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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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With the arrival of a large group of foreigners to The Gendarmerie an angry crowd of Caliban quickly began to amass outside the gates. Shouts and calls for justice were met with calls to disperse by members of The Gendarmerie Nationale. Eventually the crowd disperses as night falls, partially due to the peaceful efforts of Sieur Roland Steele.

Rumors spread throughout The City of Lights about Sieur Roland offering to hire Caliban to his company. Most nobles scoff at the idea, but in some circles of gossip the idea of using these 'twists' as military fodder seems a interesting prospect.


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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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The Captain of the Silent Fields, Baudouin de Courcillon, is seen entering the city from the East accompanied by a Borcan Condottieri, a member of the Company of the Bridge, and a small retinue of retainers that have clearly seen battle.  In their care is a line of seven Dwarves and one man of Vaasi descent, chained in irons.  The group is marched directly toward the Gendarmerie Nationale. He and his retinue are greeted with loud cheers, and many a drink is lifted in toast to his name.
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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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Bangs, crashes, and a bit of commotion are heard echoing from the Chaboteaux bride's coveted lounge early in the morn.
A door is left ajar, stools and furniture upturned, and yet when inspected.. There is no sign of the Dame at all.

A new, Dove-inspired vanishing act? The spots of rubble on her pretty wooden floors decree otherwise.
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