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Vincent Vasil Stravokov of Zeidenburg
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Vincent Vasil Stravokov

[The Stravokov Coat of Arms]

the screams of a woman in labor came from the room as the Servant approached the door. as he opened it the woman had just given  Birth to a baby boy, her husband Vasile held his son up high welcoming him into the world. "i shall name you Vincent Vasil Stravokov... after your Grandfather and myself". as he returned his son to his wife Nadia noticed his unusual eye Color of Light hazel Gray eyes. upon announcing her discovery to the room, the servant who had just walked in quickly left mumbling "its bad omen" under his breath.

Vincents Parents where of Wealthy Blood. his Father Owned the Stravokov Mercantile business in Zeidenburg. his wife was the daughter of another wealthy family. and the union of the Couple had secured Nadia's Dowry for the Stravokov family. and in time they eventually came to respect and love one another.

as Vincent was growing strange occurrences began to happen throughtout the family's Manor. candlesticks, books, and all other manner of household items began to move and levitate on their own. the House had become a becon for spiritual activity, the servants of the manor where wrought with fear. but Vincent seemed unafraid of his surroundings. and each year he grew, the more activity was produced until his 12th year of age.

walking home one day with his Father and the Family Dog Vix'thra, a Carriage cam barreling down the road out of control. the horses clearly spook and unwilling to calm down, charged the passing family head on. his father acting quickly dived grabbing his son and saving his life. however Vix'thra had been run over and killed instantly. as the carriage finally came to a stop further down the road, Vincent began to cry hysterically as his beloved friend had perished in an instant. his father helped him to his feet and grabbed the dog heading back to the mansion.

as they arrived his father had one of the servants dig a grave at the southern end of the property near the forest edge. there they conducted a small burial service in light of their son to ease his loss. after the servants and family had fallen asleep, Vincent snuck out into Old Night rushing to Vix'thras grave. there he fell to his knees planting his hands into the freshly moved soil, wishing his companion back to life...

and then it happened...

the ground around him began to split, red light seeping from the cracks. Moans and cries of the dead filled his mind as two decrepit paws began to emerge from the earth. Vincent jumped back with fear as the Corpse of his beloved Vix'thra took life once again sprouting from the ground. the dogs eyes glowing red as it slowly approached its master. in this moment Vincent knew now of the powers he possessed. and could now account for the strange happenings of his home. he had been the becon for the spirits that now Plagued his home. and looking down at the Undead dog and realized his power over the deceased.

spending months trifling through his fathers library and rare books collection. he found literature describing Witches and warlocks that had the power to manipulate the dead into doing their bidding. they where called Necromancers from what he read, and realized he may be one of them. the next 20 years he began to practice these powers. running into the graveyards at nightfall uncovering sarcophagus and coffins, experimenting with the dead unlocking new powers and secrets over the years. eventually learning how to Repell the dead and freeing his home of unwelcome Guest..

after many years he heard rumors of such practice in or around Vallaki, and so he decided to go there under the guise of furthering his fathers business relations and expanding the family business. while in some ways this was true, the true nature of his leave was the expedition of furthering his ability's. and so near his 35th Birthday, he packed his belongings and made way for the door. as he approached the door his father, mother, and all of the servants of the Manor surprised him for his 35th birthday. after spending hours laughing and celebrating he made for his father's carriage. a voice came from behind him yelling "son! wait! i have but one more gift for". a Servant walked out from behind his father revealing a black and red suit made from exquisite rare materials, cut from the best Tailor in ZeidenBurg as it bore his signature on the inside of the suit. his father said "your mother and i Know how much you have always looked to Strahd the 1st as a role model, and we made this suit tailored for you in his Honor". Vincent grabbed his father Vasile hugging him in the excitement. the servants loaded his belongings into the carriage and he kissed his mother and father goodbye promising to write them from time to time.

as Vasile watched as the carriage vanished into the horizon... he could swear he saw the shape of a familiar canine traveling behind it...
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Re: Vincent Vasile Stravokov of ZeidenBurg
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responce to a worried Father

[a man in an exquisite black and red suit sits at his desk writing slowly on a piece of parchment. taking his time and perfecting his penmanship with every Curve and wave of his quill. the Candle light flickers as the door to his room opens slowly giving way to the shape of a Beautiful woman in a black and Royal blue gown. his attention drawn to her as she enters, standing immediately and bowing]

"good evening M'lady, is everything alright?" the Woman responds "oh... but you are busy [notices the half written partchment on his desk] i will leave you to your Writing. do join us in the Parlor for drinks when you are finished?" Vincent replys "i would be honored madam" [gives a bow finishing his sentence].

[the woman slowly turns revealing her Open back gown, turning her head towards vincent for a brief moment before leaving the room and shutting the door. as soon as the door Closes Vincent resumes his position infront of the desk, picking up the quill continuing to write on the Parchment. after some time, he drops the quill in the ink bottle. picking up the letter and reading its contents.]

[the letter is signed and stamped with the Stravokov Coat of Arms before being sealed and sent into hands of its carrier to Ziedenburg]

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Re: Vincent Vasile Stravokov of Zeidenburg
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A Sons Appreciation

[a postman arrives at the Stravokov Manor. the Pouring rain slams the messenger, leaving him drenched. he runs to a large Manor door with a letter hidden under his jacket to prevent it from getting wet. he grabs the large door Knockers and bangs on the door]


[a well dressed servant answers the door]

Servant: "da? how may i help you?"

Postman: "i have a letter for Vasile Stravokov"

[the Servant takes the letter nodding]

Servant: "Multumesc"

[the Servant makes his way through large lavishly decorated hallways filled with extravagant paintings, vases, and furniture. he arrives at two engraved wooden doors, opening them at the same time. revealing a large library with a high sealing. across from the doors at the other end of the room sits a large fire place with Velvet couch's surrounding it in the shape of a horse shoe. complimented by a coffee table and vase atop it. there Vasile Sits reading a book in a black suit with a brandy glass filled with Tusika not far from his reach.]

Vasile: "Da? what is it Marko?

Servant: "this came for you my Lord"

[as he looks upon the imprinted red wax seal a wide smile comes over his face. he dismisses the Servant, and begins to open the letter with excitement.]

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Re: Vincent Vasile Stravokov of Zeidenburg
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//Updated: Special thanks to Black_Rose for making the paper and the red wax coat of arms imprint .gif!


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Re: Vincent Vasil Stravokov of Zeidenburg
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Throne of Decadence

There he sat in front of the arched window of his room suite. the wind howls and batters the shudders as a near by storm approaches in the dead of night. his bedroom illuminates periodically from the brief flashes of lightning, followed by earth rattling roars of thunder. his eyes fixed on a small item in his hands. an engagement ring.

Here Vincent sits before Old Night, barraged by thoughts. thoughts of his failed loves. Thoughts of being to tired to continue trying. and with a flick of his wrist, the ring lands on the floor. his eyes locked on it, in a cold dream like stare. his mind consumed with bitterness, a cold foreshadow that veiles his judgment like a black shroud.

he leans back into his chair,
his throne of decadence and despair,
and recalls his past affairs.

he grew tired and distant from his wayward cousin, and his outlandish antics. he remembered the women that robbed him of his love. temptresses and succubus that extracted the last beats of an already wounded Heart. leaving nothing but a jagged rock filled with contempt and sorrow. he recalled his death, and the two months he had been lost wandering the spirit realm. thoughts of revenge and hatred swelled his heart, and a cold cringe permanently covered his aging face.

Vincent had changed. he had become a cold ruthless Nobleman. only focusing on what had not been taken from him. his nobility, and his Curse. he vowed to himself, to remain loyal to that which had been granted and given to him upon his Birth. that which had never failed him, and to which he could always depend on.

he stands up walking towards the ring. his red and black cape dancing in the wind from the open window. he moves at a slow stride in the dark. his polished shoes clapping against the marble floor as the lightning reveals one side of his face, the other masked in Darkness. he reaches for the ring picking it up. he sets it into a small box, and pivots on his heel facing the window.

he looks out into Old Night with a cold expression finding some peace in it. "Barovia sleeps for now. but in the morning, what patronage will she demand from her son?"

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