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A confession
« on: August 13, 2008, 01:48:51 PM »
[a young boy dressed in white on the morning of the 26th tacks a letter to the wall in the center of the Vallaki notice booard, shaking a few coins in his hand with a smile]

*written in extremely choppy Outlander common though the script is beautiful*

Dis is to confess to de crimes of de deads at de Brokens Bell Inn. Vas only Yvonne dat does dis mistakes and breaks de cerfev and leads de Renders inside because vas afraids. Belinda giorgio vas nu even dere and says hers dids dis to protect Yvonne, hers lover. Please frees hers and asks dat de trial ares passed overs and gets to de punishments of Yvonne. Dinks is best all ares to sees dis in de opens so nu oders vill makes de sames mistakes Yvonne dids. Danks fors reads dis and asks vill forgives Yvonne if cans. Ezras bless.
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Re: A confession
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[hurls a giant glob of snot onto the note]


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Re: A confession
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You are gross in so many ways [shakes head]

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Re: A confession
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