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(posters) Rareties and oddities.
« on: October 06, 2008, 07:44:10 PM »
*various posters are plasterd around the outskirts in charcoal on white paper*

Dear readers, i have found many rareties, oddities and down right niffty ware's on my travels.
If you wish to contact me over one of the ware's please contact me, Don (man in white, morfin) for further details.
I seek rareties and oddities in exchange, prefably of equal value as i am a clinger to the age of trading and do not care for the simple fang.

I have:

2 Alive Aqhu.  (+2 vampiric regeneration.)

A staff of Imhotep. (+1 Attack bonus, only useable by: sorceror/wizard, +3 heal, 16 charges of Fox cunning.)

Bonebane. (+1 enhancement, 1d4 fire damage vs undead.)

Mordins lightning rod. (1d4 electrical damge, 1d6 critical.)

Machinists heavy crossbow. (-1 strength, Arcane spell failure +50%, -1 Armour class, -5 concentration, -5 discipline, 1d8 piercing damage.)

Draneths hook. (+1 attack bonus, +2 damage vs evil, + +2 damage vs undead, 5m orange light.)

Death shard. (+2 Attack bonus, no damage, -5 concentration, -5 discipline, only useable by evil, Level drain Dc 14.)

Mantle of Dawn. (+1 throws vs fear, +1 concentration, 4 charges Protection from negative energy, 20 charges virtue.)

Ghost hood. (10 charges see invisibility.)

Prefects vestment (robe). (+1 attack bonus vs evil, bonus: extra turning, base armour 2, Dexterity bonus 7.)

Litany stone. (4 charges Prayer.)

Van Richtens Experts. (+4 lore)

Amulet of protection. (+1 Armour class)

If anything catches your eye, you can be assured to find me around the western outskirts of vallaki.
I am usually dressed in my white suit, easy to spot so i hope to meet you soon.

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