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Happenings of a Ranger : Ashendar
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It was a serene sunny morning as he moved quietly through the woods.  Stepping within the shadows from tree to tree, he slowly snuck up on his target.  His eyes staying focused, he continued to glide over the grassy terrain as if he was floating on thin air itself.  Misplacing a step, his foot snapped a twig forcing his prey to turn quickly towards his direction.  As quick as one can, he ducked behind a tree and closed his eyes taking slow quiet breaths to become one with the forest in which became ‘home’ for the past year.  Opening his eyes, he peered around the corner of the tree to see that his target again distracted.  Taking advantage of the situation, he moved from his perched location and sprung at his prey with the speed of a fox.

“Aeiiiiiiii!  Dadddddy!”, Jake screamed as Brendt Ashendar scooped up his four year old son in his arms and continued to tickle him which brought tears of laughter from the child.

“Gotcha Tiger!”, Brendt replied as he threw Jake playfully over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. 

“You’re going to make him pee his pants, Bren..”,  Hazehl stated as she continued to feed the fire with small twigs smiling up to them.

Brendt chuckled lightly, then regarded Hazehl as she continued to speak about the eventful morning she and Jake spent while he was hunting.  As he watched her, his dark blue eyes softened.  How beautiful she was to him.  The love he felt for her was unconditional and unmatched   As he continued to look deep into her soft blue eyes, his thoughts floated back to the first day he met her.  From that moment, he knew their futures were bonded to one another.  Their hearts relying on each other to get through the darkness and joys that would lay in their path.  His thoughts focusing on the troubles they’ve been through and how much stronger they have grown together to pass those difficult moments.  He then remembered the moment he asked her to become his wife.  His heart melted as her blue eyes filled with tears of joy replying, “Yes, I will be your wife, Ranger..”

“Hey Ranger, are you daydreaming again?”, Haze says as she raises a brow with a small grin just staring at Bren with Jake still over his shoulder.

“Hmm? Oh.”, he grins, “Just some good thoughts.”  Placing Jake down on the ground, he moved over to Hazehl’s side and plopped down next to her.  “Found some good game that should keep us fed for awhile.  Their hides should help us stay warm through the winter.”

Hazehl nods and replies, “Yes.  Found some also early this morning a few hundred feet from here.  We’ll be set for some time.”

“We finally have time to discuss our plans to wed.”, he smiles thinking of how busy they’ve been the past couple years. “I was thinking something small outside of course.  Perhaps that nearby grove we found.  We can invite a few friends.  Belle of course..”

Hazehl nods,
“She’s done a great job of helping with JB, Bren.  She’s been an excellent nanny.”  Leaning over she places a kiss on Bren’s cheek before continuing to cook some of the meat that she hunted earlier that day. “And yes, we need to start planning our wedding.  That grove is the perfect place. The ceremony will be soon?”

Brendt nods his head with a warm smile, “Yes.  Very soon.  Was thinking the evening before the new moon.  Belle said she’ll take Jake into town that evening.”, he smiled to Hazehl. “I thought perhaps we’d spend a night by our Lake.”

Hazehl looked over to Brendt noticing the reflection of the dancing flames in his dark blue eyes and returned a soft smile with a nod, “An excellent idea.  Don’t forget a nice bottle of wine.”   

Across the firepit, Jake stared at his two parents as they continued to speak to one another and then began to shuffle his feet in boredom.  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a rabbit hopping a few feet away.  Looking back to Bren and Haze a moment and seeing them in a deep conversation, he steps away quietly from the fire and starts the chase. 

Hazehl is the first to notice after a few moments, “Where is JB?”, she asked as she began to peer around the area with a concerned tone.

Looking up Bren noticed a small figure running down a shaded path.
  “There he is!”  As Bren spoke those words, Hazehl was already five quickened steps in that direction.  The steps then turned into a slow run as she realized that he was farther than initially noticed.  Shadows began to creep around her as an eerie mist arose beneath her feet.  Her eyes still focused on her son  as she quickened her pace but still stayed focused on this unusual mist that seemed to have encumbered them.  Just as she was twenty feet away from Jake, he disappeared into a thickened cloud of the newly arrived fog.  As Hazehl rushed through the thickened mist, a large figure appeared before her.  All went black.

On his feet, Brendt began to dash where he last saw Hazehl enter the fog, noticing it begin to clear in some areas.  Finding it rather odd to see this type of mist during mid morning in these woods was strange for certain.  But he was never one to question the gods of nature.  Entering the mist himself he slowed to a quick walk calling out for both of them.  “Hazehl!  Jake!”  An eerie silence fell around him.  He could no longer hear the chirping birds or the cawing ravens above.  The chitters of the forest animals fell silent as his senses took over quickly.  Placing a hand on the hilt of his long sword, he continued to scan around the mist as much as he possibly could.  It grew thicker the further in he searched.  Squinting his eyes, a tall, dark figure appeared nearly 20 paces ahead of him.  On the shoulder of the large figure laid a weapon.  Brendt slowly unsheathed his blade yelling out, “Who are you?!”

The only received response was a quiet laugh that gave Brendt a shiver through his bones that he has not felt in a long time.  As quick as the figure appeared, it was gone.  Creeping slowly through the mist, Brendt moved along side a tree calling out quietly, “Hazehl..  JB!”

Before he could take another step, the hilt of a weapon appeared from behind the opposite side of the tree knocking Brendt out cold.

After what seemed like hours, Brendt blinked open his eyes staring up at a clouded sky.  He quickly pushed himself up taking in his surroundings.  The mist had dissipated, but where was he?  His weapons and coin gone, he figured a bandit of some sort, but where did the mist come from?  Shaking his head, he pushed ahead feeling somewhat groggy.  Seeing a fire in the distance he headed towards it hoping those near would be able to offer some aid.  Seeing a couple wagons amidst several people, he approached one who appeared to be their leader and asked quietly, “Did you happen to see a young child?  He is four years of age, blond hair with blue eyes.  Goes by the name of Jake or JB.  Or a woman, with the same color hair and eyes searching for him?”

The Vistani man replied with a story of how many walk through their camp and doesn’t think much aid other than a warm fire and a meal for him.  Brendt shook his head at the offer, “No thank you.  I need to find them.”

The Vistani motioned Brendt to North over the bridge, “The city of Vallaki lies in that direction.  If your boy or this woman you speak of are in this land, they’ll most likely turn up there at some point.”

Brendt just nodded his head and turned North as he wondered what the man meant by ‘If in this land..’  Shaking his head, he pressed North to find his Fiancé and his son, not knowing what lies in front of them.

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