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Author Topic: Applications, queries, and other assorted written communication.  (Read 16311 times)


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Applications, queries, and other assorted written communication.
« on: November 27, 2006, 04:09:31 PM »
This is with regards to any Applications, questions or queries, or just general requests made to the DM team.

If you submit any of the above to the DM team for evaluation, it is required to be made out in legible and grammatically proper english.  We understand that not everyone here uses english as a primary language, and if you make some mistakes in word placement, then that is understandable and fine.  However, when you deliver messages to us in "internet jargon" using such terms as "m8" "thx" "b4", it is extremely difficult to take such messages seriously, and for some of us who may not be as savvy with such terminology, the message may not even be understood.

There is also a handy "Spell Check" button on these forums now to evaluate any spelling errors that are made.  Please use it as it is provided directly under the post window and will also assist in clear and legible communication.

Additionally, it is recommended to send applications to multiple members of the team you wish to submit them too, but when doing so, make sure to put the different recipients in CC so that they know others have received it.

Thank you.
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