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Keeping the gates clear.
« on: February 24, 2009, 02:02:57 PM »
The solitary dwarf made his way down the dank tunnels, each footstep taking him further away from Dvergeheims lower gate.  His self appointed task was simple, kill anything lurking in the tunnels close to the lower gate.  The tunnel opened up into a massive cavern, huge stalagmites hung from the ceiling.  The sound of running water could heard from the south. He approached the underground river, the water was dark and most likely freezing. the roar of the water rushing by was deafening.  After making his way along the edge of the river he came across a makeshift bridge.  Several planks of wood ran across the river to a small rocky outcrop in the middle of the raging torrents, from there more planks ran across to the other side of the river.  Standing at the bridge, Grunli looked at the rocky outcrop with his good eye, then back to the river. Taking a deep breath he rushed across, he made it safely to the outcrop, taking another deep breath before making his way to the other side.  Only to come face to face with a group of gargoyles.

The first advancing gargoyle was brought down swiftly, with a single chop from his massive axe.  Blood gushed from the tear in the creatures neck, as it dropped lifelessy to the floor, its head flopping wildly.  The others spilt up, one taking Grunli's left side, the other his right.  Grunli roared as he charged to gargoyle to his left, swinging his axe at the creatures legs.  The sound of he axe smashing against the gargoyles knees brought a cheer from Grunli.  Another well timed strike in the creatures chest silenced it's screams.  Grunlli winced as a terrible pain tore through his shoulder, the third gargoyle had clawed at his exposed flesh.  Spinning around, trying again to aim for the creatures legs.  The gargoyle lea pt into the air, beating it leathery wings. The sudden leap exposed Grunli as he swing carried on.  The gargoyle wasted no time in charging downwards, planting its feet squarely into Grunli's chest. Grunli fell to the floor, his axe just beyond his outstretched arms.  The gargoyle shrieked in delight and dived down to finish off the vulnerable dwarf, Grunli' managed to get a hold of the axe shaft, and pointed it upwards.  The gargoyle was unable to dive out of the way as it impaled itself onto the spike sat at the bottom of his shaft.
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