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Experiment #1: Saoire Ronan

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Impotent Collateral:
(( The information recorded here is non-public. Any use without express permission with RP backing will be counted as meta-gaming. Thank you undead! :) ))

[a few added in editions are made, mainly to names]

Subject Name: Saoire Ronan

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Gender: Female


To observe human memory, and how pain to the body, mind, and soul affects it. Tests will determine how far a person can be driven, before their memories must erase to spare the pain. I do these tests to understand my condition, and how I might have gotten here.

Saoire appears to be mostly normal... reacts negatively to trauma to her body. She panicks at the mention of the plan for her. She is desperate to know. Subject displays empathy for other living beings. This may be used against her for the purpose of psychological trauma. For the purposes of the testing, the knowledge and subsequent memory of phase two (see methodology) would spoil the subject.

Subject is physically sound, and tough enough to take abuse from various sources. She will probably survive Phase 2.


Phase 1:

Physically injure the subject, stalk them, and otherwise aggravate and scare through gradual, physical and mental attrition. For this phase of experimentation, no trauma to the brain must be realized. This phase will both test the mental fortitude of the subject, as well as initiate subject's familiarity to myself. If she remembers everything I do, clearly, the following phase will be performed soon enough.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 will consist of questioning on all of the occurances of phase 1. If the subject can adequately recall all of the events, I will then capture them, and perform surgery on their brain to traumatize their memories. (Further research into brain centers will be needed)

Phase three in a later report.

Impotent Collateral:
Addition to Phase 1

Capture of one "Lorcan".

Capture Saoire.

Put them in a room, tie them in chairs facing one another. Cut one, then the other, until one gives up. The one who gives up will watch the other die.

[scribbled out, the last line]

Plans altered.

Impotent Collateral:
[Jeffron sits at the bottom of the hole behind the farm that leads to the caves of the dead]

Lorcan has been located.


Has divine skills
Capable with weapons
Smaller in stature

Displays a protective bent for Saoire. This may lead to him not giving up under duress. Phase 1's experimentation in mental and physical torture will probably lead to his defeat, as he will not give up under pain.

He chose to attack me, so I summoned the Shadow dog to handle him. Even while bleeding, he continued to swear oathes of vengeance.

More research later.


Impotent Collateral:
[Jeffron sits on a stool before a dank, slimy cell, watching Lorcan]

Subject: Lorcan

Status: Recaptured

I have recaptured him.

I will prepare him for further experimentation.

He continues to cling to his pride, and need to be strong.

I have him locked in a cell, and I will keep him there.

I am questioning him, until he is broken mentally.

Then I will capture Subject Saoire for the Test.

-the Recorder

Impotent Collateral:
Phase One Experiment: The Test


Subject #1

Name: Saoire Ronan

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Role in experiment:

Main role, subject is to be pushed farther than Subject #2. Test will see further into the mind of mortals through mental attrition, physical attrition, and finally, death. Subject will be made to watch the torture of her friend, Subject #2, and also added in with the torture of her self. If she submits and begs for it to stop, she will watch Lorcan die.

Note: Plans were suspect to conditional changes, no deaths resulted

Subject #2

Name: Lorcan

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Role in experiment:

To be tortured before Subject #1, if he gives in (this will likely never happen), he will die. Note: No deaths resulted, as previously stated

Note: Subject #2 will fight to survive and save Subject #1, this will make for some manipulation

-the Recorder


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