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Alexi Toskalov


Alexi was born in Barovia Village the eldest son of Ilya and Maria Toskalov.

 Ilya was a retired soldier who now bred horses, he was a hard man, sometimes cruel , but he was determined his son would better the family name and station, no matter the price. This resulted in a hard life of early responsibility and unreasonable expectations. Beatings for failure, real or perceived were an all too common occurrence in the Toskalov home.

Maria was a quiet typical Barovian woman from a good family, her cousin in fact became Burgomiester though it was of little benefit to her own family.

In this environment Alexi lived in two worlds, the hard life of a soldiers son with endless labor on their leased land, but Alexi also gained glimpses into another world, one of luxury and power. Alexi grew up learning to fight, to care for horses, military tactics and service to the Count. This was contrasted by his mothers quiet lessons of reading, culture and the ways of Barovian society.

As time passed Alexi followed his fathers plan for him and enlisted in the Barovian Garda. For 15 long years he toiled in a service that was well suited to but of little challenge to him. He enjoyed exchanging wit with the pretty young women of the better families, discussing political issues, but he was also aware his family's own ties to Burgomiester were in many ways holding him back. Alexi knew that he had gone as far as he could with the hand he was dealt, if he was to move further he would have to will it to change.

One evening he had an opportunity, a witch was captured by some of the villagers and beaten within an inch of her life. Alexi took her into custody for her protection, as well as to satisfy his own agenda. She was an outlander of striking beauty, vulnerable and anxious to please her perceived protector. Alexi quickly worked his charm on her and made her his lover, though their romance was conducted secretly. He began to question her on her skills of witchcraft, to learn what he could of its powers, methods and mysteries. After a few months Alexi learned all he could from her, she was now only useful to him as an entertainment, something to keep him warm on cold winter nights. It was then that she told him, she was with child...

Not willing to have such a child to shame him, and with the memory of his first wife, a pretty young thing from a near farm who died in childbirth, Alexi was consumed by anger. It was her last night among the living, Alexi burnt her body while she was still alive. Claiming he served the interests of his people he was lauded for his good work. The terrible screams of the brokenhearted woman forever in his mind.

It was shortly after this time Alexi's 15th year of service was completed. He had a career of distinction without incident. Choosing to take time for himself he accepted a small pension and left service. After a few weeks of enjoying his time, of caring for the family's stables and running his fathers house (who had since died in the Invidian war) Alexi grew restless. He decided to go to Vallaki , where people whispered of opportunity for riches and advancement. Taking only his small pension, his father's sword , and some meager belongings he set out for Vallaki, wondering what destiny he could forge for himself.


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