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Author Topic: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier  (Read 67123 times)


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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
« Reply #325 on: November 03, 2023, 08:47:54 PM »
Just before sunset, an older man wearing a black coat with red trim would be seen bringing a large basket of fish into the tenements of the Ouvrier. He would not be seen leaving until dawn.
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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
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Around venues such as La Doublure D'Argent, Auberge le Diamant or Fantaisies Luciniennes and others tied to Port-au-Lucine's criminal underworld, there circulates a rumour of a crew being gathered in the Black Market for a big score.

Philip "the Fence" seems to be casually acquainted with the perpetrator, others around the Black Market would occasionally see her there as of late, where she would often push hastily large quantities of jewellery of unknown origin.

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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
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Come dawn, an elder Warden of Ezra is seen distributing bread, cured meats, as well as firewood for the winter, to the locals of the Quartier Ouvrier with a genuine smile. To those who accept them, several printed Third Books of Ezra are distributed among the people. He asks for nothing in return, only that they consider coming to the next Fifth Day Service.


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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
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A repetitive occurrence over the past month, the upcoming pineux doctor has taken to almost daily visits of a sequestered Ouvrier home. An abode repurposed, a large wooden sign denotes the purpose of her appearances; a gaggle of sickly men and women taking treatment within. A collection of pungent herbs including dried peppermint and rose are hung upon the doorframe, replaced on her departure.


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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
« Reply #329 on: February 12, 2024, 12:44:17 PM »
Rumors say that lately a tall young man goes around the Marchand and L'Ouvrier, leaving ration packs of deer, boar and rabbit meat in the streets and inside the abandoned houses where beggars and the poorest people usually gather.
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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
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A young man accompanied by two women can be seen giving food to the many beggars and poor around Qartier Ouvier. They light some fireworks for the people as well to give the area a bit more excitement.

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