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Author Topic: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant  (Read 43947 times)

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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
« Reply #200 on: July 22, 2023, 02:29:46 AM »
After being made to wait for some time, the elderly figure speaks with the clerk and asks for Sargent Arnaude Fosse to leave word of what his hours of attendance will be, preferably left at Les Presses du Savoir.

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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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[An elven woman draped in silken attire suited to her figure and raven hair done up in a simple yet elegant style is seen entering the City of Lights. Before she does anything else, she walks straight to the Headquarters of the Gendarmerie (after wandering the area for a few moments, appearing to be a little lost), entering through the doors with a calm disposition. She is there for a little while before exiting, continuing on with her business. She is seen visiting the occasional establishments and other public places within the city.]

[After weeks of her absence the woman returns in silks dressed for spring, reporting herself to the Headquarters once again, keeping to herself aside from offering a polite smile to passers by.]
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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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Late in the evening, the Gendarmerie's usually ordered sounds are disturbed by the sight of a figure in a ground floor room trying to jump out of a window... only to impact against the glass pane and bounce off. Subsequently, there is shouting, shooting, and the sound of violence... it doesn't last long.
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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Savant
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There have been some workers spotted near Parc Jardine, carrying statues covered by cloth, planters, tables, candelabras...They were heading to Shop II. A red haired elven woman with prosthetic arm clad in midnight blue clothes opened the door of Shop II, she was counting the furnishes and other decoration items while leading them into the rooms inside.