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A Parting Smile
« on: December 24, 2008, 12:12:19 AM »
         The small group made its way up the steep hill outside the Village of Barovia. A priestess of the Morninglord and a redhead half-elf walked on both sides of a man in silver and white armor. In his arms he carried the still body of a beautiful woman in a silk blue dress. The brief flashes of lightning illuminated their sullen expressions as they made their way up the hill. At the top of the hill a freshlly-dug grave rested in the ground. Flowers were arranged around the grave, placed there by an unseen benefactor. Gently, the knight lowered the body into the grave. Miracles in a land as dark as this are rare, but that night, amidst the grief, several occured. The ground in which the body was solemnly placed glowed with a divine light; two gods working in tandem to ensure a peaceful path for the soul. A soft beam of light came through the dense and stormy clouds to touch the tombstone, imprinting a symbol upon the stone. The greatest miracle of all was paired hand in hand with the greatest sorrow of all. The body of the beautiful woman, Ekaterina Nexus, the beloved wife of Soren Nexus, bore a smile. The last years of her life were the happiest, spent in harmony with her beloved. Among the grim and sullen faces gathered at the top of the hill outside the Village of Barovia, one bore a smile that defied all the darkness Barovia could muster.