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Applications for Developer
« on: May 10, 2005, 04:18:23 PM »
Our entire concept is based upon the joy of being creative. Committing ourselves to this project, building it and dedicating our free time to it is all motivated by this enjoyment and without it, we would never have been here.

But equally is it an opportunity for us to inspire others. We let our own creativity become what fuels the creation of this place with the hope that it will help flourish the creativity of others one day.

It is not our motivation nor hope that this will all one day pay off as a fat check. We are not making our choices to match market analysis or sales numbers and we are not aiming to please the broadest audience. Creativity flows best when it is born with honesty. What we want to create is something that we would be proud to present.

To do this, to succeed in this, we also need to allow all to contribute with their best. We need to let the flow of creativity run fluently and we need the creativity of all that it flows through. This is no small thing that we're trying to build. We wish to share this opportunity with as many as possible, and as such we are also in need of many to help us in making it possible. We need your talent.


If you feel that you have a talent or ability that would be a helpful and valuable contribution to our development team and are interested in participating in making this thing, you are very welcome to write an application and send it to the email listed below. Actually, we strongly encourage you to do this...

Joining the development team does not mean that you will have to dedicate all your free time to work on assignments. Minor contributions are also greatly valued, as long as they are of high quality and cohere with the rest of our content. It is important to us that you experience your own joy of creating.

The application you write doesn't need to be several pages long, but there are certain things we would like to know - and we would appreciate seeing some of your prior work. Below are the instructions for what you should include in your application, depending on what you wish to contribute to the project.


General application requirements (applies to all applications)

First of all, we'd like to know what motivates you in applying to become a member of our development team. What visions and hopes do you have for the project? How do you see yourself helping with the organization and decision-making process to ensure that the team meets its goals? Tell us how you normally feel about working within groups, both socially and productively, and what preferences you have in that regard.

In the application, please inform us of your past roleplay and/or dming experiences, be it in NwN, other computer rpgs, or pen and paper games.

Also, tell us about any inspirations you have for the specific field in which you wish to apply and what you hope to contribute to the module from an artistic and design-oriented point of view.

Area Designer

Everyone can open up the toolset and map out an area quickly, but we need those who can create unique, atmosphere-rich areas without using excessive amounts of placeables, sounds, or other elements that contribute to lag. Roleplay should be at the forefront of every design decision.

Along with the application you should send us a small sample area of your creation, ranging in size from between 2x2 to 4x4. Send it in as a module file.

-The actual location, setting and mood is free choice but the aim should be to make an area as rich in ambience and aesthetics as possible.
-The less placeables you need to use, the better. The more detail you manage to add in without the use of placeables and the more actual value you get per placeable is something we'll value highly.
-You may use up to three NPCs, but using none could easily be an advantage.
-Don't use any encounters, triggers, or scripts.
-You may use the CEP, but no other custom content or hak paks of any form.
-Make sure this area displays your ingenuity in area design beyond the default designs of the toolset. In other words, don't rely solely on things such as the prefabricated rooms.

Dialogue Writers

Take note that we will no longer be taking application for the writer position in the developer team.

Spoiler: show

Beyond just being a good writer, you'll need to have a good understanding of roleplay, persistent worlds, and the Ravenloft setting. Much of this knowledge you can increase through us but you must be willing to adjust to our needs and you must be willing to familiarize yourself with Ravenloft.

Along with the application should be send a sample of something you've written. This doesn't have to be related to Ravenloft in any way, though it may be an advantage if it's written for the fantasy genre.

-The length should be no more than 1000 words.  A few lines can be sufficient though, if you feel it gives a fine example of your style and skill.


It's easy (and quite common) to claim to be a good scripter, but when working in a project as this, one of the most important assets you need is being able to work in groups. Both because whatever implementations you make must function well with all current systems in place, but also since most of your creations will be for others to use.

Along with your application, make a sample code or set of codes in nwscript, set up in a mini-module to show case it.
-Be aware that we will evaluate more than just the immediate use and appearance. It's easy to create a lot of flashy colours, but the challenge is to come up with the cunning solution that hardly taxes the server CPU. Simplicity could easily be better than extensive, if it's still genious.

Custom Content Artists

This category includes both music composers and 3d artists, though the latter should preferably have some experience with NwN modelling or an interest in learning it. We are also on the lookout for very talented 2d artists, as we have many places both on the website and in game that could use some more illustrations. General experience with game modifications (mods) is a major plus.

Along with your application, send some samples of your work or provide a link to your portfolio or something similar.


Send the application to my email
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