Author Topic: Between white walls  (Read 546 times)


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Between white walls
« on: February 27, 2009, 04:15:10 AM »
“Good night, Natasha.”

She must have been lying there for hours, just staring upwards at the bleached white ceiling of the room they’d given her.  The people there treated her very kindly, even allowing her to roam freely around the ground floor.  She took it upon herself to keep the kitchen and cafeteria areas neat and tidy and to assist with the cooking, since it was fairly evident the hospital was understaffed.  She wanted to help so the overworked employees could concentrate on what was important, the patients. 

Therapy sessions seemed to go smoothly, and the doctor himself even told her he believed she was making progress.  Despite all this, however, she could not shake off the feeling of unease.  More often than not she found herself deeply confused, and something as simple as holding on to her very identity was becoming increasingly difficult.

My name is Nara’ia.  I am a sun elf from the continent of Faerun.  I was born and raised in a small elven village located south of the city of Waterdeep.  My husband’s name is Kane.

Natasha was my superior and my friend.  I am not she.

Images flashed in her mind.  Memories of being trapped in the darkness, a tight enclosed space where the air was stale and thin.  She was alone and frightened, hurting and frantic.  All of her fears melded into one and her body trembled as she fought back against panic.

The hideously deformed faces of the laughing wights, the cruel venomous stares of the hungry vampires…

The boogey man only exists in stories, said a voice in the back of her mind.

No!  She yelled back.  Why can’t you hear their screams?  I can hear them moaning and crying…why can’t you see that I am Nara’ia!

Suddenly she felt the presence of another.  Someone who would save her, protect her from all the horrors of the world. 

Please help me miss Noica.   Please don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be alone!

Nara’ia fled from the darkness.

Natasha opened her eyes.

“Good morning, Nara’ia.”