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Application for special Underworld forum and faction
« on: June 12, 2009, 01:21:01 PM »
To provide a more secluded space for shady and outcast types of characters, we've created a forum section called "The Underworld". Most factions that are a natural part of the shadowy roleplay have already been granted access, but even people not already belonging to any of these factions will be given access as per relevancy. Generally, it is centered around the Drain and its regulars which means that most drow, calibans and other outcast races, as well as assassins, thieves, necromancers etc., naturally apply if they IC have an association with the Drain. On the other hand, guards and all other forms of law enforcement characters are naturally excluded.

Equally, we've implemented a new faction called "The Underworld", that serves a much similar purpose. It isn't a true faction, but defining association to The Underworld and the Drain, given that your character isn't a member of any other relevant faction. It will set your faction base location to be within the Drain.

If you feel your character is relevant for these forums and faction, please Pm any member of the DM Team to request access, using this formula:

Quote from: Application Template
Player Login:

Character Name:

Character Race:

Character Class:

Is the character member of a faction? (Specify):

Association to the Underworld:

Thanks  :)

-The PotM Staff
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