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Alexandra Lüceanu of Krezk

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A babys cry filled the room. It was soft, and yet in the same instance strong and healthy. The physician came out, wiping his hands clean with a white kerchief. He informed the proud nobleman he was the father of a beautiful baby girl. Dimitru keep his smile firm, though he had hoped for his first child to be a son, to take over his business when he could no longer. It was only when the physician told him his wife could not bear him another child without endangering her own life that his smile faded. And it was that day, his daughter became the most priceless treasure in his heart and life.

She grew up to be a lovely lady, above average from most barovian women. She was poised and proper in her upbringing, though stubborn when her mind was set on certain decisions of life. It was her fifteenth birthday, and he dreaded the knowledge that she was of marital age. How could he let his treasure go to just anyone after all. And yet, she was already bearing the attentions of noblemen young and old alike. He had to choose correctly, and found a proper house whose son sought courtship of her. However Alexandra had other ideas, and intended to see them through with determination.

<Balok> "Papa. What do we know of this man hm? Sure he is of good lineage, but is he loyal to our beloved count, I mean truly loyal as our family has always been throughout the generations. And, can you be so sure he'd take proper care of my needs? Nu father, let me continue my studies and choose when I am ready please?"

He could not resist those soft almond eyes of hers, and declined suitors further. But to explain such declinations, he had to have a reason. And so, he sent her with her mother for a year to Dementilieu to learn of needlepoint and literature. In her time there, she took to learning the language of the nobles as well, exceeding her worth as a noblewoman among peers.

She returned, and her father had taught her the reponsibilities of finances and running a business in hopes that if she did not marry right away, she'd take interest in his affairs at the bank his cousin Ivan had so kindly bestowed upon him to run. Sadly however such was not the case with his daughter, and so another year, she was sent to Harmonia, Kartakass to learn such refinements as music and art. It was there she had discovered her true potential, in floral arrangement. With all the vibrant colors of plant life, and centerpieces decorating banquet halls, she decided that was the business she wanted for herself. Her mother had her noble clients that bought the finest silk and satin gowns, her father had his bank, and the trust of the locals, but she wanted something for herself. Something that would bring both her enjoyment and pleasure to the eyes of clients in need.

She returned home. She shared her newest talents with her family, and lived a contented life of a nobles daughter. It was only when she turned seventeen that she told them she did not wish to take over either of their businesses, but add on to them with her own endeavors. At first, her father was highly against it, but slowly he came around unable to resist his treasure. He financed her with a starting fund, though kept her dowry tightly locked away in his bank vault. A few months later, they travelled to the Barovian Village to visit a distant relative who had fallen ill. As they passed through Vallaki, Alexandra noticed the dreary appearance of the city and the lack of life in their establishments.

It was here she chose to make her place. Here she told her mother and father she would remain. Here, she could import her mothers gowns to the nobles, and offer her own services of the Luceanu Floral Boutique. Her father finding it difficult to leave her behind did so after several days of arguing, but in the end he could not win with such a daughter who had the very heart of a lioness. They bid her farewell, leaving her with their personal guard, then returned home to Krezk, with worry in their hearts and mind for their only treasure, their beloved Alexandra

//per request. Her day and life in letters.

It had been some time since she had written her parents, she had finally settled in, and did so days later. She pressed her signet ring to the hot wax on the parchment, then sealed it and brought it downstairs to the courier boy for delivery

The young noble florist sits in her room and scribes yet another letter to her family. Bringing it down to the courier boy the following morning.

Another day passes, and the young woman excuses herself from her new friends to retire to her room. She pauses at her door, then enters only to sit herself at her writing desk to scribe yet another letter to her father. Throughout the night, she takes brief pauses in her writing to glance to her right with sincere concern before moving the quill once more over the parchment.

Upon returning from her daily errands and a stop at the bank, young Alexandra returned to the Inn, dressed in her finest silks of gold, and a red rose in her hair. She retrieved her key along with a letter and package. The barovian blue-bloods eyes lit with excitement as she was seen hurrying upstairs to her room where she quickly entered and sat to read her most recent letter from her parents

With a rustling of the package, a soft excited squeal echoed from her private chambers, followed with a joyus laugh. The young girl twirled the dress around before hanging it in the armoire.


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