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Tales of a Wolff Family
« on: November 02, 2008, 05:47:21 PM »
As the ship sailed eastward, the sounds of the water splashing against the bow was a familiar sound to his ears as he rested his arms on the side of the boat staring out into the wide open Seas.

'Cam'ron?  Wha's on yer min', 'uneh?  You daydreamin' 'gain?", Circe asks as she smacks his behind then moves alongside him, sliding her arm inside of his left and stares out to Sea with him.

Cameron peeks over at Circe with a small grin kissing her cheek then looks back out to Sea replying, "I was jus' thinkin' 'bout the day whe' I buy us a boa' of our ow'.  The' we cin jus' sail the Sea whe'ever we wan' and no' 'ave ta pay aneh coi'.  'Cept ta our crew wit' all the treas're we'll fin'."

Circe begins lets out a content sigh, "Aye, babeh.  Tha' will be the life.  Dun forge' the ale."  She nudges him lightly

"We'll have plenteh of ale from 'ome dow' bel'w.  Especial'y wit' tha' cous'n of mine wit' us.", Cameron snickers lightly.

"'Es goin' ta be on the boa' ta?  Oi.  'Es goin' ta force meh ta push him ov'rboar' som'ow.", Circe speaks then grunts.

Unable to hold in a laugh, Cameron nudges Circe, "You kno' tha' Graveh cin be goo' comp'ny whe' 'e wan's ta be.  Tha' Royal Armeh 'e joine' is jus' fillin' 'is hea' wit' all sorts o' crazehness."

"Aye, them dogoo'ers..", Circe replies just as both of them hear creaking on the floorboards behind them.

"Thar you bot' are.  Camps, dun ge' ta close ta the side thar.  Ya migh' fal' in.  The' I'll haf ta dive in aft'r you an' get mesel' all we'.", Graven Wolff barks out as he moves up on the other side of Cameron looking out to Sea while taking a swig from his flask.

Cameron looks up to Graven and snickers, "Dun worreh Cous'n.  If I fel' in, I'll be sinkin' straigh' dow' wit' this armor on."

"Wha's tha'", Circe jumps in as the two idly began to talk as she points ahead.

Graven and Cameron both look to where Circe motions and in unison cants their heads.  "Tha' is lo' of fog fer thi' journeh.", Cameron responds.  The route home was very routine for them.  And being midday, even Cameron was aware that something was amiss.

'Capt'n!  Cin you see throug' thi'?", Circe pushes off the side rails and looks up to where the Captain continues to bark orders to his crew considering the quick change in weather.  The mist beginning to surround the ship and the range of eyesight very minimal.

"Cam'ron!", Circe yells as she reaches back to the side not feeling Cameron where he was just leaning.  Just then a hand reaches out from the mist to her right, grasping her hand.  Pulling her close as he attempts to look through the thickened fog he replies,   "A'im 'ere babeh."

'Graveh, you see anythin'?", Cameron blurts out.   "Nay, jus' a lo' of fo'!"

A few moments later the entire ship is encumbered in the mist.  The Captain and crew sailing blind and not knowing what lay ahead.  Not more than a few moments later, the entire ship smashed headfirst into a large structure that forced everyone and everything on the ship to jut forward.  Cameron and Circe flying forward trying to grab anything possible.  "Cam'ron!", Circe yelled just as he reached for a rope that was tied off to the mast.  His arm around Circe's waist, he was able to keep her stabilized during the collision.

"OW!", a voice yelled from farther in front of them through the mist.

"Graveh!? Are ya 'live?", Circe screams out holding on tight to Cameron as the last shakes of the ship come to an end.  As the mist begins to disperse lightly, Graven's replies, "Aye, jus' bange; meh hea'."

"Mebee it'll giv' ya some smar's the'", Circe replies as she gains her balance on the lightly rocking ship. "Wha' di' we hi' Capt'n?", she asks looking up to Quarterdeck.  Yet the Captain was nowhere to be found.  Or the crew for that matter as the mist began to disperse further away from them.

Looking around all three of them nearly in unison speak up, "Where the 'ell is every'un?"

"You a'righ' babeh?" Cam asks Circe as he lets go of her maintaining his own balance now.  "Aye, 'un.  A'im goo' now."

Cameron then walks to the front of the ship.  Upon peering down to the keel, "Wel', we hi' a reef."  He then looks further ahead noticing the shape of land.  "'Oly 'Ells.  The Capt'n mus' 'ave bee' off course.  We're near some lan' 'ere."

Graven peers out as well as Circe now.  "We've onleh bee' on the Sea fer half a day.  Wha' oth'r lan' is aroun' 'ere?", asks Graven.

"Dunno, bu' les ge' the rowboa' in the wat'r an' ge' ov'r there.  I'll go ge' our gear.", Cameron replies as he heads down below into the hull as Graven and Circe work together to lower the rowboat into the water, "Where in Shae's name is the crew Graveh?", Circe asks confused as she glances around.

"Mebee the fell inta the wat'r whe' the boa' hi'?", he replies.

"You dol'.  Dun you thin' we'd hear them splashin' 'round or bein' eaten by sharks?", Circe quickly reples back.  Graven just grunts as the boat hits the water.  Scratching his head, Cameron comes up from below, "All our gear is gon'..."

Blinking once, they both look at Cameron, "What'da ya mea' all our gear is 'gone'.  Whar the 'ell di' it go Cam?", Graven snaps.

"I dunno Graveh!  If I kne' I wouldn' be lookin' confuse' now woul' I?", Cameron snaps back at him.

"Knoc' i' off you two.  Les ge' ta shore and fig're ou' where we are.  A'im sure there is a village close by.", Circe states as she looks at both of them.

After a good 30 minutes passed from rowing in somewhat harsh waters, Cameron completes the final row before the three of them exit the boat and walk through the waters to the nearby beach.

"I dun recogn'ze thi' place at al', babeh.", Circe says as she places her hands on her hips looking around the trees ahead of them then back to Cameron.

"Well you two go take a loo' 'round.  A'im goin' ta hea' back ta the shi' and see wha' in Shae's name happene' ta the crew.", Cameron replies as he begins to turn and head back for the rowboat.  "Where's the boa'?", he simply asks as he moves a few feet into the water.

"I dunno Camps.  Bu' we got a big'r proble'.  Whar's the ship?", Graven asks dumbfoundedly as he peers out to where the ship was stuck upon the reef.

Circe now turns facing the Sea, "Wha?", she grunts. "Aw 'ells! Wha' is goin' on?"

Cameron wades back out of the water patting Graven on the shoulder then taking Circe's hand, "Thi' is jus' gettin' crazeh ev'ry secon'.  Les go fin' ou' wha's goin' on.  I nee' an ale."

That being said, the three new arrivals to Barovia walk up the beach until they come upon unfamiliar gates.  A new future laying out in front of them.  A new tale to be explored.
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Re: Tales of a Wolff Family
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