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Kamina's Story
« on: October 24, 2008, 09:14:41 AM »
     Kamina sat outside her home watching the sunset.  Her sister was visiting and what a homecoming she had, she had just been advanced in rank to the personal guard of the lord who owned the lands on which her family farmed.  It was a good life caring for the livestock and helping her father plant and harvest, but her personal dream was to be where her sister was now in service of their lord.  Night had fallen before she stirred herself from the steps of her home and all was quiet in the house.  As she stepped inside she noticed only a small candle was lit and knowing that all within was asleep she went to the armor stand that held her sisters armor, as quiet as she could she donned the armor and took her sisters longsword.
     Grabbing a lantern from table she left the house, once outside she lit the lantern. Being proficient with the sword though not as good as her sister.   As she stood there the armor hugging her frame and the sword heavy in her hand she dreamt that it was she and not her sister that was in the guard. It felt so good she thought when all the sudden she heard some frantic mooing of some of their cows, as she hurried to the barn the sword held at ready the lantern lighting her way and thinking that something was after them.  But, as she got nearer she noticed a strange mist encroaching on the barn, thinking something was amiss and without thinking she entered the mist once the mist closed around her she caught sight figure in the distance.  She went toward this figure only to have it disappear.   Becoming frightened she tried to retreat only to someone jump her from behind her first thought before everything went black was that her sister was going to kill her.
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