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Chrick Andemois
« on: December 15, 2008, 08:06:50 PM »
- Chrick Andemois -

A young charming, much sailor type guy. Average height, average size - Wears a piece of shackle on his left hand.
Flirts and winks a lot, thinking a little bit more of himself than he is..
Heritage's half-elven, although this isn't visible in almost any way - his long red hair is ponytailed and face youthfully uncared. Not filthy, but not much smoothed out either.
The last bit of his elven heritage is lost to his way of life and meetings with weirdest of folks,
much influenced to his few attitude problems and such..

*All written in very average handwriting - Things found in his logbook he carries with him*

Logbook, part .. ..Err..

Jailtime coming

Lost the old logbook, aye! Ain't mattering, going to start writing a new for the generations to come now! Anyway, sitting on a prison ship on my way to Lyrabar after the pirate fiasco. Storms raising, nothing else today.

Logbook, part #2 I think!

Crazy new lands!

Well hell! This place is just full of freaks.. Eh, the ship got sunken in the storm and little accident by me, washed to shore and boom, huge fog, wandered to forest.. Weird folks, gonna write more after lengthier meetings, aye. Ain't sure of surrounding regions either - In Barovia, they say.

Ship trip!

Wow! All to say, aye. Got snatched to a deckboys job by some weird bunch. And that was crazy. Should have drunk less whiskey.. Eh.. The guys whacked off each others arms. A dog and a sailor drowned after fleeing the ship in horror, for these two madmen. We set the bloody ship on fire - didn't sink though, the weird mages put it out. When we were fired by some weird magic bolt, the guy summoned a freaking bear! Eh, didn't help, we all were set flying.. I'll need to write this venture down properly one day, aye, aye!