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All of the info presented is OOC unless found out IC, threw knowing Marrok, spying, whatever. I did this basically for anyone who would be interested or for anyone who would like to pass RP ideas between each other characters, and then we could go from there. Also it was fun to do! :D

Edit: ((Reminder this isn't everything of Marrok only a brief show. I would not want to tell everything that just ruin things :P))


Name: Marrok
Height:  6’
Weight: 155lbs
Eye color: Blue
Profession:  Professional Bounty Hunter. ((Trained in Assassin techniques))
Classes: Rogue (3)/ Ranger (2) / Bounty Hunter (10)
Hair color: Black
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Other details: Long deep scar across his left eye almost to his chin.
Weapon of choice: Twin short swords.


Marrok ventured from the trade city of Amn, he grew up amongst pirates, rouges and many other figures of, bad language, rude gestures, and overall barbaric way of doing things. His father being, a tradesman and an honest sailor of sea, was killed in a pirate attack. Marrok, was never one too listen too many, and was very stubborn too his own. He would ignore those he thought were non-respectable, which resulted in the lost of many of his jobs amongst the docks. With this... he deiced too turn his direction in a new path... a slimy and unworthy one, Rogue arts. He joined a small organization of thieves and thugs and started off from there, stealing, robbing, fighting, fault trades, anything dishonest and wrong, he was doing it. Though Marrok was different then the rest, he always planned and thought more, he picked up many different tricks in his route, of escaping, killing, hiding and so fourth. He found himself finding the jobs he gets... pity and small... the wealth was low and his skill was rising. As with that he left for Waterdeep, another city of tradesmen ship and roguish organizations... but with bigger prizes and better challenges. But before he could... he found his boat... he sailed... upon entering a strange mist... it sailed threw it... unknowingly... and now he holds his cloak and grumbles annoyed in the harsh winters of Barovia.


Demeanor: Marrok demeanor is that of a Rogue. He will place a mask over himself to show he cares for no one at all, and only wishes to better himself as much as possible, he will seemingly act rude, show little feelings to others, and act in a very selfish manner.

Nature: The inner self of Marrok is that of the very opposite he would present himself towards the public. He has the nature of a Protector, one who will secretly protect those he holds dearly to himself, and those that have proven themselves in his own eyes. This will also push him to aid those he chooses and spread what wisdom his has with them, all of course in a scowl of secrecy, finding  creative ways to do this without exposing his true nature.



Food: Meat, fish, eggs, bread, fruits ((Mainly very woodsmen food)).
Activities: Hunting, fishing, camping, training, archery, sparring, teaching, relaxing, intelligence gathering.
Drinks:  Solid Beer, Water.
Work: Hunting related, or anything that will make him money.
People:  Other true hunters, some ruffians, serious people, people who have done respectable acts he approves, smart ((not brainy/wizardly)) people, actual wise people, business people.


Food: Salads, vegetables, soups, stews
Activities: Dancing, noble parties, dressing up, praying, cooking, long conversations.
Drinks:  Wine, fruit juices, hard liquor.
Work:  Anything not related to his skills; ((IE: Cook, waiter, butler ECT.))
People:  Fools, dumb people, annoying people, nobles ((some)), people who act as something they are not, over happy people, careless people, drunks.


A list of traits each ranked on scale of 1-10 of how well they apply to Marrok.
((1 begin the lowest, 10 the highest))

Honest: 5         Bossy:  6
Leader: 4         Fighter:  4
Expert: 10         Tireless:  8         
Brave: 9         Energetic: 3
Conceited: 7      Loyal:  10      
Mischievous: 4      Quiet:  5
Demanding:  6      Curious:  8                  
Thoughtful: 4
Happy:  6
Disagreeable: 9
Inventive:  6
Creative:  8
Independent: 9
Intelligent:  10
Compassionate:  5
Gentle:  2
Proud: 8
Messy: 2
Neat: 9
Strong: 6
Serious: 10
Funny:  4
Sad:  3
Handsome:  7
Ugly: 2
Selfish: 5
Unselfish:  5
Respectful:  5
Responsible: 7
Lazy:  5
Helpful:  6
Friendly:  3
Adventurous: 6
Shy:  1
Bold:  9
Hard-working:  8
Cooperative:  4
Loveable:  5


The motivation that drives Marrok would have to be his work, learning more and more in his trade. He strives to become one of the best known Bounty Hunter that has ever lived, he also strives to make a rich sum of money to soon perhaps retire with a bright future ahead of himself  along with any family that he may gain. He has already accepted that he will be spending the rest of his life in “The Lands of the Mist”, so finding a way home is not something he would be interested, instead he would wish to find home here. As a born teacher he also in secrecy drives to teach others of the trade, and bring up many with the skills he attains during his life time.


Here are some things that are good of Marrok:

- Hard working
- Protector
- Intelligent
- Loyal
- Firm/ straight to the point
- Fair
- Mysterious

Here are some skills Marrok excels in:

- Quickness
- Camouflage
- Hand to Hand combat techniques
- Dexterous Fighter
- Tracker
- Assassin trained
- Live off the Land
- Intelligence gathering


Here are some things that are bad of Marrok:

- Rude
- Cocky
- Not very loving ((Hardly shows it))
- Shady/ Scary ((At times))
-  Many scars ((Unattractive to some))
- Cold and Uncaring
- Loner


Here are some skills that cripple Marrok:

- Average strength
- Average immune system
- Bold/Brave/Risky decision maker
- Weak left eye
- Un-fearful ((Results in bad situations))
- Horrible people skills
- Non magic user ((Too a extent))


#1 To become the most dangerous and successful Bounty Hunter ever.
#2 To teach his skills and successfulness towards others who he respects.
#3 To eventually begin his own Bounty Hunter Guild.

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