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Looking for Miners and Hunters!
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Miners wanted!

Are you looking for work? Can't pay off that Vardo loan that's almost running up, or you need some extra fang to buy your loved one that special gift? Look no further. The Red Vardo is currently looking for Miners, willing to pay up to FOUR THOUSAND wolf fang for your services! All that's required is that you have a strong arm and back, and you're capable of hauling the ore in bags -given- to you already.
Four Thousand!

Hunters! We want you!

Just as it says above, we're offering a generous amount of fang for precious hides collected from the hides of various animals. Seek out Lucian Vladu, of the Red Vardo, and we'll give you FIFTY fang PER hide! A great deal!

 If this offer holds interest to you, seek out Mr. Vladu of the Red Vardo and terms will be met.

Red Vardo
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Re: Looking for Miners!
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