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the tale of a statue
« on: August 17, 2008, 11:58:10 PM »
/// i made these ages ago.     my stonebeards are around for years on nwn now.

these days tagdar is old and getting older as we speak, he is sittin at a campfire when he thinks his life over remembering the good old days and the bad ones included.

tagdar grew up in the silver mountains very rich of silver as the name says it and a dense dwarfen populated area, fine ores armors and weapons were made and all around came to buy them.

tagdar whas a stonebeard, A stuborn clan of dwarfs but also a importand one they defended silver mountain and fought in al silver wars they were also known for there art with the anvil but tagdar whas young he wasnt much of a crafter he never had the patience for it everything he made just looked like some human made it much to rubish his father used to tell him.

years gone by while he trained whit his axe and shield his father and some friends who he drank regular with in the local tavern.
tagdar whas about 53 when he sat there in the tavern whit his two best friends Gagna and Dorbin.
there fathers had left them 2 weeks ago for a battle against the drow and deurgar they wanted to go but they got turned down even tagdars mother went, So as i whas telling they where having some ale laughing dancing and singing stories where told when suddenly the bells rang, the music stoped and a dwarf came in blooded and wounded along with few others they started to tell thier tale.

it it it whas horrible we went into the tunnels we lost some of our devision and we went searching for our brothers, we couldnt find anything or anyone so we went back.
the wounded dwarves mentioned the name bis and sullin, at that point tagdar rushed forward to hear the story of his parents.

as i wos sayin bis an sullin where in ta wrong tunnel i wos one of ta search party we went inta one of ta tunnels cause we eared battle sounds,
later we found out tat it wos bis who wos be defending his wounded wife,
we rushed in but a drow fired a magick spell killing sullin *tagdar took a sip of ale and nearly choked in it while hearing it*
and we saw bis going in berserk we tried ta stop him and we did followed him until we saw only arrow heads comming our way in ta dark,
we had no shields and bis wos runnin back wif us but he stoped at sullins body tryin ta get her out to ta rest of us,
we helped i got an arrow in me arm ta other lad died and bis got pumped wif arrows.
i did got ta retrieve his axe i be sorry for yar loss lad
tagdar stood up and walked to the wounded dwarf holding the axe
aye lad fanks for bringin it an elping me parents *bows*
he walked back and ordered more ale.
tagdar and his friends drowned themselfs in ale.

a week passed since they last saw eachother then tagdar met dorbin who whas packed and looked like ready to go,
tagdar:wot ya gonna do lad
dorbin: aye i going ta see human town lad
tagdar: nof bad nof bad at all
dorbin: i can always use sum elp ya know
tagdar: wot about me brothers??? cant leave em alone
dorbin: aye ofcourse ya can they be ol enough by now
tagdar: aye ok ill pack me fings why dun we ask gagna ta come to?
dorbin: ill find gagna

later that day they are packed and ready to go.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2008, 11:58:42 PM »
they walked down the mountain and wondering where to go, they looked and they realised that this might be harder then they expected.
tagdar decided that they avoid the woods down hills and gone to the main roads, here they encounter some humans and elfs wich they didnt smiled nor talked to and they walked and walked,
till they came to a more secluded area they where tired and sat down made a fire and decided that they made camp for the night.
but they are young and reckless and soon be punsihed.

tagdar: i wish we had some ale lads
gagna: ya ain ta only one wishin lad
dorbin: next town we see we will buy ta tavern over AYE
tagdar: AYE
dorbin: AYE

out of nowhere a band of thugs apeared and jumped them.
bandit: well well what do we have here 3 lost fat kids?????
half orc1: HAHA he be fat human kiddy hahaha
half orc2: HAHAHA yeah real fat
tagdar got mad gagna headbutted a orc in the nuts he fell down then body checked the second one who whas holding down tagdar,
they both rushed into the humans and free'd dorbin as they grabbed there axes and hammer (dorbin used a hammer) they fought the humans first gagna almost lost his head if tagdar didnt tackled him.
dorbin smacked his hammer whit full power into a humans back  it snapped like a lil twig, some humans stepped a bit back.
tagdar saw the half orc stil crying for his crushed balls (gagna hit it pretty hard) and decided to chop the head of soon the half orc felt nothing as tagdar whas admirering his kill and so whas dorbin, a human wanted to stab tagdar in the back but gagna's axe whas fast enough to chop off the hand the humans fell leaving one half orc left.

who actually changed atitude and became nice and frendly.
half orc2: ello me be grok im left behind me didnt wanted kill yous tiny humans
tagdar: woch wot ya say lad we ain tiny humans we be dwarfs
grok: dwa wa dwarfs  eey i be knowin that they make shinies
dorbin: indeed shinies
gagna: shinies??? wot ta ell be shinies?
grok:ya dont know shinies?
tagdar: aye me dad told me tat it means gold or treasure for orcs
gagna: aye tat makes sense aye
grok: me knows way ta  town me protect yous if yous let me live
gagna: well gues it couldnt hurt can it?
tagdar: nay i'd say off wif ta head
dorbin: tagdar for once be reasonable i'd say it be ok
tagdar: bah ya lads arg dont let him eat me food got tat
dorbin: aye
grok: so grok can come? grok likes yous grok protects all yous me strong

and so they left for town led by an half orc named grok

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2008, 11:59:14 PM »
as they where reaching the town they saw grain fields and a windmill.
tagdar: doesnt look like a town more like a village
dorbin: aye agreed
gagna: they better ave ale
grok: look me found town for yous

they entered the village.
people looked at them strangely but they just resumed whit there works.
they got at the inn asked a room and some ale, that gone on like that for some days until the barkeeper told them they cant eat that much cause the wild beasts terorised the fields so they would be rations if they kept it up.
tagdar: wot tis cant be appening tis ain no proper meal
gagna: by me fathers beard i can go cry tis is nof even a snack
grok: waste me shinies
dorbin: lets elp tis village and get rid of ta beasts
barkeeper: that is to much to ask of you master dwarves
tagdar: nay it aint lets go *grabs axe
dorbin: gagna grok stop mumbling an grab yar gear
grok: we gets shinies???
gagna: nay grok but we be gettin food
grok: oooh me smash good

so they left for the fields, and there they encountered the animals it happend to be some worgs and dire wolfs.
tagdar dorbin grok and gagna aprouched the animals silently well thats what they thought till a worg jumped on dorbin gagna whas fast and the worg lost his feet, grok rushed into 2 worgs slashed one into half whit his greatsword.
tagdar runned into the dire wolfs and put his axe in the necks of the beast
dorbin who whas recovering from his ambush came to help tagdar his hammer broke the worgs and wolfs bones, soon the other animals fled.
tagdar: well tis wos a fine one dunt ya fink lads
grok: yous all see grok smash big fox???
dorbin: aye grok we saw and gagna fanks lad
gagna: ya know nof a problem sneakin is nof our fing i fink
tagdar: *starts to laugh* aye lad it aint lets head back

they got into the vilage and got welcomed liked heroes.
winter whas there and they didnt felt like going further so they waited till the winter whas over.
they now and then killed some beasts when needed to get some extra gold and shelter.

it whas a good winter night when one of the farmers rushed in GOBLINS A RAID HELP US
our 4 friends didnt hesitated and grabbed there stuff ofcourse drunk up there cups of ale then headed out to the fields where they saw worg riders shamans and goblins whit some kind of armor.
the heroes looked on one  another and they rushed in, pretty soon the goblins focused there atacks on the 4 heroes.
grok took on the worg riders
tagdar smacked everything in his way
dorbin still wanted to sneak and tryed to get a shaman from behind
gagna just rushed in whitout thinking even grok looked smarter at that moment cause  gagna got himself serounded.

tagdar saw that gagna whas in trouble and fought his way to his friend
dorbin suceded in sneaking up at the shaman and his hammer made the shamans head crack open like a peanut.
grok whas happely swinging his greatsword while laughing loudly
tagdar and gagna where fighting for thier lives they all jumped on gagna and tagdar and they got stabed in the arms and legs cause the rest whas thick dwarfen armor, then grok and dorbin rushed to them in moments the goblins that where on top of gagna and tagdar lay dead, but tagdar and gagna didnt looked much alive iether,
worg riders came thier way and dorbin runned to them to intercept so did grok but 2 got passed them and whas aiming for the injured dwarfs.
when the worg came to take a bite at gagna  tagdar used with all the force he had left to kill the worg wich worked  the rider of the worg wanted to stab tagdar but gagna made sure his last power wasnt spilled iether so the goblin got struck by an axe in his back.
then the second worg came they had no strength left to lift an arm and grok and dorbin where to far away to help.
then they saw that the worg fell down and that the goblin fell off at the same time they saw arrows flying from behind them it seemed that the villagers came to help soon the battle whas over.
weeks passed since they recovered and now and then a small goblin raid came and they took care of it with less an less wounds everytime.
spring whas at hand and they sat drinkin ale even grok learned to drink as a dwarf now he only need to learn how to hold his ale in like a dwarf,
tagdar: lads we cant stay ere forever
dorbin: yar right we should head out soon
gagna: aye
grok: yous grok friends grok follows
barkeeper: mhhhh leaving??? but the goblins they will lay this village in ashes when you leave
dorbin: mhh ta lad be right ya know
tagdar: i got sum unfinsihed busnis wif them wont forgive wot they ave done
gagna: i feel ta same ya wernt ta only one tat they be stabbin back then
dorbin: then its decided we will get rid of the goblins then we leave aye *raises cup*
tagdar grok gagna: AYE *all raised cups*

the next day they packed thier stuff and where ready to go looking for the goblin caves,
they looked for two days when they found the entrance wich wasnt that special, a big cave 2 goblins infront of it whit spears one whas napping the other  whas doozing off.
grok whas looking in his pack and took out a bow.
the dwarfs: wot tha a bow??
grok: yous not seen bow ???? grok good  look
and grok shooted some arrows and the two goblins never woke up
dwarfs: nice aim grok never woulda guesed ya be good wif a bow lad
they headed in, room by room they killed the goblins, then they where in some kind of hall and they got spotted a terible sound came followed by alot of yells wich leaded them serounded in some mire seconds.
the dwarfs and the orc yelled and rushed into the goblins its a miracle they got out unharmed all the goblins where on the ground headless armless bodyless stabbed crushed slashed.
they inspected the rest of the cave and it whas empty they killed them all, they resumed there adventure going south where the bigger human cities where.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2008, 11:59:46 PM »
they where walking and walkin it seemed ages and  it kept raining.
tagdar: arg by me fathers beard me armor feels heavy wif tis mud on me feet
gagna: arg just shush lad
dorbin: aye ya fink yar ta only one
grok: me dont feel nothing

so they proceed they stopped for a meal now and then and walked for miles and miles no civeliced world in miles as it seemed.
then they walked past some hills not big hills or good hills to make a home of but good for ambushes.

dorbin: we better woch our backs ere tis looks trouble
grok: save here grok walked trough lot times grok save
gagna: aye dorbin i fink yar right
tagdar: well i fink tat ......

unkown voice: get them get them all

tagdar: ambush lads

so they where jumped by 2 half orcs and a wizard and a cleric not to mention the bandit cleric,
tagdar rushed at the wizard , grok at his own kind whit gagna, dorbin rushed to the cleric.
tagdar swung his axe the wizard whas already chanting and got interupted by a hit but the armor resisted tags axe, the second time he tried the wizard whas less lucky and lost an hand,
the cleric saw it and wanted to heal that but dorbin wouldnt let him as the cleric wanted to cast a healing spell he lost his head but dorbin had no back protection and the leader sneak atacked him dorbin fell on the ground.
tagdar rushed that way befor the leader could finish dorbin off he had tags axe in his back and fell on the ground.
gagna and grok where dooing perfectly fine against the two orcs who got a few hits an runned off after the wizard.

tagdar: lads come dorbin be hit badly
gagna: oy i got me a potion tat heals let see if it works
dorbin: *drinks up* arg it tastes like woter ya tryin ta posion me?
grok: dwarfie seems ok to grok
dorbin: aye im fine im fine fanks gagna

they walked to a huge city tanaris this whas a well formed human city.
here they stayed a few years getting pretty well known under the towns folk and the guards they are often used to help fend of any atack, there even whas a half orc lassy and grok hit it off pretty good whit her,
after 40 years they had enough of the city the old gaurds where dying the old lord  died a few weeks ago they really didnt felt like staying after such a long time just to see more of there old frends die,
they packed there stuff ready to leave they had a feelin grok wouldnt come and they where right.

tagdar: grok lad ya commin we be heading out again
grok: me staying whit lass
gagna: we had a feelin ya wouldnt come ya shall be missed lad may yar huge axe always strike trough the skulls of your enemy.
dorbin: aye lad seems tis be goodbye  well lad may yar axe stay sharp and shiney
tagdar who looked a bit sad as they all did: aye lad may yar house grow wif alot of offpsrings an may they grow strong an good like ya  grok lad fare thee well *the dwarfs bow*

grok: *bow down* dwarfs been good to grok grok hopes your belts carry yous all for a long time an the beards may grow ever long  grok says goodbye

*they took off waving back*

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2008, 12:00:23 AM »
they came into the dustwallow march where there are alot of undeads these mid aged dwarfs wernt scared of anything they had seen alot in the human city.

for tagdar who whas the youngest he whas 122 now, dorbin whas second whit his 140 and gagna 160.

they where walking in the marches when a hands came out of the bodems and grabed them, mind you in those 40 years they recieved better gear.
in seconds the hands where chopped off as it whas nothing they where nothing as they had there first encounter.
tagdar: tis be dangerous grounds it seems
gagna: nay doubt
dorbin: i dun like tis place

they came onto a place sum sort of alter it seemed whit a doorway down ofcourse they gone in.
tagdar: stop bumbin inta me
dorbin: arg to dark like it be me faulth
gagna: hush you two or ya wonna get killed wifout seeing it commin im pullin out me belt wif light.
tag&dor: aye tis be better fanks

they where walkin slowly they where hearing chants a few passes away they got closer and saw a door.
and they whispered
dorbin: should we burst in
gagna: doubt we be welcome
tagdar: well sumfing in an undead place only means one fing enemy's
they all agreed they drunk some potions and where ready.
tagdar busted the door went in and saw that they where offering children after a few good hits the cultists where the ones ready for offering but for the kids they came to late.
tagdar: arg tis be sad lads very sad poor poor kids
gagna: lad im almost pukin lets get out
dorbin *already by the door*: cant agree more wif gagna lets go

so they headed out whit haste to the upstairs where the sun shine, they walked the amrches further and further now and then an undead popping up but taken care of whit eas.
they got out it been weeks since they left the city and they where camping on the middle of an open field.

nice pork aye is it nof sayed gagna
aye good catch lad sayed tagdar

dorbin: i miss good ol grok
tagdar: aye ta lad wos dumb but fun good in battle no doubt
dorbin: good wif an axe indeed
gagna: glad he whas on our side

tagdar: ... ssst lads i ear sumfing
dorbin: trows an trowin axe into the dark and hears a body droppin on the floor

they went checking out.

dorbin:seems like a spy or scout indeed
tagdar: i fink we might ave ta wrong place ta camp lads i ear more fings

as they gone back to there fire it seemed in the dark on both sides armies where making ready for a battle and they where in the middle of it relaxing and eating pork whit ale.
then the sun started to rise.

gagna: yar right i ear it to more an more voices or sum
tagdar: told ya idiot
dorbin: uhm lads i fink we might ave a problem ere
tagdar: by moradins forge
gagna: may our god ave mercy on us
dorbin: wot ya lads sayed i second tat

they realised that they where in the middle of a battlefield that whas getting started.
on both sides horseman came riding towards them.
scoth: hear me hear me your in the way please join us or die whit the enemy

the second one comming from the other side
murphy: hah enemy your the enemy join us and taste victory

*the dwarfs looked at them and started laughing*

/ horsemen: what is so funny master dwarfs

then tagdar noticed that scoth had the emblem of the place they called 40 years home

tagdar: lads he be wearin tanaris emblem
gagna&dorbin:oy right ya be

scoth: yes i am from the city i recognise you fair dwarfen lords now war is upon us they seek to destroy our city we rided out to meet them on the field.
gagna: is tat so mhhhh *taps axe on hand*

muprhy:i see im not welcome youl die dwarfs all of you

dorbin: ok well go aid ta army then ya go ahead advance tis way wil walk towards ya
scoth: ok

they where now among the ranks of the army infront of them an army looking vile angry and mercyless humans all whit one thing on there minds killing.
the enemy army whas great the soldiers had dark armor with gry red and black on them they had big shields whit the emblem of there town, the helmets looked like they came from hell only eyes you could see that looked red strange marks where on the armors and helmets, the swords where a tad curved not straight like the tanaris army.

the two armies stood for some time in the middle the fire of the dwarfs old camp still burned, then all of the sudden it went out and the armies rushed in onto one another.

tagdar jumped up whit his axe slamed a sword down and bodychecked the enemy whit his towershield and then finished it whit a blow from his axe,
he swung his axe arund him dodging swinging he gone into a trance a trance of war people died around him and befor him.
then he got hit on the head but his helmet protected him he fell on the ground but still whas clear in the head he turned around kicked the atacker down and put a small knife into the enemy's head stood up and resumed his atack.

the tanaris army looked bad if thy wouldnt win.

dorbin who ofcourse also whas fighting for his life whas dooing a pretty good job he wasnt as fat as tagdar or gagna so he whas more agyle, he dodged most atacks and just as easely countered them till one came whit a whip and disarmed dorbin then he could only fence off whit his shield, dorbin fell to the ground and grabbed a sword of a dead body then he stood up the whip came again but the sword whas sharp enough to cut it trough then he charged and the sword went trough the actacker then he grabbed his hammer and went on.

gagna had a hard time he whas at the part where it whas pretty rough and most people died in his area he saw more men go then come,
he tryed his bests id have to say he rushed into the group whit a rage unknown to men he whas able to cut trough armors and shields even swords would splinter when he hitted it so much anger and strength he gained at the rage, after moments he whas in a circle cause they wached out to atack but gagna himself came barging in whit suces alot died on his hands and so that side could advance on that field, but for a price as tagdar and dorbin where fighting they did not saw eachother, gagna charged again only to find himself facing a archer who whas thinking not to die alone and he shot gagna in the right shoulder wich made him loose force in his blows the archer did died for that shot,
gagana tryed and tryed but his strength got less and less when suddenly he got stabbed by a sword from behind he fell to the ground turn around and got the guys knee's another came and stabbed gagna in the chest he trowed his axe into his face, and that whas the last atack gagna ever did he died on that battlefield like a hero.

tagdar whas still fighting whas wounded by now scraches and sum cut wounds they where on the winning hand.
dorbin also pretty unharmed only a arrow in his left leg but that didnt stopped old dorbin.

the battle whas won and dorbin and tagdar saw eachother and where happy to see one another, then they realised they missed one of them

tagdar: lad ya seen gagna?
dorbin: nay i finked he wos wif ya
tagdar: oh by moradins beards lets search

there they found him impaled whit a sword in the chest and dead enemy's around him one caught there eye it whas the one that gave the final blow the one whit an axe in his face.

tagdar: tis be sad may moradin ave his soul an may he return to ta great halls wif his clan
dorbin: may moradin have yar soul an may ta ale in ta great halls be better then ere

soldier: im sorry master dwarfs for your loss shall we take him to our city??
tagdar: nay he be burried ere whee he died we shall see to tat

after all the bodies where gone they dug a whole put gagna in it whit some ale bottles and his gear shield on the chest and the axe beside, they closed the whole they dugged out and after they where done they empty'd some ale on the grave *may moradin recieve ya lad*
they searched for a stone carved in it *here lies gagna ironshield hero of these fields lived whit honor died whit honor*

the two dwarfs payed there respects and left

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2008, 12:00:53 AM »
they where ad an edge of a forest that evening of the battle they sat down and made a camp.

tagdar: ..... ya alright dorbin?
dorbin: nof really we lost gagna, ta poor lad i miss him already
tagdar: aye wish he wos ere it will be more rough for both of us now
dorbin: no doubt

tagdar: well lets drink an ale in his name  *raised the ale cup*
dorbin: *also raised his ale cup*
both: TO GAGNA *they drunk the ale and got drunk and passed out*

next morning they woke up packed up and went into the forest, they didnt talked much they where still down on the lost friend.

the forest looked large and old big trees big leaves green leaves twigs and bracnhes on the ground whit roots sticking out of the ground, the dwarfs now and then talked but not much they didnt felt good in those woods, they walked and walked seemed no change in the woods all big green trees and they fell once or twice on the ground thanks to the roots and night whas comming near, they camped and next day they had out around noone they got out.

dorbin: finnaly out of tat bloody wood
tagdar: aye darn woods i dun like it one bit

they came saw a mountain the silver mountains they where called that way cause it whas loaded whit silver even on the outside you could get blindinded if the sun shine strongly and low onto the mountain the silver reflects it and you where blind if you didnt wached out and ofcourse there whas a dwarfen city in it.

tagdar: i fink we reached blue mountains lad
dorbin: no doubt look at tat lad it be great i wish for home now aye ta good ol silver mountain
tagdar: no way imma go wolk tat bloody end back lets look an see wot our kin be like ere

they came to the big door where gaurds where whit big axes large mail all in silver whit nice red gems into them they looked grim and not so fond of strangers, they stood proud shinign in the sun refelcting it on there armors and axes.

gaurd1: yar busnis ere?
tagdar: travelers from silver mountain lad
gaurd2: tats pretty far from ere why ya left
tagdar: well we left wif 3 of us one died in a human battle a week ago, an we left tat be our busnis nof yars (on a harsh tone he sayed it all)
gaurd2: im sorry for yar lad ya seem desend lads (looks to the other gaurd) aye come in
dorbin: fanks lad nice armor lads
gaurd1: fanks ya see alot more inside oh an try ta ale ere it be good
dorbin: we sure will lad we sure will

the doors opend big brown doors whit silver all over nothing whas made whit iron everything whas silver.

they walked into a great hall very large whit merchants miners gaurds everywhere the smell of food and ale atacked you but for a dwarf it whas home,
they looked around saw great archers decorated whit silver tinkering shields armors axes hammers swords all kinds of weapons on the walls as decoration, for a none dwarf this whas breathtaking but for a dwarf it whas home.

tagdar: we need a palce ta stay lets try tat inn over there
dorbin: good finkin

they entered the inn and found out more about the silver hills it seemed they had a war whit the dark cousins the duergar.
after weeks and weeks there money run low and they needed an income so they figured out why not help out in the war, it seemed that the war took ages and ages they learned many tacktiks they grew stronger and where seen as great wariors after countless battles one day it whas time for a new one.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2008, 12:01:17 AM »
it whas 100 years after they first entered the blue hills  tagdar whas 222 and 240 rougly might be a year more or less.

the war is always underground at the underground doors of the blue mountains those doors dont have just but two gaurds nooo they got alot more and on a day it whas time again to go to battle the bells rang voices yelling that the dark cousin came again.
our two dwarfs where just on the market when they heared it they rushed to there home (wich they bought after beeing there so long) they grabbed there gear and rushed to the baracks below.

general: it be time again they are ere freakin again they cant seem ta stop tis time they be in a large number nof seen many times we best stan our ground or ta silver hills be lost.

the battle started tagdar rushed into the lines of the duergar and gave good battle as fighting dwarfs among dwarfs is often harder to fight a human cause of the armor and strength the grey bastards had,
tagdar hit his axe on the enemy armor but the enmy got shocked cause tagdar had his weapon upgraded to do some electrical damage wich also pralized the victem,
he finished his kill went on dodging and fighting.

dorbin wasn feeling alright for a week now he whas kinda sick none knew what he had but he fought terrefying his hammer did acid damage wich whas great cause upon hit his hammer goes trough the armor or shield and right into the enemy wich died instantly or after of the biting effect,
dorbin got knocked over but got helped back on feet by his lads and they where dooing a great job pushing them back not many had fallen and dorbin smashed trough shield helmets armors and bodys.

they where about to win when suddenly the duergar seemed to smile they all started to laugh and magick missles fire rays ice rays and red beams came out of the dark the duergar had called upon dark clerics and sorcerers the silver reflected most atacks but tagdar and dorbin where less lucky tagdar got hit by ice fire and after that some magick missles he got knocked out he lay there unconscious half frozen,
dorbin had a ring that protected him against such things he didnt felt anything from the elemental spells but the magick missles hurted him pretty bad but he carried on they got to the lines where the casters where he manged to get a few till one did another magick missles aimed only for him and he got full hit, he screamed of pain as it where so many missles that after a few they start going trough him and he died falling on his knees.
the war gone on for a few hours after that the silver dwarfs won against the grey cousins whit not so many losses thanks to thier silver armor.

tagdar woke up 4 days after the battle asking where dorbin whas he heared the news and passed out again.
2 days after that he woke up again feeling weak cause he had not drunken anything or ate anythign dwarfs can go out whit food or drinks long time but not a wounded one, so they gave him a drink he heared that they gave him a good grave among the other dwarfs that had fallen.
tagdar got out visited the grave and payed his respects mumbling to himself that this whas his idea that got him and his old friend gagna killed .

2 weeks later he whas all up and runnign again he saw no point in staying he whas planning to see what happend to his borthers so he headed out in the open again alone no ol friends just him alone.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
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ages past as tagdar wandered and fought his way trough, at a small town he heared some locals talk about a few dwarfs they named a few names and tagdar recognised them as his brothers he asked where they headed to and went the same road.
he searched for them and searched for them but somehow they seemed to be way ahead of him, he came to a town called brosna heared of a band of dwarves that died not to long ago (mind you another 120 years passed befor he got there) and seemed his brothers died and went missing after a great battle defending the town from the drow invaders.
tag went to the black hills a local dwarven settlement and found out that one of his brothers had a son named balga stonebeard he whas a young dwarf leading the settlement, tagdar met up with balga and they started to make the settlement grow better defences and equipment were made also where the towns income.
tagdar whas in charge of the miletary and had to use his experiance often against the drow or local orc clan that got aided by the giants.
balga whas more into making sure the city kept growing and well funded tagdar kept making adjustments to the miletary side of the  growing settlement, few years later they got a priest of moradin    tagdars youngest brother orodin came looking for his lost brothers, after telling the story they decided theyl make the town grow and grow till it be as great as the silfer mountains as were they come from (accept balga he whas born in the black hills)
orodin builded a temple  tagdar made all walls thicker and all equipment better, as balga made them richer.

years and years past as the town prospered fine all attacks got reppeled with ease, till one day the drow managed to use the orcs and giants as allies they broke trough alas for the invaders the townsfolk were not only miners but fine warriors to not many dwarves fell, tagdar orodin and balga rushed after the invaders when they fled.
balga whas way ahead of them and followed the invaders into the underdark where he came across a mighty drow a fierce battle whas done but the young dwarf lost, tagdar and morodin where lost and decided to head back in hope that thier young nephew whas waiting for them.
how wrong they were a few days later they recieved word from the local paladins that a drow came with a dwarfen body  and left it there an seeked no more war with the black hills.
they burried balga and thus tagdar became king, he ruled for many years pretty peacefull untill a khajit invasion came this whas his hardest trial  a massive fleet aproached, and all cities asked for aid yet none left to weaken there defences, tagdar made his army go towards brosna as no call for aid will be disregarded.
they fought off the khajit army in brosna only to hear a messenger tell them that a massive strike force captured his hills filled with anger and rage the dwarven army rushed homewards to crush the invaders, wich they did the khajit got brutaly murdered and thier limbs sended back to the rest of the invading army as a warning.
this battle took years to end but the humans halflings elves and dwarves came out as the victors.
53 years past when tagdar told orodin he whas going to find dagda the oldest of all the stonebeard brothers, to see what had become of him, he sat out traveled a few years and ended up getting captured ina drow encampment, he got beaten daily an tortured then healed  just to get the same treatment next morning.
whas about 17 years later when he managed to escape using halflings as his allies, they rushed out as soon they could till they saw daylight wich whas a warm welcome after so many years of a dark prison.
2 years later tadgar whas resting when he suddenly heared howling he looked around saw a thick mist heading his way he passed out and ended up in what looked like a gypsy camp.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
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/// ill add his adventures of potm soonish

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company


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Re: the tale of a statue
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tagdar woke up looking around confused he checked his gear....found out he got robbed he yelled in anger around him yet no response from his seroundings.

he got up and started walking he came across a gypsy camp he passed it as he wasnt to much fond of that type of people, he came across the outskirts of a city he noticed a temple that could colapse anyday now and a inn, as a true dwarf he chooce the inn as his first choice to see where he landed in.

soon he heared about the tales indoors about how these lands are untamed and dangerous where the main words of the warnings he gotten.

took him awhile to get used asfar he could get used beeing stuck his gear replenished and he found a few other dwarves that also where stuck in these strange lands where the night is all but kind to those who brave themselfs outside at such hours of the day.
the dwarves had an idea of reinstating a old dwarven way, in strange lands where no real settlement of thier kin is near they create a order of some sort, and such they did    the order of the dwarven ale beards whas made, no true leader just friends who look after another, during thier adventures they came across ronus and gungnir who joined the same order.
these dwarves wernt the same   thignus whas a warrior who rather charged then talk,  vanolly whas more of the second chances and thought humans could change and learn, ronus and gungnir young as they are did not know what to do they disliked humans yet needed them to gain gear you could say they where mainly nuetral, one thing these dwarves had in common though the hatred against the gaurds.
tagdar met a few gaurds soon after he arrived, hood checks and daily beatings where normal for him  as he whas used to his own kindgdom he often refused to listen......but more often got taunted and he went for it.
time passed tagdar made more allies and some friends, the hatred for the gaurds grew and grew, one nigth the dwarves decided to get back at the gaurds for cutting of thier beards.
they hid in the woods and let gungnir take two gaurds towards the spot where they would jump the gaurds and slay them.........alas for them 5 went with them and gungnir took a difrant route to not get the order of the ale beards in trouble.
they returned to a inn and discussed what went wrong over some ales plotting the demise of the gaurds.

Tagdar Stonebeard- the lone statue
Mihas Mandruleanu- He is the law
Gurdan- priest of the allfather, and current head of the silverhand trading company