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All there is to know about the sick guitarist.
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The portrait pack can be downloaded by clicking here.

Mihail Cezar

Cezar was born as the first and only child to a family of nobles in Vallaki. His siblings were planned, but never realized, as Mihail needed complete attention as a child. When he was 3, he contacted a renewing feverish disease that seemed to be impossible to cure completely. With the help of priests, it was possible to keep in check, however.

As a consequence to his illness, he was not allowed to play with other children or stay near anyone other than his parents and close family. He was given lessons by his mother from the home library, she taught him in several areas, including history, literature, sciences and languages. Cezar was fond of these classes and have proven to be a good student.

As he never experienced what it was like to be a completely normal Barovian child, he never missed the opportunities he was denied. However, in his loneliness Cezar found his souce of joy in music. Every day, he was playing the guitar his father bough him at the fair. It has come to be part of his life, he depended on playing.

As he slowly marched into the years of teenagership, his fever had got worse and worse, and a step of the extremes had to be taken. He was one of the first test subjects of a new medical treatment that was successful in curing his illness in the following years. However, at the same time it invoked serious mental side effects. First, he entered a state of paranoid schizophrenia. Later, as signs of his fever eased, he became hypochondriac, and the disease continued to torment him, even if in his mind only.

He was 17 years old when his mother couldn't take the stress anymore. She cut her veins and died. This caused Cezar to acquire a new, dangerous condition to his growing list of mental illnesses, post-partum depression. In the following years, living life has become a real challenge for him. He was preoccupied with his mental issues every day, and even in the brief moments of calmness he felt like his mind would implode. He was to become subject to yet another treatment, which was promised to be the final solution.

After he turned 24, he started being treated in secret. The treatment was a success and in several weeks, his senses and mind were permanently numbed to the point of extreme apathy. He was still suffering from schizophrenia, hypochondria and depression, he just no longer cared about them, or anything at all.

The only thing that still meant something to Cezar was music. He was able to forget about his conditions and go on with life. In the following years he either played his guitar or simply started wandering the city, unsure of what he was looking for. On several occasions he left home at night, not being concerned about the consequences. Slightly more than two years after his treatment, when one of these incidents occured, his father did not look for him. He was simply too tired and broken.

Cezar's life started that day.

// I apologize, there was already a thread like this, but I've accidentally deleted it a few weeks ago. I had a previous version of his bio saved to disk however, so I needed to review and rewrite certain parts before reposting it.
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