Author Topic: A Note Left in Dvergenheim - Herbs and potions.  (Read 622 times)


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A Note Left in Dvergenheim - Herbs and potions.
« on: March 29, 2009, 01:45:52 AM »
The letter is written is dwarf language.

Dear Brothers,

I write this to you with the best interests of a mutual benefic agreement.

As a somewhat skilled herbalist, I'm offering to buy all the herbs you find. The price is the below listed:

Type A: 30 fangs
Gave Mold
Bleak Cap
Lich Grass
Crimson Lichen
Violet Cave mold
Viccar cap

Type B: 35 fangs
ghost cap
Troll Moss
Vistani Tears
Rustle Leaves
Adders Tongue
Beggars Cups
Black Avis

Type C: 40 fangs
Honey Lilies
Grey Puffbal
Mountain Morel
Purple Bolete
Red Cap

I'll also exchange reagents for potions. The rule is: half the reagents you deliver may be requested as the potions you want.

Interested in any specifical potion, just leave your message in the morninglord temple.

Very truly yours,
Noignar Huillen."

// Send a PM message or a tell and we will discuss any other offer, request.
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