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Dribo - A postumous biography
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Name:  Dribo Fallow  -  She doesn't know why people called her Dribo back home.  Fallow (meaning plowed and left unfertilized, in this usage) was the name given to her by "Priesty".  Dribo Fallow, the girl who couldn't get pregnant.

Age: 21  -  Or so she guesses.  It could be anywhere from 20 to 23

Height: 2 foot, 11 1/2 inches  -  3 foot 2 inches in high heels.
Weight:  30 pounds  -  under normal conditions, and at normal health.

Distinguishing marks/ tattoos: Purple and blue symbols on her forearms, biceps, and calves.  Purple and blue stylized butterfly, chest and back.  -  She has had these since she was an infant.  She doesn't know why, or where she got them.

Languages spoken:  Common  -  Speech pattern is based on normal 6-10 year olds dialect, from area of Greyhawk she grew up in.

  A few things most people don't know about Dribo, with explanations in some cases:

- She sews pockets into the insides of her cloaks.  Before she got magic bags, any sort of jolt or jostle could make something fall out of them, normally beer.
- She has only ever loved three people.  Althea, Vino, and Rell.
- Dribo only had sex with Rell the first time to get back at Sammie for dumping her and marrying Rell.  Althea talked her out of doing it with Drudoc previously when Sammie cheated on Dribo with Drudoc.
- Dribo has only killed (murdered) three people.  One was to protect Althea, the other two (Sedrik and Frank) were because of insults to Rell.
- Dribo's first spell cast ever was true strike.  She used it to stab John (Mister James) Umpton, to win a bet.  Helaman said there's a Dribo sized hole in his ego to this day.
- Dribo had sex with a succubus.  Rell is better.
- She could open a DC 40 lock with her tongue (stud).
- What "The sex is better'n gettin' ate by deaders" means.  Only Kane and Althea ever asked, and she told Rose (Narell).  Will explain later when I write her bio, but as a blunt hint, when Dribo was tied up in the ML slum temple, and said, "I haven't been tied up since the last time priesty back home did it", she was comparing the MLers to a serial rapist.
- She had no points in discipline and concentration.
- Dribo was completely amoral, wanted desperately to be evil, but could never bring herself to do any of the things she thought about.
- Dribo's speech patterns were entirely faked, and were necessary early in her life because a homeless child got given more food than a homeless halfiing.
- She's pathologically honest.
- She was only afraid of two things at the time of her death - Rell being hurt, and house cats.
- Dribo still likes horses.


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Lists without explanations.
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// Dribo loved her lists, some of these will be obvious, some not.  Anyone with a character on one of them that really wants to know what that particular list was, can ask in a PM or tell in game.

Cristine Noel
Rose (Narell)


+Thet (forgot these two when I typed this)

Random Succubus


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Finn and Dribo
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  Prob'ly you're thinkin' I'm gonna start at the beginnin', but the beginnin's borin'.  I was born.  Prob'ly my mother woulda had ta been there, and maybe my father, but I never met neither of 'em so that don't matter none.  Not really no point startin' at the end neither.  I died.  I mean, there were horsies and stuff, but it's still just me dyin'.  Ta be perfectly honest, I didn't really get a good look at what was goin' on, with me bein' face down on the road and all, so I can't really tell you how it looked.  It hurt.  Lots.  I think burnin' woulda been worse though, so it was okies.

  I think prob'ly it's better just ta tell you 'bout the people that meant somethin' to me.  If I'm doin' that, then I gotta start with mister Finn.  Wouldn't really be nice if I didn't, with 'im bein' my first god and all.

  I s'pose I should start with the important thin's 'bout 'im.  'E hates bein' called man pretty, even though 'e is.  'E'd rather be called 'andsoom.  It just means the same thin'.  'E don't like it when you talk 'bout 'is man problems neither.  I told 'im it wouldn't happen no more if 'e didn't drink so much, but 'e don't listen.
  It was mister Finn and Val that started callin' me Beer Hin, 'cause a how beer used ta always fall outta my pockets when I got hugged or shook.  Mister Finn always hugged me ta get the beer, or just asked I s'pose, never shakin' me even though it was easier.  'E never even did nothin' like pick me up 'til 'e was gonna hit me 'cause a Sammie.  'E didn't, 'course, but I think 'e wanted to.
  Dunno why I started worshippin' mister Finn, and I dunno why I started gettin' spells doin' it, but I did.  'E was a pretty good god, and we spent lotsa time gettin' drunk, just 'cause that's what I was s'posed ta do as 'is priestyess.  It was okies, I didn't have to do nothin' 'cept get drunk and help 'im get other girls drunk.  It woulda been even more fun if I'd liked girls back then.

  Prob'ly my fav'rite mem'ry a mister Finn is the time we tried ta get the deaders drunk.  'E was really drunk.  I mean, /really/, in the way only miss Althea could say right.  'E could barely stand up, let alone fight nothin', but 'e wanted ta see if gettin' 'em drunk would make 'em not so.. I dunno... killy or somethin'.  Prob'ly we shoulda tried findin' some tougher deaders, 'cause every one we tried ta knock down so we could make 'em drink stopped movin'.  'Ventually the only thin' standin' was the two statues in the middle room, and 'e 'tacked 'em when they wouldn't drink with us.

I dunno...  there's lots I could still say, but I dunno if any of it matters no more.


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  I s'pose it's prob'ly time ta talk some more 'bout somea the people that meant somethin' ta me, and since I did a boy last time, prob'ly I should do a girl this time. [She giggles after saying that, and smiles to herself]   There's lotsa girls I could talk 'bout, but prob'ly I'm gonna save tellin' 'bout Rell, miss Atlantia, and miss Auska for when I'm in a better mood.

  I dunno where she ended up after the mists took 'er, maybe she's 'round here somewhere, but I kinda miss 'er, so I'm gonna talk 'bout miss Claire.
  Me and miss Claire had lotsa fun together, even if she was tryin' ta eat me mosta the time.  It was okies, though, 'cause even the worst time, she still come back and made sure I was gonna make it.

  Prob'ly I should start more from the beginnin' though.  She was onea them hand fighters, like mister Kane and miss Raywyn, and like mister Kane she had a great butt.  I'da even put 'er on my list if I wasn't worried what she mighta done ta me if I had.  She used ta make leather armours same as I used ta do, 'cept she worked with everythin', and I just worked with dead kitties.  I used ta sell 'er hides sometimes, before I found out 'bout the other stuff.

  I didn't even know 'bout everythin' 'fore it was almost too late.  She had this other outfit she'd wear somea the time, when she was startin' ta lose control all the time.  She found me and miss Florence in the wolf cave one time when she was wearin' the outfit, and she hurt us both pretty bad.  She was wearin' these heeled boots that she stomped on me with, and it was days 'fore I didn't hurt no more.
  She seemed ta like me and miss Florence best, which woulda been good if it wasn't for 'er tryin' ta hurt us all the time.  It also meant she followed us 'round sometimes, and if we did somethin' she didn't like she'd punish us or somethin'.

  The worst time was in the women's bath at the Bell.  Miss Rose was there with me, cleanin' a cut on my leg and bandagin' it, when we heard 'er mockin' snarl.  Miss Claire was real sneaky when she wanted ta be, so mosta the time you didn't see 'er or hear 'er 'less she wanted you to.  I had just 'nough time ta turn miss Rose invisible 'fore miss Claire pounced at me.
  Miss Claire was always fast, but it was hard ta follow 'er movements when she was a rat.  All I managed ta do was keep backin' 'way 'til I didn't have no place ta back to no more.  She just smiled that mockin' grin of 'ers, and took a swipe at me.  I thought she missed me at first, and the door ta the room opened 'bout the same time.  She fought somethin' on the other side a the screen, I dunno what it was, but I'm pretty sure I heard some sorta fire, followe by a snarl and some sorta weird dyin' scream.

  I didn't hurt or nothin', but felt weird, like my stomach was botherin' me, and for some reason I was layin' on the ground.  Miss Claire come back, that same mockin' grin on 'er face.  She come over and tore my dress 'way from my stomach, leanin' down close 'nough I could feel 'er hot breath on my skin, the 'er tongue lappin' 'way at my belly.  She touched 'er nose ta my belly, for a second it felt kinda like a dogs, cold and wet against my skin, 'fore she fored 'er mouth through the cut she'd made in my stomch I still couldn't feel.
  I couldn't feel no pain as she ate, just this feelin' of 'er mouth and nose pressin' inta me, and the tug of 'er pullin' my insides out.  I dunno even how long she ate 'fore she left.

  Then I just lay there, lookin' at the ceilin', hopin' somebody would need ta go ta the bathrom 'fore I bled out.  It was miss Claire comin' back that saved me, not as the rat, but the girl she used ta be 'fore 'er curse.  While she was bandagin' me up, she told me how the rat was mad at Rell for huntin' 'er, and how she was gonna do worse ta Rell 'less I 'greed ta let 'er eat me whenever she wanted.
  I couldn't stand the thought a Rell gettin' hurt, even if I didn't really hurt none when she did it, so I said it was okies if she did, so long as Rell was left 'lone.  I had ta 'gree ta stay outta the sewers too, and ta not hunt rats no more.

  'Ventually I had 'nough strength ta walk, and 'tween the healin' I got from a mornin'lorder and an ezrite, mosta the worst of it was fixed.  Didn't even realize she ate my ear 'til after, when I was tryin' ta figure out how my earring ended up in my stomach.  I guess the rat musta spit it out inta me.

  She got caught not too much after that, and I was there when they tried ta execute 'er, when the mists took 'er.  I shoulda been happy she was gone, but I wasn't.  Prob'ly it won't make no sense, but 'er mother was my father, so she was kinda like my sister.

  I dunno.  I don't really wanna talk 'bout it no more.