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Prisoner Within The City, Lorcans Story


     Slowly he reached out towards the small crumb of bread that fell through the grates from above. He wanted to get this piece before the mold covered it and made it inedible.
   As he reached out towards it, one of the many rats inhabiting the city scurried by and snatched the bread away from him. It had been nearly a week since his last meal… his stomach growled with his intense hunger. It almost hurt to think about food.
   Sighing with his latest defeat, he curled up against the damp slime covered walls of the damp dark labyrinth that stretched out for miles and miles in darkness around him. He looked around in the darkness, his Elven eyes able to see a bit.  Some children moaned with hunger and thirst in a far corner, the rags they wore covered with mold and damp from the moisture filled labyrinth. He was a prisoner in his own house… no, they, this whole city were prisoners in –their- city, while the king sat upon his throne, gorging himself on fancy imports of delicacies and fine silken robes.
   He ran a finger through his greasy unwashed corn colored hair and flicked a rat off of his foot. Slowly he looked up to the grates above where some dim light filtered into the dark abyss he lived in. He saw a castle guard march by on his daily route. 
   How I wish I was up there… I wish I was out of here, out of this pit of nightmares, I wish to see the sun, feel the grass of the outdoors under my feet instead of these slimy damp mold covered stones that floor this labyrinth of a town.
Those were his last thoughts before he drifted off into another fitful sleep…

        He awake to the sound of a weeping woman bent over the lifeless body of a man. He was a thin man, mold spread across his rags that he wore as pants. The ribs of the man were poking from his chest as if trying to poke through his skin.
   Starved… another one starved to death…
   He sighed and looked away. He couldn’t bear to watch as the woman grieved over her loss. It didn’t surprise him that the man had starved though; many starved to death, and were starving to death. Living off the few generous scraps the king occasionally tossed down did not support much life, especially when added with the drafty corridors of this slime filled mold covered labyrinth.
He sighed and pulled himself up, shuffling along past the grieving woman and past some children in a corner and down a long drafty corridor. He didn’t know where he was going, and he didn’t care. He just wanted to go. Away from there. Away from here. He wanted to get away from this hell hole of a place, and he was going to find a way to. A way out, that’s what he was going to do, find a way out.
        He found a quiet room in an isolated part of the labyrinth and huddled down in a corner, slipping back away into his Elven trance of a sleep.

This was it... his chance to win himself freedom and freedom for the rest of his imprisoned city. He crouched low, peeking up through the grate.
This is it… I can’t fail.
He slowly began unbolting the grate, using a strand of metal beat and banged into a makeshift screw driver.
Creak…. Creak… Creak…
The metal screeched quietly, resisting as rust sprinkled off the giant screws. After unscrewing the 4 screw, he grunted and lifted the grate slowly off to the side.
Clank, clank, clank…
Gah!! No!! This isn’t right, what’s a guard doing patrolling this late!? That’s completely off schedule!!
Clank, clank, clank…
He looked around frantically for a spot to hide, but found nothing in the empty spotless hallway where the grate opened to.
Clank, clank, clank…
It was getting closer, the clank of the metal boots on the stone floors. He had nowhere to go, no where to hide. He pulled and tugged on the grate, but it took all his strength just to push it up there.
Clank, clank, clank…
No! I’m stuck, there’re going to find me!! I’ve no where to go! No, no, no! I’ve failed…
Clank, clank, clank…


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