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Er.. here ya go. My first Dragonlance character evah... AVAST!

Kaysa Ashwood


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Re: Kaysa
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OOhh very pretty i love it :D

Stela Cojocaru - barovian snake
Crina Ovidiu - barovian guard

Ryltar/ Robert Archer

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sweet...wish i could draw better then stick


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Been a while. Had to recreate poor Kaysa from starting but s'ok. What I get for being inactive. Yar!

Actually, could a Moderator clear out the OOC including this one so i can start using the thread for her IC Logbook?
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Re: Kaysa
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Sea Phoenix Logbook - First Mate's Log

Been a year since I left Vallaki for a place called Matira Bay. Closest to the Sea I was to get so I was told. It wasn't until a shipment was ordered to be sent to Vallaki that I returned only to find so much has changed. Ol' Zach is gone, but then the temple isn't looking very pretty either. Yet to see them Vardo folk, wonder if Julia still has that twinkle in her eye for the valuable trinkets, an odd one she was but had fine wares none the less.

Met a Lass of the sea, fine girl she is. Had some laughs over a man in a skirt before night approached us. That's when the madness began. From Kenders bolting in talking about Blood Suckers gnawing on mens wrists to Miscarriages. Thank Habbakuk that Jareths mother taught me about child birthing back in the Wemitowuk Tribe. Wasn't a pretty sight, and already had two men surrounding the woman who was bleeding out profusely bad. Need to stop writing them fancy words I learned back in Matira Bay. Right, so I had to yell at the man in green, he was trying to get the child out naturally, finally got in there and instructed the big fella in black to make an incision in the belly and pull the child and afterbirth out. Was madness all around to be sure, never let a man do a woman's work after all who knows a woman's body better than a woman aye? So, the mother lived, daughter too but barely. Gods were smiling down on us that night, though the poor thing be mute being so small and premature. Sure she'll grow up big and strong though, we women are like that.

That being said, was an exciting return. Can't wait to see what's in store next on the lands of Vallaki. Though the sea is still missed, nothing like a good adventure to get the heart pumping.

Kaysa Ashwood - First Mate