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Ovidiu Cernea
« on: February 28, 2009, 12:01:08 PM »
Name: Ovidiu Cernea
Homeland: Barovia
City: Vallaki
Age: 22
Mother: Helena Cernea
Father: Ilache Cernea

Born to the Barvians Helena and Ilache Cernea, Ovidiu is a Barovian as one can get. His parents where nobles, that lived in the Noble district of Vallaki, and never let Ovidiu go out much. Due to the so-called dangers that surrounded the lands. They would tell him sotries of outlanders who would come to Barovia, and cause trouble, even kill. This made Ovidiu both fear and hate outlanders. His ambition was to join the garda, to help stop these outlanders from causing anymore pain to teh people of Barovia.

The Cernea family, had utmost loyality to the count, and the people of Barovia. They taught Ovidiu how to respect others, and also of the counts laws, which they made him recite everyday before breakfast. Some would say his parents drilled Ovidiu on the cities ways, and the counts laws. He became a respected member of society.

In his spare time, his father taught him to fight like a man. Telling him one day he would fight to defend his city, from these terrible outlanders who seek to cause harm. He was taught knowledge. About the history of Barovia.

When he reached the age of 19, his father had him work at the local butchers, cutting meat for the Guards of Vallaki. He was good at his job, and enjoyed it, although he hungered to join the Garda and make a difference.

Not long after, getting the job. Ovidiu's father became ill, and died shortly after. Ovidiu was hit hard with emotion, but he stood strong and looked out for his mother. Who was becoming old, and frail. After three years his mother died, leaving Ovidiu on his own. Now he was alone to make his own choices, and he set forth to shape his future, in Vallaki...

-Feel the breath of my sword, and the wind of it's passing-