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In Search of the Underdark.
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Day 1

As I seem to be alone in this strange land I will keep a journal and notes in hopes they will be useful to the family in future surface raids. I do not know which of our enemies cast the smoke spell and then teleported me here but I must assume it was part of a larger attack against the family. When I return will any still be alive ?

 I awoke above the surface not far from a temporary human settlement. The shock of the strange world around me made my head spin. Gone were the mushrooms and glowing fungi that illuminated the underdark, gone was the warmth of the earth below. Strange plants , animals and people all. The small glowing lights in the dark limitless sky above me was a wonder I had never imagined. I did not have time to enjoy it, I knew I must learn my location, find the nearest entrance to the underdark and undertake the journey home. If the family has indeed been attacked I will need to learn the identity of my enemies. But for now that can wait, survival and information, they are the first priorities..

I observed the strange brown skinned , black haired people in the garish dress for some few hours. People came and went of many kinds mostly from the north, Humans, elves, dwarves. They all bring stacks of mink pelts which they sell to one of the humans named "Petre". He buys them for gold coins, about 6 of them per mink from what I can gather, I may be forced to hunt them myself as my belly rages , luckily there is a pond near and I do not want for water.

 The elves are indeed ugly as they stories always say. They have bizarre multi coloured eyes and seem to have hair and skin of every colour. Their evil is plain for all to see and I will need to be careful. I am clearly surrounded by enemies.

These gypsy people are too numerous and well armed to be subjugated, I will have to use diplomacy if I am to make contact.

Day 2

A horrible thing occurred late into my first day. Above us a large glowing orb filled the sky with light so bright it burned my eyes and dried my skin. I was forced to seek shelter in a cave to the west. It took many hours for the terrible thing to recede and I am hoping it was a natural disaster of some kind. The cave was filled with a small goblin like race which was not suitable for slavery. They clearly did not know the legendary ferocity of my people and I was forced to kill them all with the aid of my beloved Karamas. It is a shame, a few slaves would help nicely. They did not even respond to orc, undercommon or the common of the surface dwellers. I worry they will return in force and over power me, I will be forced to explore some in hopes of finding better shelter.

I did make contact with human "Petre" beneath the cover over a hood and cloak. I am not certain if he noticed my complexion and features but if he did he did not seem to care. He executed the same trade with me I had observed with surface dwellers. I managed to make some 200 coins he called "wolf fang" as well as purchase food and some other basic supplies. Karamas is far better at hunting the mink than I am, he seems to enjoy it some so I can at least hope I won't starve. There are also an abundance of herbs and fauna that may have alchemical properties, I have taken to gathering them to in hopes they have a future use. I plan to steal north and see where all of the surface dwellers are coming from, if I am near a larger human settlement I am in great danger, the legendary power of the Drow people will no doubt cause a panic and fear among them, I see no good coming from that at this time. I think I will avoid contact with all surface dwellers but Petre, even that is a great risk.

Day 3

The terrible orb returned. When I mentioned the strange glowing orb to Petre he gave me an odd look and told me it was called the sun. It seems it is a regular occurrence I can look forward too. It's powerful rays seem to be eating away at my clothing and weapons. I have had to buy new ones off Petre and wrap the weapons in hopes of slowing the decay, it will only be safe to use them at night I think. I again stay at the small cave by the pond and indeed they had some more of their tribe return along with some larger kinsmen. Again my attempts at communication failed and I was forced to kill them all. When the sun fell I went north to explore and soon came to a crossroads. To my east was great human settlement surrounded by walls. Just before it were two buildings on either side of the road. One said " Temple of the Morning Lord" and the other is " the Lady's Rest Inn ". I decided to go west and get as far away from the city as possible. On the trip west I found numerous mink and herbs. My collections are growing and I must ask Petre what he knows of herbs and their value. I eventually came across a small cave with two chambers which was empty, this may prove a suitable shelter for the next " day " as it sits on top of a hill and will provide good defense.

After a few more hours west of the cave I soon saw signs of another settlement. A large fortified structure with human guards dominates farms for some area. I chose to avoid it and found a small valley that housed an old crypt. I decided if the humans buried their dead there was a chance I might find something useful inside. It turned out to be full of human zombies. After some trouble I managed to clear the main level, I decided to return to the surface briefly to rest when I encountered two males. One Human sized and the other drow sized. They ordered me to halt and I attempted to flee covering the area in darkness. I met them again outside the crypt. The two spoke about this and that and it became clear one of the males was indeed a Drow. I could not believe my good fortune. During the commotion the male struck the human and screamed at him about revealing his drow nature. A short battle ensues and I joined the male against the human. Strangely the male granted the human mercy and we broke the combat. A troubling sign of weakness in this male. The human left only to ambush us as we entered the crypts to talk. Soon after Darkness engulfed me as a wolf tore into my throat.

I awoke bathed in blinding light in the building I later learned to be the " Church of the Morning Lord ". What occurred is blurred in the confusion and the pain from the blinding light. A Dwarf threatened me, a human Priestess protected me, the male's corpse was removed from the building. I crawled into a corner pulling out my blade in hopes of fending off attack, none came. The Dwarf made it clear he would hurt me when I left the building, something about vengeance for all the kin drow had slain. Suddenly the male appeared still wounded badly. Due his past troubles he was not allowed sanctuary in this building and was forced into the sun, there was a commotion and I later learned the human guards had taken him to their fortress. As soon as the temple was more empty I escaped and fled back the the cave , I think I've lost my male.

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