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Author Topic: Anastasia Lyonsbane - Lost In The Mist  (Read 563 times)

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Anastasia Lyonsbane - Lost In The Mist
« on: December 29, 2008, 04:41:00 AM »
Anastasia Lyonsbane

Race: Human

Height: 150 cm (5)
Eye Colour: Blue/Green
Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde

Age: 18

Build: Slim and small for a Human

Features: Bright Blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair often unkempt but has a way of falling into place to enhance near perfect features for a human. The most prominent thing noticed is the slight musical tilt to her speech as if almost singing each word.

First Impressions: Shy and retiring but has a thirst for knowledge and experience beyond that which is yet understood personally. Also from first impressions the idea that not having seen much of the world still is naive on a lot of things. Seems slow to pick up on things maybe not the brightest or quick learning of persons. Seems to not be able to see too well, and is constantly writing things in a small notebook.

Weapons of Choice: None, does not have any experience with weapons.

The Story - Background
Born into a merchant family from an early age helped in the general store run by her parents, a popular store with adventurers she saw many come and go on their trips to wondrous places around the world. Many a time she would sit for hours in the store where some adventurers gathered for a drink while they re-stocked. Listening to the tales of their adventures and encounters with all kinds of strange creatures.

Taught a little of this and that by those that visited she managed to pick up the rudimentary ways of entertainment. The writing of poetry and the playing of the basic instrument types are some of the things she picked up. But all the time under the watchful eye of her father making sure she did not learn anything too bad.

Upon reaching her majority a wandering minstrel came into the shop and through his charm and wit seduced Ana into taking a trip to see the world.

Leaving Waterdeep behind she took ship with him but after landing in the first port he disappeared not to be seen again leaving her alone. Now alone she is hesitant to leave the safety of the towns to explore although deep in her heart she still wants to see the world and learn new tales of gallantry and heroism.

Upon the first evening while walking to the local Inn a mist descended upon the village, she stepped into the mists and the next she found herself lying upon the floor a the distance sounds of a gypsy came coming to her ears.