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Ardon Hawkcroft
« on: November 09, 2008, 01:48:16 PM »
'When once the child is born...he will be left behind, to venture the wild, and unwanted soul'

Character Profile

Name: Ardon Hawkcroft
Race: Human/ Half-Vistani
Class: Druid Shifter
Age: 22
Skin Colour: White
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Crystal Blue


Ardon, was born in the lands of the mist. His mother a Vistani, and his father a noble adventurer, who was trapped in Ravenloft by the mists. When born, Ardon was predicted great, and terrible things, and as custom he was not wanted by the Vistani, and neither by his own father. He was left to fend for himself in the wild.

For along time, he lived among the animals, he even learned to speak to them, and move, fight like them...he learnt many of there traits, and before long was a true child of the wild. Many heard of this boy, and the Barovian Garda searched for such a boy. But never found him. After a long time, when he was 16...he ventured into th Western outskirts, there he was found by a priest of the Morninglord who took him in, taught him to speak common. Ardon picked it up very well...he taught him to dress, to read, to write.

Ardon, saw this preist as a father. But after time, the Garda found out about this...and tried to get the boy...the priest helped Ardon escape, but was brutally killed. Ardon ran back into the wild, and stayed with the Elves of the forest, safe from the city of Vallaki. Ardon, continued to support the wild, and prayed to the Morninlord for the safety of the priest soul...and his own.

When Ardon became 22, he ventured through the Forest, in search of fruits and herbs, he came across, a strange mist there, and then a figure...

He woke up next to a Vistani camp, just beyond the Western Outskirts...