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DM Macabre:
A thread for DMs to inform players which plots are currently being run on the server, how to get involved, etc.

The Black Bat of Barovia

“Donning the cloak of noapte, wings like a snake’s hide enveloped the moon,
Casting shroud upon the land and welling dread in the souls of the wicked and impious.
Destruction and pestilence emanated from the buffeting of its flight,
Keening and lamentation, all that remained in its wake.”

- Mythology & Folklore of Barovia, Vol. III

Domains: Barovia
Recommended Levels: All
Classes: All
Alignments: Any
Risk level: High
Themes: Monster hunting, fear of the night, old folklore, survival horror, escape, man vs. predator
% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 50%
How to get involved: The beast is on the hunt.. and will likely find you.


Domains: Barovia
Levels: All
Classes: All
Alignments: Any
Risk level: High
Themes: Oneirology, hypnotism, the subconscious mind, psychological horror
% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 60%
How to get involved: You might be visited by a dream upon resting. Send me a PM with your character's backstory, phobias and fears.

DM Nocturne:

"I did not spend these countless dark years fighting and clawing my way over others of your ilk to earn the freedom to form this family, for you to take it away in one lifeless breath. The promise of Peiter's throat is an insult, Lady Kazandra, and you forget we are House Ulciscor. We will not kneel."

% until plot is ready: - 100%
% of plot completed in game: - 100%
Recommended Levels: - ~5-15
Recommended Classes: - all, except Paladin*
Alignment: - all, except good*
Risk Level: - Differing consequences can be expected from differing circumstances; risks can range from very low to very high.
Adventure type: - Series of mini-events (and milestone-based major events) that are shaped by the previous outcomes of events. Variable in scope and depth.
How to get involved: (OOC:) Send DM Nocturne a PM expressing your interest and a quick description of your character. (IC:) Find the contractor. A simple job here and there. But everyone is watched, and a few will be tested.

A hint of corruption flickers back into existence once more within the old Barovian crypts; tendrils of inky malevolence seeking to curl around the light, to snuff or to steal. Odd glyphs appear painted on the walls in old places, and whispers of religious chanting escape in the wind. A foreign service of undeath hunts their own kind to the end, forcing desperate measures made for existence, risking the eyes of the castle. Elegies of Angels draws upon plots carried out some years back, such as Undying and Malevolent Shadows, moving story and key NPCs forward.

*: Though paladins and good aligned PCs are not mainly involved, there will likely be later situations that call upon champions of good.

DM appreciations:
Spoiler: show
* Out-of-the-box/out-of-game-mechanic thinking is welcome.
* Embrace IC consequences (positive and negative)! Victory is never assured.
* Mature content is to be expected. Please advise if you are under the age of 18 when you are involved.
* Characters are rewarded based on roleplay effort and endurance.

Information subject to change.

This plot is completed.

DM Brimstone:
Insidious Roots – NCE Plot

“Corruption is the most insidious form of rot as it worms its way through the very roots of one’s being, nesting in one’s soul, tainting the psyche, and consuming even vestige traces of humanity”

Levels: 2 to 10
Classes: Any
Alignments: Any
Risk Level: High chance of PC consequences
Adventure Type: Corruption, betrayal, investigation, confliction of morality, and savagery of nature.
How to Get Involved: Involvement in the NCE Halan/Tepestani groups or happenstance upon in-game plot occurrences.
% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 100%
Note: Be aware that my typical in-game hours are between 10 PM – 3 AM CST

Concluded...for now. FIN


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