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A small note on the Market notice board
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:55:07 PM »
A short message appears on a piece of parchment, nailed to the notice board in the market district - it appears both in fluent common and crude Balok

To Whom It May Concern:

I, a private collector, am seeking a few choice items - I am willing to settle payment in the form of Barovian Fangs, or items in trade should one so choose.
Currently, I am in need of:
-A war hammer blessed with holy power to destroy those unliving, called by some the Holy Gavel.  I have seen several, and am sure more exist.  Paying well for this particular item.

-Herbs of various types and qualities, though I will pay especially well for those herbs that can be gathered in the season that now comes upon us - particularly fey leaf, ravens claw and wound wart.  I will not reject any herbs brought to my attention, however.  I also have an interest in any large amounts of wolfs tail.  I am sure we can come to an arrangement.

Should one possess other noteworthy items, I would not be averse to looking at them, but please do not contact me if you cannot provide the aforementioned.
Otherwise, please append a reply with a desired time and meeting place.  I will check this board regularly.

-the note is unsigned

-Ashan Nottiams, Mad Bastard
-Cosmin Slabu, Garda
-Grom, Rat-Eating Scumbag