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Innocent Eyes
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// This is from the server I left...Hallys death scene.

Hally pulled the new white nightgown over her head, her waist length blonde hair hanging down her body, a slight curl to the end of it. Grabbing a cloth she dipped it into the basin of warm water and began washing the days travels from her face. As the soft material rubbed over her skin she let out a long sigh. Things were finally getting back to normal. All the fighting with Edward was finally over, they had finally made up and were getting on with their happy lives. She smiled to herself in the looking glass, running a hand along her smooth cheek before brushing her bangs away. She would finally have the fairy tale ending she always wanted, Edward, Gwendolyn and her, together until the end of their days.

Setting the towel down in the basin, she turned towards the door of the washroom and stepped out into the chilly hallway. The wind whipped her nightgown around her ankles and she shivered slightly, looking down the hallway away from where her sleeping husband lay. The window at the end of the corridor was open, so she begin swiftly walking towards it. As she closed the window, her eyes glanced down onto the ground...footprints...they stopped at the building. She turned around looking at the door at the end of the hallway, their room. It was ajar slightly.

Slowly she began walking down the hallway, her breathing quickening with each step she took towards the room. Suddenly she could hear voices speaking softly to one another, her steps bringing her ever closer. Finally she had arrived at the door, the voices easily heard now.

"Just gut him, and get it over with." A deep voice spoke softly, yet commanding.

"Yes sir. Our client wants the head correct?" The second, slightly higher voice asked quizzically.

"Mmhmm. Now do it. I will stand gaurd." The first man spoke.

Hallys eyes widened as she listened to the conversation. What was she going to do? She had just gotten her husband back, and she was not going to lose him again. She begin whispering an incantation, one she knew backwards and forwards, then threw open the door letting her missle storm rain down on the man leaning over Edwards sleeping body. Her eyes were narrows in concentration as she watched the mans body fall limply to the ground just as Edward sprang out of bed, dagger in hand.

Hally looked around the room for the other man, her eyes scanning every inch of the tiny inn room.  Upon not seeing the man she looked back to Edward who was examining the very dead man on the floor. He flashes her a broad grin then kicks the corpse.

"Second time they've done that to me this month. Think someone wants me dead?" He stands, and begins walking over to her.

Hally blinks severely times in the dark before looking to Edward. "There was anoth..."

Suddenly she chokes on her words, never finishing the sentence, as the man in question appears behind her and slides his acidic short sword neatly into her side. Her eyes widen dramatically as the assassins other hand appears in front of her, pressing a dagger to her throat and slashing. The man pulls the weapons away and without a glance back, darts out the door as Hally falls forward into Edwards arms.

"Hally!" Edwards scream reverberates through the tiny room as her limp body falls into his arms, covering them both in blood. Falling to the ground, he cradles her as the life slowly leaves her body. Her dark blue eyes begin to glaze over as more blood seeps out of her body, soaking everything around them. Reaching a bloody hand up to his jawline she touches him lightly, the tension in her body gone. She opens her mouth and gurgles out one word before her body goes limp in his arms.


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