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Lost in a Dream...
« on: August 21, 2008, 11:53:34 AM »
Edit: I found this song Fitting

Where did the line between death and life begin?

When did I step across?
Thought Sando, as he traveled the night. The glittering stars overhead in the sky settled in the ever changing background of black to the pre-glow of dawn.

Maybe I am not dead, and I escaped? I would remember all my battles, for if I did escape I would remember killing one or two at least, because Samir could've been a hallucination of mine. Or perhaps it was Samir's spirit as everyone I knew is dead?

No...Maybe not...

Samir was alive, for I tried to hug him and he pushed me away. I felt it, so that makes him alive or an imposter imposing as him in his place or perhaps he was real because he stated he buried my scimitar when I disappeared, when I forgotten I asked him along ago...But for him to simply disappear in front of my eyes, with no words or gestures of the Arcane. Definitely not a Shadow-Jumper Or he would've melded away. So what does that make Samir?

Slowly the dawn over took the dark, and one by one the stars melted away with the clouds and the ever brightening sky.

Maybe, I'll figure it out later... He resolved, thinking about things was never his strong point

So heading east from Barovia leads me to Nova Vassa aye? and that Samir told me to be a traveling merchant...or was it Mercenary? And find Beta on top of that...


I think both would be nice, with the gold given to me, I could start as soon as I shave 'n run out of the country. No turning back!

He glances over his shoulder to the gates far in the distance. Part of him wanted to see if anyone he knew was alive, and part of him revolted him enough to make him walk away with his head held up high.

"Goodbye Vallaki, Goodbye town of Barovia", He paused a moment, for an important thought came to him...

"Goodbye Samir, my Savior and friend."

Over the hill he walked, he basked in the morning dawn he hasn't felt for time immemorial, and disappeared beyond the sight of Barovia...
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