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The Thousand Lies
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The torches on the walls flickered with the passing gust of wind as the door opened into the hall. Dimitri’s footsteps seemed to reverberate as the only sound in the building as he approached the heavy oak door at the end of the hall. Dimitri stopped inches before the door and took a deep breath before rapping his knuckles on the door.
“Come in.” A coarse voice said in Balok.
The smell of cigar smoke hit Dimitri as soon as he stepped into the room. The room was dark, no windows and only one door. A single candle burned behind the polished desk, providing some of the only light by which to work. Papers were strewn about the desk, some official documents, others never meant to leave the room. Behind the desk sat a large man, with short-trimmed hair in an almost military-style. A large cigar rested between his fingers, the ashes of many previous in an ashtray on the desk. The man’s relaxed posture showed that he was afraid of nothing. It was Dimitri that was supposed to be afraid.
“Come, sit down.” The large man motioned to a chair in front of the desk in Balok.
Dimitri displayed a calm smile.
“I’d rather stand.” The response was followed by a nonchalant grunt from the man behind the desk. He proceeded to sit up in the chair and straighten his back, preparing to cut to the heart of the matter.
“You know how much we’re paying you for this, da Dimitri?” The man leaned forward in an attempt to intimidate Dimitri.
“Da, I know. Enough to feed a family for a year, easily. What for?” The large man raised the corners of his lips in a grin and pointed to Dimitri with the butt end of his cigar.
“You have priorities, bun.” The man reclined back into his chair and took another drag of his cigar before starting to speak.
“You know the Marinescu family, da Dimitri?” Dimitri nodded once. “Long-time enemies of the Moldovan family, no?” Though Dimitri’s tone and facial expression remained set as stone, the man grinned wider and chuckled heartily.
“Da, da…the same. know their youngest then, Clara?” Dimitri nodded, raising an eyebrow in amusement.
“Who does not? She’s one of the most talented pianists Krezk has.”
“Your job… to get close to her…” The man hesitated before continuing, his grin taking on a more sinister aspect. “ get rid of her.” Dimitri’s eyes widened at the prospect.
“Domna Clara? Why? She’s the most detached from that whole family…she’s not even part of anything. I don't see wh-“ The man raised a halting hand to stop Dimitri.
“Exactly. She will be the easiest to take out. I want to show the Marinescus that the Moldovans do more than talk. You know how much we’re paying you for this Dimitri…don’t screw up. You haven’t yet, not once for the Garda, and you will not for us...understand?” Dimitri closed his eyes and bowed deeply.
“Da..I understand.” The man waved Dimitri off back the way he came. As Dimitri closed the door, he caught a glimpse of the man, grinning maliciously at his victory…at his manipulations and plots. Dimitri closed the last bit of the door quickly, the sudden gust blowing out the lantern in the room, before walking off swiftly towards the exit. Fists clenched at his sides, Dimitri began thoughts of his own. It was his profession…not to kill by stealth or subterfuge, but by subtle manipulations. The best death was one that never required a blade to be raised. The sharpest edge was the mind.

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Re: The Thousand Lies
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   Soft note on the piano reached Dimitri’s ear as he eased open the door into Clara’s study. Clara seemed not to notice, her attention solely focused on her fingers’ dance over the piano keys. Dimitri opened the door, entered, and closed it quietly behind him. As the piece rose in volume and tempo, Dimitri made his way behind Clara, doing his best not to betray his presence. Dimitri stopped right behind her and reached into his coat pocket. His hand withdrew a long, slender object, but Dimitri did not wish to interrupt the piece. Clara’s delicate fingers slowed their dance and on a mournful note came to rest on the piece’s final notes. Slowly and deliberately, Dimitri leaned down closer to Clara’s ear.
“Beautiful, as always.” Clara jumped off of her piano bench at the sudden disturbance of her solitude and whirled about to face Dimitri, her face contorted in shock and surprise. Dimitri betrayed only a calm smile as he held an oblong box in the palm of his hand out to Clara.
“La Dracu Dimitri…I hate it when you do that…” Clara’s expression relaxed into a breathless smile, and then a small chuckle as she took the box from Dimitri’s hand. Her expression returned to surprise as she opened the box and lifted its contents to the light streaming from the nearest window.
“It’s...beautiful Dimitri. Thank you.” She ran the diamond necklace between her fingers, letting the light refract through the precious stones before clasping it around her neck.
“How do I look?” She grinned at Dimitri, doing a small twirl with the necklace on.
“Beautiful, as always, Clara.” Dimitri’s calm smile never left his face. Clara plopped down on the plush couch with a sigh, with Dimitri taking a seat close to her.
“But, when will I get to ever wear it? My parents are paranoid; they see Moldovan threats everywhere, they won’t even let me leave the house.” Clara pursed her lips together and frowned.
“I despise them…I wish they’d end their damn worrying...” Clara sighed once again and leaned on Dimitri. Dimitri wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders before speaking.
“Well, in a few months there’s a public party, I’m sure you could wear it there. And don’t worry about your family, it’s a family’s job to care, they just do it out of love for you.”
“If they love me they should just let me go. I don’t need them or their money, I’m the best damn pianist there is. Maybe I’ll have my own shows one day…perhaps even the Count will attend…” She giggled playfully and kissed Dimitri softly. Dimitri returned the kiss and smirked.
“I’ll be there too, don’t you worry.
   Dimitri sat in a well-furnished and well-lit office, four stories above the streets of Krezk. A wooded courtyard could be seen from the windows, with a small perpetually tended garden and a miniature army of statues. As Dimitri sat, a tall, thin man stood in front of the window, overlooking his domain.
“You have been getting close to my daughter, da Dimitri? Dimitri crossed his legs and gained a more comfortable position in the chair.
“Da, I have been.” The tall man turned around to face Dimitri.
“Then I have a favor to ask of you. She is our family’s prize, our jewel…if anyone, the Moldovans will go for her. I trust you Dimitri, I know you’re as reliable as one of my own sons when it comes to duty. Keep an eye on her, don’t let her fall to harm. She is important, but the family comes first. Most importantly, Dimitri...don’t let her talk. She knows things we’d rather keep to ourselves.” The man seemed to relax his stiff composure after he delivered his speech to the cool and collected Dimitri.
“You have my word, Domn Marinescu. Your daughter’s safe with me, as is your family.” Dimitri set down his glass of tsuika and stood, turning immediately for the door, his calm smile always in place. That smile was his trademark. As long as he had that smile, he had control.