle or gossip either. The darker secrets are certainly shared only within’ the Order proper …



-” My power is a gift, not to me, but to the world. It is my responsibility to use it to forge greatness.”

-” There is cleverness in chaos. There is deceit in ruin. I will never underestimate either.”

-” I will be a paragon of order—an unassailable example that others might follow.”

-” Blasphemy knows no borders—land or sea. I will pursue it where I must, and where I find it, I will be relentless.”

-” My fire will burn those thickets of philosophy that crowd the path of progress.”

-” Those who lack direction will find guidance by my hand—whether the palm or the fist.”

-” A broken law is a broken vow, and penance must be paid in blood.”


The Measure and the Chain, the Hellknight test, and the Hellknight reckonings – are central concepts and philosophies to the various orders:

  • The Measure: Codex of duties, laws and crimes. The Measure is a guide to a strict, ordered society. Based on centuries of legal codes and passages and strictures of Hell itself, this body of laws extols justness rather than justice.
  • The Chain: This philosophy encourages discipline through trial, memorization and meditation over the Measure or exposing oneself to stress and/or pain that would break a weaker mind. At its core, the chain considers three virtues: Order, Discipline and Mercilessness.
  • In action: Hellknight live by the Measure and Chain. Among their peers and enemies, they repeat favored maxims from the Chain. To police their own thoughts and deeds, Hellknights regularly perform reckonings. These are grueling trials and those of weaker will, undoubtedly suffer mental breaks, abandoning the Order or worse.


A rite of mortification and atonement, Hellknight uses this to focus their mind, excise unwanted thoughts and bring himself closer to the epitome of law and order the Organization idealizes. Reckonings are a private matter of a willing Hellknight, as he meditates on the aspects of Measure and Chain. Hellknights are assumed to police their own thoughts and perform reckonings as necessary. If a Hellknight is not regularly performing his reckonings, he may become censured by a fellow Hellknight, if they learn of this dereliction.

Reckoning of the Order of Black Arch: Scarring oneselfs forearms or palms in open wounds, holding these in fire and genuflecting under duress of pain.


Hellknights emobdy order in its purest form, beginning with their own hierarchy and strict system of ranks. [3]
  • Lictor / Vicarius – The “General” of the Hellknight order. Vicarius being the spellcaster variant..
  • Master / Mistress of Blades – Field Marshal and answers only to the lictor of the Hellknight order.
  • Paravicar – Leader of the Order’s signifiers, equal to the rank of master/mistress of blades. Answers only to the lictor of the Hellknight order.
  • Paralictor – Hellknight officers ranking below the master of blades or paravicar.
  • Maralictor – Hellknight officers ranking below paralictors.
  • Hellknight/Signifier – Seasoned knights of the order. Hellknight –Signifier, or simply Signifier is the spellcaster variant of a seasoned Hellknight.
  • Armiger – By number, the largest population of any Order. Not yet full members, to gain full status as a Hellknight, an Armiger must pass the “Test”


(Duty, Order, Power, Ambition, Law, Ruthlessness, Dark secrets, Corrupt officials, Tyrants, Hierarchies, Courtesy, Bureaucracy, Pride, Immorality, Imperial, Byzanthine systems.)

Orderly activities of adventuring, with a sinister flavour, in search of Power. Offering assistance to the local authorities, finding advancement and status in the hierarchies of the land. Working the law, abusing the loopholes. Retaining fearful reputation and feeding the collective ambitions of the group. Lectures and training in efficient warfare, conduct and alternate philosophies of the Hellknights. Struggling with moral dilemmas.

CLASSES: Fighters, Monk, Wizard, Blackguard, Weapon Master, Assassin. The worship of some recognized powers can be accepted: Cleric, Favored Soul, Hexblade, Divine Champion.. Other classes, not listed, can certainly work, while others are simply unfit.

RACES: 1st priority: Humans 2nd priority: Gnome... 3rd priority: will consider all other demi humans.

ALIGNMENTS: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil .. Good aligned character would find the Order of Black Arch opposing much of their moral values.

LEVELS: There are no level-restrictions, but currently based in Barovia (1-12)

GETTING INVOLVED: A character who would like to be involved with the group activities in the rich world of Ravenloft domains, character ambitions and roleplay will always be the priority and also the inclusion of the playerbase rather than its exclusion, however the form of interaction might be more antagonistic in many cases, but enjoyable gaming will be considered a top priority for all!

Contact Gavrosa Pulex in-game, or via forum account PM - Primeape



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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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"Valey Neuve"


Not truly a faction per se as a Dementlieuse political philosophy gradually materialising into a party, "Valey Neuve" (or "New Valey") is named after Emeric Desrosier, grandson of the Marquis of Valey, and represents not so much a political evolution, as old ideas taken up with genuine fervour, youthful idealism, and an eye towards modern methods and implementation (though the latter in particular makes the older, more settled generations regard them with a degree of mistrust and scepticism).

Their stance on many issues is demarked by a pragmatic, conservative approach that nonetheless strives towards a philanthropic expression of nobility. Their views on a number of issues, in brief: innately pro-Republic (thus equally anti-monarchist), counter-Revolutionary (and hence classist), a defensive Fabian mindset towards Falkovnia, open to outreterriens (outlanders) finding a place in the Republic as long as they have earned it, a certain scepticism towards the Borcan Grain Deal as a dangerous single point of failure in the nation's food strategy, all fed fundamentally by a desire to create a strong, stable society.

While avidly opposed to Revolution, "Valey Neuve" has been accused of being reformist, a charge its adopters fervently deny -- they see themselves as restorers, boldly upholding the legacy of Leon in a new, difficult age.

Emeric Desrosiers and Sieur Dorian de Sauvre are the two of the most prominent nobles in this party.

Eligible Members:
Primarily Human, any non-Outcast.

Classes: Any, though Sorcerors and Hexblades will probably have to keep things on the down low.

Alignments: LN, TN, LG, NG. Chaotic or Evil individuals will have to keep their more extreme impulses in check.

Themes: Politics; small-c political conservatism; noblesse oblige taken seriously; tradition vs. innovation; idealism vs. pragmatism; "filthy centrism".

Interested? Contact:
 - Dorian de Sauvre (Yours truly)
 - Emeric Desrosiers
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The world is full of those with ambition that seek to better their own life or standing. Those that wish to dig themselves out of a trench of misery in which they have either been born or pushed into. Those that fear not what the darkness brings, but embrace it as an opportunity to gain something for themselves.

Most of these people work alone. They are careful about who they trust. Experience has shown them that friends are only friends as long as one follows their expectations; As soon as someone finds a fault in their actions, these false friends will readily turn on them, carrying the tale of a supposed crime far and wide to alert unrelated people into being wary of their victim.

And while those that have been slighted like this become hunted, pushed even deeper into the dark corners of the world, their accusers mingle happily, feasting and drinking uncaringly over the damage they've done while patting each others back.

One can only imagine what would happen if those that have been treated this way were to form an alliance and strive for revenge...

At this point, the Children of Malice come into play. Their name refers to some despicable deities, and while this group is no cult for them, it greatly upholds their qualities - loyalty to its own members, warding each others back, and banding together to hunt those who slighted them, all the while ambitiously grasping for power without a hint of morality.

Summary: A highly secretive group of individuals who have been victim to the "good" factions or individuals of the Domains of Dread, seeking alliances with others to strike back and continue their quest for power. While the Children of Malice uphold some symbolisms of certain evil gods, they are not a cult worshipping them, thus no religious contribution is expected.
Races: Any. However, the Children of Malice do not accept Tieflings, Caliban or other outcasts just because they are outcasts. Your character must have done something horrid that gained him/her some negative attention from the typical good-aligned groups, potentially to the point of driving them into hiding.
Classes: Any besides Paladins/People's Champions. Paladins turned Blackguards are an exception!
Levels: Higher levels. Characters that join this faction need to have some history on the server that makes them appear as candidates worthy of induction.
Alignment: Any evil. Neutral characters will have a hard time joining and will find their neutrality constantly tested. Good characters are not welcome at all.
Themes: Evil deeds, Worship of Evil Gods, Crimes, Revenge, Allying with Monster, Demons, Devils or Undead, Gaining Power
Getting involved: This faction will approach your character ingame or via letter if they think he/she is worthy of belonging to them.
Important: Due to the nature of this faction, conflict with good-aligned groups is very much possible. To root out any possible metagaming or storycrossing, we cannot accept characters who play alts in factions conflicting with the Children of Malice, nor do we allow an alt to be played in our faction while your main character is in any good aligned faction.

Interested, but unsure if your character makes the cut? Send a PM to this account and we can figure things out!

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Re: The Order of The Crow
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The Order of The Crow

Is a free military order, sworn to the protection of the realm and innocence.
We do not distinguish from one's gods, noble house, nation or blood. We do not participate in the wars and politics that fracture the realm, and leave all of us weaker to the true evil.

Our duty is to the realm and innocence as a whole. We know that the true evil, such as the Undead, werewolves and vampires would want to kill all living regardless of creed, god or calling. And such are the true enemies of the living.

All who join our order are sworn to our cause. They take the grey and black cloak signifying their oath taking and duty to the realm. We who take this oath, no longer live for our selves, but for the realm, and for each other. We are more then comrades in arms, we are the wall of men and women who do what we can to hold back the horde of evil. We share a bond only those in combat, and in life long commitment to each other and to the innocence of the realm experience. 

Those who wish to join, take heed. This is not a commitment to take lightly. But shall you wish to join our brotherhood, Must be outstanding citizens, with a clean record and good reputation. Every opportunity to prepare you for our cause is provided. Equipment, armor, weapons are given. There is a place for all who wish to serve the realm. Whether you be a warrior, craftsmen, or learned man of the arts. There is a place for all within the Order of The Crow.

Let those who wish to take upon themselves this duty, seek out Knights Commander Snow, Senior Officer Elene, or First Office patter. Or feel free to contact any member of the the Crow, who wear the black and grey cloak, and raven shield. We do not live a life of glory, or seek riches and fame. For our reward is every life saved, every new dawn, and every opportunity to hold back the true evil.

OOC INFO: all applying must be neutral or good allied,and none criminal. And be willing to be properly vetted. This faction is for RP primarily, and not for player to player confrontation. Feel free to contact me on discord at  Riggs#8271 with questions Thanks!

Summary: The Order of the Crow (Aka The Crows) is a free military order that swears to protect the lands and innocents that reside in them. The Crows do not distinguish between faiths, former or current nobility, nations, or blood. The Order of the Crow does not participate in political wars, or get entrenched in local politics as this leaves us weaker to the true threats of the world.

Each Crow swears a duty to the realm and innocents as a whole. The true evils being the undead, lycanthropes, and worse creatures of the night that wish to kill and harm living beings. All who join the Order are sworn to our cause. They take the cloak signifying their oath and duty to the realm. We who take this oath, no longer live for ourselves, but for the realm and each other. We are more than brothers and sisters in arms, we are the wall that does what we can to hold back the hordes of evil. We share a bond only those in combat, and in life long commitment to each other and to the innocents of the realm can experience.
Those who wish to join, take heed. This is not a commitment to take lightly. We are not a mercenary company, and do not seek glory and riches. Our reward is the safety of those we protect.

The order was founded and run originally by Former Knights-Commander Jerick Snow, after his retirement, but due to the status of the realm he has returned to lead the order.

If you wish to join our order, please see the information below.

Classes: All classes are welcome to join the Order.

Levels: All levels welcome (Ideally this faction is a good fit for low to mid-level characters)

Races: All races are welcome except for Half-Orcs, Calibans, Drow, Half-Drow, Duergar, and Tieflings (Other unusual races will be subject to a case-by-case approval after confering with other ranked members due to In-Character perceptions or repercussions)

Alignments: Any Non-Evil Alignment.

Getting Involved: For those that wish to be involved, please seek out Knights Commander Jerick Snow, or any member of the Crow wearing our cloak.

What Can Be Expected: This group is not an antagonistic faction, and is not focused on PvP, nor does it get involved in political events or battles resulting from such. The faction is ideal for newly misted of low to mid-level. As this group is not a mercenary company, there is no salary, however characters are free to craft and pursue their own individual interests to acquire gold so long as they are not being a sell-sword or involved in illegal activities.

Expected Challenges: Being that the faction is an Outlander-based faction, the normal stigmas applied to Outlanders can be expected at times or if characters are non-human and experience negative reactions from native characters. So long as members are not actively doing anything In-Character that violate the Crow's core values, do not knowingly associate with evil beings or creatures, or do criminal activity you will have few worries (outside of the normal dangers of the world).

OOC Note- While this group is inspired and based upon the Night's Watch from the Game of Thrones series, the faction is not as strict as the Night's Watch. Characters will never be asked to renounce their houses, faith (so long as it is non-evil), avoid relationships or marriage, and characters that need to take a leave of absence or leave the faction (Whether this is due to In-Character, or Out-Of-Character reasons) will not be killed/closured for doing so and are free to leave the faction at any time.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Player Faction Group Template

Summary: Provide a brief summary of your faction. Who you are, where you come from, what are you goals, why and what are you doing to achieve them.

Races: Indicate what races are welcome within your ranks.
Classes: Indicate what classes are welcome within your ranks.
Alignments: Indicate which alignments are most likely to fit in your organisation.
Notes: Include any additional details you see fit. Special conditions, intended level ranges etc.

Themes and expected challenges: This section is meant to provide further details as to the themes your group is exploring, as well as give a an idea of the sort or roleplay and in-game events a member is likely to face.

Getting involved: Provide details as to the best way to get in touch with your group in-game.

Provide the OOC contact details of the organization leaders. You do not have to provide in-game character names or details here, but both the PotM Forum and Discord contact information of at least one member is mandatory so that both players and staff can reach you quickly if required.

Link your player-managed forums if you have one and that record keeping by the Dungeon Masters is required.
Best Regards!

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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Vallaki Municipal Hospice


The Vallaki Hospice is always looking for more players. It is located in the middle of the slums district of Vallaki, where it has been used to quietly help the most poor and downtrodden people of the city. This venue of roleplay is strongly related to the setting, meaning that magic is not often used for healing, conditions are poor, and the night is feared. A worker in the hospice is maybe unlikely to directly participate in the heroics of other adventurers, and carefulness and common sense is fundamental to keeping the hospice safe and operational. Herbalists, chirurgeons, priests, doctors, nurses… essentially healers of all thinkable backgrounds can be eligible to work at the hospice. Apprentices are also naturally sought after, as would be common in a medieval culture. Given the dangers of the Night and the cruelties of mortals, those willing to defend the hospice and its healers also have a place.

A hospice is typically known for palliative care, which means that their patients are so sick they will likely not recover and in some cases they may only hope to find comfort until their passing. However our RP also covers both chronic, yet not terminal care as well as healing curable ailments. We gladly welcome healing RP brought to us by other PCs, and enjoy supporting others storylines in this way.

Races: Any non-outcasts are welcome as members. Roleplay with outcasts is welcomed but due to the laws and prejudices of Vallaki outcasts will not be accepted as open members.
Classes: Any, although characters with Heal skill will find great RP use out of it.
Alignments: Any Good or Neutral PCs should fit in well. Chaotic PCs less so, depending on their willingness to support the Hospice's rules for its safety. Evil PCs may struggle to be accepted, although with clever play and cunning anything is possible.
Notes: The faction is Vallaki based, although does not have a strict requirement for involved PCs to remain there, nor is it native only. Most faction RP and events will take place in Vallaki, or related to it, however.

Themes and expected challenges:
The Hospice faction has the following themes:
- Low magic healing and medical RP. The static patients of the Hospice are drawn from local people who will not tolerate "vraja" and are often terminally or chronically ill. The theme of treating them is very much mundane techniques and this forms the background RP of the Hospice Faction and is our "Purpose" from which to RP a healing character.
- "Healer" support for other PC's plotlines. Scenes where we treat other PCs are often the most fun and rewarding. Members can expect to interact with other PCs in this regard from time to time and we emphasise being respectful of other people's plotlines and inclinations on healing RP when interacting with them.
- Charity and Fundraising. Our events largely revolve around raising funds for charity or distributing the same. Some of this goes to support herbalism training (below) but we also RP giving out food, both regularly in the hospice and as part of larger charity initiatives.
- Herbalism and healing expertise. The faction offers training, guidance, and material support to its members and others in order to improve as healers. This is mechanically represented by herbalism, but also covers RP initiatives. We RP extensively with other factions in Vallaki who also heal the sick.
- Fear of Old Noapte. Many of the faction members are not warriors, and those who are have some very vulnerable people under their care. The Hospice building has strict rules on interacting with the night.
- Ethics and Faith RP. The hospice is non-denominational, but many of the members are drawn from a faith background, and ethical and philosophical discussions are quite common!
- Local Politics and Culture. As a faction in Vallaki, and within Barovia's oppressive environment, that tends to lean towards charity and compassion, the question of what is "right" often clashes with the law of the land or political considerations. We also form part of the wider milieu of Vallaki RP.
- Guarding. Both the building and the healers! There's RP for a warrior seeking a purpose that isn't directly violent.

Getting involved: Our members are often in the Outskirts buying herbs and offering healing potions for sale. We can also be found in the Hospice when the candle outside is lit. The Vallaki - Slums rumour thread is usually where a rumour is posted indicating the Hospice itself is open.

Hospice members can also be reached by letters left at the Hospice, IE by IC forum PM.

"Sister Perendra" Emptyanima (Discord  emptyanima#1198)
"Sister Amelia" Onkel Bob
"Brother Nishan" kleomenes (Discord Colonic#1038)
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Gold and Sapphire Raiders
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Gold and Sapphire Raiders

         [Art by Rick Campana]

Who knows what awaits in the darkness? For those of us who dig too deep and too greedily.

  The Sapphire Raiders for short. Also known as the Gold and Sapphire Company by their more affluential patrons.. Yet. Nobody who deals with this group, unless they are completely naive, would fool themselves into thinking that these so called “honest” explorers, hunters, and knowledge-questers are no more than mere brave (or courageously stupid) tomb defilers.

Just a step above your typical bandits—which they are emphatic to remind you of—These Gold and Sapphire Raiders have honed their skills to elevate simple grave-robbing into both art and business so they can bring the long forgotten secrets of the Old World back into the New. Using just their wits and their loyalty with their brothers and sisters.

They will try to find anything for their treasured clientele… So long as the price is right.

Summary: A company of competent crypt-divers who courageously scour any crypt, ruin, or worse in order to fulfill their needs for either wealth or glory. They do not slay the groaning and dust-smitten undead out of the goodness of their hearts. There is valuable knowledge out there abandoned by the foolish short-lived races, that has been left to rot hidden away from the sun, waiting to be used for OUR benefit. Or to simply show off...
This group is for those who want to be involved in the roleplay of mystery and exploration, and enjoy the fulfilling feeling of a heavier coinpurse on your belt.

Races: Talent is king. Any race can be accepted. Nonhumans preferred.

Classes: Almost* any class will work. Crypt Raiders are favored. Wizards, bards, barbarians, and so on are all welcome. Except in the cases of strict Lawful Good paladins, who are unlikely to find a home here, unless they can be persuadably opportunistic enough.
Most can try to become involved. As Influence, Prestige, Wealth, Power, or the desire for Knowledge can all be enough reason for a wide variety of characters to enlist.

Alignments: Neutral to Evil alignments will be most at home in this Company. Be aware though that being opportunistic and neutral in the Mists may mean your alignment may drift. Especially if you're suitably reckless enough. A proud trait for any courageous crypt raider!

  • Skilled craftsmen despite class or motive can be considered members to a degree even if they prefer to be rough business associates.
  • Members should be mid or higher level for much of the more challenging content outside of Vallaki’s Outskirts and across the Core. Exceptions are made for those who are involved for a mentorship.
  • PVP is unlikely to happen, with randoms or otherwise, but conflict through MPC or DM plots are more likely!
  • Cohesiveness and fair play will be expected of members. Any rewards found in the name of the company should be shared with members in both terms of generosity and fairness.

Themes and expected challenges:

The #1 priority shall be the effort to spread any and all valuable items discovered by the raiders to any member and to the rest of the market. The joy of the sale is more important than the profit.

  • Crypt Raiding!
  • Finding valuable bounties! (Both Player requested and NPC)
  • Rare treasure trades and sales! (Advantage given to members)
  • Company loyalty!
  • Exploring DM-driven dangerous dungeons and plots!
  • A touch of reckless greed!
  • Charming, and not so charming rapscallion affairs!
  • Mysteries! Encountering and sharing secret knowledge! The group may be considered a way to access locked prestige classes, even as a tutoring environment!
  • Corruption! Encountering dark and evil things you probably shouldn’t have found, yet gleefully stolen, hugged, and kissed anyway.
  • Black market trades! And possible, maybe the occasional occurrence of slipping illegal items past authorities…

And of course, good old fashioned dungeon diving!

Getting involved:
Simple! Make contact with members in the game. The recruitment process may include an interview and discussion/showcasing of skills.

Contact “Cody” the founder for any interest in the faction.

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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Church of the Lawgiver is a den of self indulgent lies, and it's establishment exists only to prop it's decadent elite class rather than preach true tyranny, and the true ultimate truth of the cosmos: Might Makes Right. The Golden Homiliarium's details are best left to be found out IC but their existence is currently exclusive to Hazlan.

Any races are welcome however; humans will have the greatest of ranks

All classes except: Paladin and Druid. Some classes will be expected to serve others and will be held on a lesser regard.

Lawful or Neutral and Evil

Themes and expected challenges:
This faction does not come without challenges as it is actively hostile to both The Church of the Lawgiver and the Red Academy. With this hostility comes plenty of risks, so be prepared. With great risk however can sometimes come great reward. While I warn you the reader ahead of time that there are many challenges to be expected; I can promise you that this faction experience will be in one or more ways rewarding.

Getting involved:
 If you are interested in joining a Lawgiver Heresy, and or RPing in Hazlan then this may be the fit for you. As a fair warning: This group is hostile to both the Church of the Lawgiver and the Red Academy. If you are interested in getting involved you can try to find out IC by exploring Hazlan's forests at night, follow rumors on the forums, or find the right Player Characters to talk to. Otherwise feel free to contact me and I will be happy to arrange something.

Contact this account on the forums or Meduegna#0794 on Discord


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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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La Fleur d'Ambre

Summary: Based in Port-à-Lucine, La Fleur d'Ambre is an independent venue that regularly hosts a variety of artistic events - such as debates and classes on art, etiquette, and language - as well as major theatrical productions by its in-house performers, La Troupe de la Fleur d'Ambre. As such, La Fleur d'Ambre is always on the look-out for up-and-coming talent to fill a multitude of well-compensated roles so that we can continue to provide consistently enjoyable events for players to attend.

Races: All races that are accepted in polite Dementlieuse society are welcome.

Classes: All classes are welcome!

Alignments: All alignments are welcome, although CE characters will likely not be a good fit.


• No prior bardic / performance experience is needed! As long as someone is willing to learn, then we will be delighted to teach.

• This player-created faction utilizes a private Discord for scheduling purposes. Participation is not mandatory, but coordination will be difficult without it.

• For plays and other performances, this organization uses Google Cloud-based programs such as Docs and Slides.

Themes and Expected Challenges: As this is an artistic faction, most of the internal themes revolve around the creative process. Since La Fleur d'Ambre is based in Dementlieu, external themes such as classism exist, plus all the other Gothic Horror themes that can be found in the domain. Dementlieu is known for its culture and performances, so the possibility exists for rivalries with similar venues - both PC- and NPC-driven.

Getting Involved: Colorful parchments typically abound at the usual places in Vallaki, the Keep of the Dyad / Mist Camp, and Dementlieu. Finding one of these and following the instructions is all that's needed, although a player can also speak IC with any faction member for more information.

Time Zones: Most activities occur during U.S. evenings - Eastern and Central.


PC: Dhelindria Rathcore, Operations Director
Forums: Dhelindria
Discord: Dhelindria#1326

PC: Violeta Dragunescu-Istrate, Creative Director
Forums: TherapyCat
Discord: TherapyCat#5786
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Re: Player-Created Faction Guide
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The Iron Boar Company.

Summary: The Iron Boar Company is a combination of Swords and Crafts for hire.  Made up of mostly outcasts and undesirables, the Iron Boar Company runs on one major premise.  Every soldier gets their cut, every artisan gets their mark, we all get rich together.

Races: All races are welcome, though outcasts make up most of the members.
Classes: Most classes will find a place.  Though Paladins will not fit.
Alignments: The life of a sword for hire can be honorable, but seldom is it good.  The faction is mostly Lawful Evil.

Themes and expected challenges: This faction is mostly focused on Sword for hire, and crafting roleplay. 
- Gruff and grumpy characters will inevitable come at odds with one another, look forward to it in a respectable and friendly way OOCly!
- Brotherhood and comradery will also come into play.
- As a lawful evil faction of outcasts there will be times of hardship and strife both internally and externally.  Its important that it is always done with the story at large and players on both ends in mind.
- Expect a lot of combat, dungeons, pillaging and raiding. 

Getting involved: Search for Bhaldram Coalhewer.

Contacts:  You may message here on the forums, or on discord!  We're already a few members and I'd love to have more.
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Discord: Favee#4934