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DM Macabre:
A thread for DMs to inform players, which plots are currently run on the server, how to get involved etc.

Currently I run:

Curse of of the Wolf

% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 50%
Recommended Levels: all
Recommended Classes: all
Risk Level: low with high peaks
What kind of Adventure? investigation on a story of werewolves and curses
How to get involved? plot is mainly run in the Wayfayer faction but others can also join - just pm me or join when you see me in game

The Curse of von Zeklos

% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 10%
Recommended Levels: 5-18
Recommended Classes: all
Risk Level: high
What kind of Adventure? investigating the history of an ancient curse
How to get involved? plot is mainly run in the Ezrite faction but others can also join - just pm me

DM Nocturne:

"All that I am and all that I have become can be laid at her feet. Had she chosen us over a confounded hollowed belief, we would have been able to share a love seldom found in this world. I will show her no leniency in the nights to come. My judgment shall be swift and final. But still I find the question creeping in the back of my mind: has she forsaken me for all time?"
-Peiter Von Khorvich

% until plot is ready: - 100%
% of plot completed in game: - 100%
Recommended Levels: - all
Recommended Classes: - all, except Paladin*
Alignment: - all, except good*
Risk Level: - Differing consequences can be expected from differing circumstances; risks can range from very low to very high.
Adventure type: - Series of mini-events (and potentially major events) that are shaped by the previous outcomes of events. Variable in scope and depth.
How to get involved: (OOC:) Send DM Nocturne or DM Strigoi a PM expressing your interest and a quick description of your character. (IC:) Find a way to catch the attention of darker individuals.

Undying is a two DM joint-run plotline (DM Nocturne/DM Strigoi) which caters to players who enjoy the darker and dreary gothic romances and conflicts. Most of the intended scenarios will be subtle in nature and less obvious in day-to-day life. Undead rivalry and politics, stealth and combat quests, loyalty and betrayal, mysterious and great powers moving under the veil of Old Night are possibilities. Underworld influences as well as foreign and domestic affairs can mold and shape certain aspects of the setting in the longer term.
*: Though paladins and good aligned PCs are not mainly involved, there may be later situations that call upon champions of good.

DM appreciations:

* Out-of-the-box/out-of-game-mechanic thinking is welcome. 'Winning' mindsets are not.
* Player acceptance of IC consequences (positive and negative) is highly valued.
* Mature content is to be expected. Please advise if you are under the age of 18 when you are involved.
* Characters are rewarded based on roleplay effort and endurance.
Information subject to change.

Season 1 resolved.

DM Stygian Witch:
NCE 2014, my participation in this event will be aiding and facilitating a AMPC lead Wererat Gang.

The Theme,

The Sewers of Vallaki are notorious for the wicked dangers that dwell beneath the very feet of civilization. The tunnels have long been the territory of roaming groups of outlaw cultists, womb freaks and gangs of ferocious wererats.  

If your interested and want more back ground information to write up your AMPC application contact me by PM.


---- Find out in game... :) ----

DM Darkness:
Back to its Roots

% until plot is ready: 75%
% of plot completed in game: 0%
Recommended Levels: All
Recommended Classes: Any/Druid
Risk Level: Medium-High
What kind of Adventure? Investigative defending of the forest. Ready your gear and minds. You'll need them both!
How to get involved? Be in Degannwy or in the forested areas. Any character allowed but preferably Elf/Druid.


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