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Dungeon Master and Developer Roster
« on: January 06, 2006, 07:06:41 PM »
Server Administration
Server Administrator: Soren / Zarathustra217

Dungeon Masters

(Inactive)                    Dungeon Master (Head DM):BlueUSA, PST
(Inactive)Dungeon Master (Assistant Head DM):              KnasEurope, Sweden
(Inactive)Dungeon Master (Assistant Head DM):EOCanada, Quebec
(Active)Dungeon Master (Assistant Head DM):BrimstoneUSA, CST
(Active)Dungeon Master (Assistant Head DM):CataclysmUSA, CST
(Inactive)Dungeon Master:RavenEurope, Netherlands
(Inactive)Dungeon Master:MacabreEurope, Germany
(Inactive)Dungeon Master:Stygian WitchUSA, EST
(Inactive)                    Dungeon Master:DarknessUSA, CST
(Inactive)Dungeon Master:TarokkaEurope, Italy
(Inactive)Dungeon Master:SamediUSA, EST
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                               BaraEurope, Sweden
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                              Indolence    USA, EST
(Inactive)                    Dungeon Master:                              Mephisto    USA, EST
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                              Wendigo    USA, CMT
(Inactive)                    Dungeon Master:                              Monolith    PST
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                              Sinister    Europe, UK
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                              Erebus    Europe, UK
(Active)                    Dungeon Master:                              Miskatonic    USA, EST

Apprentice Dungeon Masters
(Active)                        Apprentice Dungeon Master:                              Locust             Mediterranean
(Active)                        Apprentice Dungeon Master:                              Despot             Ireland

We are always looking for new talent! Apply Now

(Active) = Denotes Active Dungeon Masters
(Inactive) = Denotes Inactive Dungeon Masters
*Note: Activity and Inactivity are based on being in-game.


(Active)                    Lead director: Soren / Zarathustra217
(Active)Assisting director: EO
(Inactive)Developer: (Lead World Background and Plot Writer): Bluebomber4evr
(Active)Developer: The Prophet
(Inactive)Developer: Bato
(Active)Developer: Agony
(Inactive)Developer: Exordium
(Inactive)Developer: Bad_Bud
(Active)Developer: Dread
(Active)Developer: MAB77
(Active)Developer: modderpunk
(Inactive)Developer: Iluvatar / Madness
(Active)Developer: Lightweaver
(Inactive)Developer: Erebus
(Active)Developer: Philos
(Active)Developer: Tenebris
(Active)Developer: Indolence
(Active)Developer: Phantasia
(Active)Developer: Bara
(Active)Developer: herkles
(Active)Developer: Onkel Bob

For any general queries concerning events and occurrences happening on the server, please send a PM to the head DM or an assistant head DM.

For questions concerning the module itself, please PM: Soren / Zarathustra217
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