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Author Topic: Items of Elemental Signifigance  (Read 491 times)


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Items of Elemental Signifigance
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:18:33 AM »
*posted in the outskirts at both the Ladies Rest and the Morninglord Temple*

The alchemist Sage Westbend hereby offers her services to the public.  I will negotiate a buying price for any items of elemental signifigance that can be used for alchemy research.  Items such as undamaged beetle mandibles from the fiery beetles, remnants of the various oozes, as well as various other materials are of interest to me.

I will gladly pay gold for such items, or will make arrangments to provide a percentage of any goods made from the materials back to the provider.

Please ask about for me in the Outskirts if you beleive you have something of interest.


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